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Women have always been the ones afraid to lose their men. This is why some men think they are doing a woman a favour by dating or marrying her.

Let’s be honest, society hasn’t been exactly fair to women in their expectations of us.

Women are considered incomplete without a man to call their own, no matter how successful they might be in their careers.

People are always interested in who a woman is dating and not dating.

But I encourage women to swap positions and be the ones a man is afraid to lose.

It’s such a great position to be in.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you shouldn’t value your man. I’m just saying no one should think he or she is doing someone a favour by being in a relationship with them.

I’m also saying no woman should ever put herself in a position where she has to fight for a man’s commitment or struggle to keep a man because she has the perpetual fear of losing him.

Every man would be afraid to lose a woman who means the world to him. A woman who has flaws, imperfect, yet perfect for him. A woman who is solely a part of him.

And here is how to be that woman a man is afraid to lose:

#1 Know your worth

As a woman, have confidence in yourself, in your power as a woman.

You need to have that type of confidence where you know you don’t have to be less in order to keep a man.

Real men do not want to take you down, they want to rise up to meet you where you are. Know that you matter, a whole lot.

Believe in yourself. Be someone you can count on. Stand up for yourself, do not let anybody treat you poorly or any less.

When you know your worth, you’ll know that any man who has you is a lucky one. You won’t let anyone treat you lesser than you deserve, no matter how flawed you are.

Please know your worth and never settle for less. A man is likely to treat you the way you treat yourself. Why not set a good example for him?

A woman who knows her worth doesn’t go into a relationship seeking worth, instead, she brings worth into the relationship.

#2 Add value, bring something to the table

Apparently, no sane man would ever want a woman who is always demanding and hardly ever contributes.

While a man could be with you because he loves you, it’s not always about that only.

Men stay with women who bring something to the table, women who add value to them in one way or the other e.g giving helpful advice, giving suggestions that help his career, having a good sense of humour that makes him laugh his heart out, inspiring him to have dreams of a good life and readiness to work it out, being his number one fan, having intelligent conversations etc..

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If you are not adding value to the relationship or bringing anything to the table, why would he wanna be with you? Will you want to be with a man who adds nothing to your life? Except of course you’re dickmatized. 

#3 Get a life

Don’t let your life revolve around the relationship. This is where you should know that, whether the relationship crashes or not, you are still who you are.

Do something by yourself. Be independent and also interdependent in the sense that, even though you and your partner are good together, you’re good on your own as well.

Whether it works out or not, you are still you and it shouldn’t change anything. It shouldn’t leave you crashing like a pack of cards and having to start from scratch.

Get a life, own one.

#4 Have a healthy self-esteem

Self-esteem is your opinion about yourself. Feel good about yourself and know fully well that you deserve respect.

You don’t need a man to tell you you’re awesome before you believe you are. Don’t let your self-esteem come from people’s validation.

Place a high value on your opinions and rules without being unreasonable.

Say your mind without the fear of rejection, but be open-minded as well.

#5 Be yourself

Be original. Be real. You don’t have to fake it.

Don’t try to be someone you are not in order to impress a man.

A lady once told me her boyfriend said he didn’t like the fact that she likes to eat (mind you, she’s not overweight). He also didn’t like her extroverted nature.

This is a lady who hosts a radio program.

She had to quit the relationship because she was becoming choked trying to be who she wasn’t.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t work on your excesses, but you shouldn’t pretend to be who you are not to make a man wanna be with you.

Love thrives when you are with someone who loves you for who you really are.

A man that complains about the things that make you you isn’t meant for you. Don’t hesitate to send him away from your space. You don’t need a man who makes you doubt yourself and your authenticity.

#6 Be considerate

It is not always about you. Put your partner’s feelings into consideration as well.

“How will he feel if I act this way?” Or “How will he feel if I say this?”

You really don’t have to say everything that’s on your mind if it’s going to hurt your partner.

Don’t be self-centred.

Some women are so demanding when they want something really bad, they don’t care how their men will get it so far he gets it for them.

No one wants to be with a selfish partner.

#7 Be proud of yourself and your man

There is no point being with someone you are not proud of.

He might not be the wealthiest man or the most handsome man on the planet, but he’s the love of your life, and you are proud of him.

A man would know if you are proud of him or not.

A man will be encouraged to be a better man when he knows that you are proud of him. It’s like an ego booster for them.

If you are ashamed of your man, there’s no point being with him. Leave him for another woman who would be proud of him.

Let me also state that it’s possible to be in love with a man you are not proud of YET, but you can help him to be a man you can admire ONLY IF he’s willing to work on himself, and without ruining your own life.

If he’s not ready to make himself an admirable man, his insecurities will frustrate you. I’m not sure you want that.

A real man will not let go of a woman who helps him to be a better man.

#8 Be helpful

Don’t be a liability. Be a “partner”.

Every man wants to be with a woman who is ready to partner with him, who is ready to help him fulfil his passion, his dreams, and life goals.

A man will be afraid to lose a woman who completes him. Someone who can help him with things he forgot to remember.

Help him improve and be a better person. Support him. Be his cheerleader. Cheer him up, cheer him on. Help him achieve his goals.
Because come to think of it, marriage is about being with someone who completes you. Someone whose strengths make up for your weaknesses.

Every man wants a woman who will be a Michelle to his Obama. 

If you complement him, he won’t wanna lose you. Just as you’d love a man who complements you.

#9 Don’t be boring

Be fun-loving and fun to be with. Spice up the relationship and be romantic.

Keep creating sweet, loving and interesting memories. Even if the relationship doesn’t lead into marriage, he won’t forget these memories in a jiffy.

Let him be happy he is in a relationship with you.

Be yourself, but be an interesting version of you.

#10 Love and take care of your body

Take care of yourself and your body. Not for a man, but for yourself.

Love your body. You don’t need to have a perfect body or be a Kim Kardashian to love and accept your body.

Don’t body-shame yourself. The society is doing a ‘great’ job with that already.

#11 Let him know you are not afraid to quit
When a man knows you are not afraid to leave him if he treats you badly, he’ll not want to lose you especially if he values you.

Let him know your deal breakers; let him know what you will tolerate and not tolerate.

In conclusion, you can be and do all of these, and a man will still not value you. This is why you shouldn’t be afraid to quit a relationship where you are treated lesser than you deserve.

And whilst you do, understand that your value doesn’t reduce due to someone’s inability to see your worth.

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      • “Let me also state that it’s possible to be in love with a man you are not proud of YET, but you can help him to be a man you can admire ONLY IF he’s willing to work on himself, and without ruining your own life. ”
        This is very true in my marriage
        Initially my partner was unwilling,now he’s more than willing to upgrade himself
        And I’m proud of him more than ever

  1. A man or a woman doesn’t need other party to complete themselves, if they do they are in trouble and they may spend the rest of their lives to find the fit to fill the need. Along comes the advice of following the rules and number of rules can be endless if paired up with people who needs them.
    Be happy with yourself and try stay that way no matter who walks beside you. Nothing ever stay same in universe, that’s why we have our lives – to see it all if we want.

    • I agree with you that everyone should be whole and not feel incomplete without the other, and this is why I encourage people, women especially, to get a life.

      However, we can’t deny the fact that life is more enjoyable when you’re with someone whose strengths complement your weaknesses because no one has it all.

      The point of this article to encourage women to stop living in fear of losing a man. It’s okay to love and be loved but not become a slave to it.


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