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8 Sweet and Spontaneous Things To Do With Boyfriend

8 Sweet and Spontaneous Things To Do With Boyfriend

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Looking for ideas on spontaneous things to do with boyfriend?

Keep reading. We gat you!

To you, your boyfriend is the best and sweetest thing after chocolates and ice cream.

He’s everything and more to you.

The best way to sustain your relationship is by doing things that will help retain the initial flavor of the relationship.

And how do you achieve this?

By doing spontaneous things with your partner.

The fun, anticipation and excitement will keep the adrenaline rush on a high level and you both will always look forward to spending time together. 

You don’t have to wait for any special occasion or the holidays to do sweet little things for him.

The perfect time to do those things is all the time.

Out of ideas on spontaneous things to do with boyfriend? What exactly to do and how to go about it?

I have compiled a list of some of the spontaneous things you can do with your boyfriend to help spice up your relationship. 

8 Spontaneous Things To Do With Boyfriend

1. Surprise him with his ideal date

Do you have any idea of what his ideal date is?

It’ll be easier for you to pull this off if you do. I

f not, you’ll need to do some digging around to be able to get an idea of what you’re signing up for.

Try to ask questions about what his favorites are in the middle of conversations.

Ask him questions along the line of his favorite foods, movies, fun activities, things he’s always wanted to try out but hasn’t gotten a chance to.

It doesn’t even have to be an outdoor date. 

You could take him to see a movie he loves and then come back home, shower and talk about random things under a moonlit night.

Or you could take him skydiving, come back home and prepare one of his favorite foods.

Munch on it while seeing a movie he has been longing to see. You could also get tickets to see his favorite sporting event live.

These random little gestures might turn out to be some of the best dates you’ll ever have with him.

So, make the best of it while you can. 

2. Plan a baecation

If you’re able to convince your boyfriend to take some time off work, you can plan some baecation activities that you can engage in together.

Baecations and mini-vacations are perfect ideas for deeper bonding, connecting more and having fun together.

You both can choose to stay away from the internet and spend quality time together. 

You can plan cooking and eating meals, and watching your favorite shows together.

You can also book a couples massage session at a spa, engage in activities he loves or make reservations at a restaurant he’s been dying to get into.

3. Tell him the way you feel about him

Tell him about the little things you love about him, be it an ‘I love you’ or a general compliment.

Tell him how much you love the crinkles at the corners of his eyes when he smiles.

Tell him how you feel comfortable and safe in his warm bear hugs. 

Constant communication and expressing the way you feel about him will make him feel loved and appreciated.

You can tell him things like, “You give the warmest and best hugs”, “your smiles warms my insides”, “you’ve got the kindest heart”.

Make him feel special and unique with your words.

4. Engage in public display of affection

spontaneous things to do with boyfriend

This will work better if your boyfriend likes to be affectionate in public and you’re the private kind of person.

He’ll appreciate the effort because he’ll know that you’re doing it for him.

You could give him a quick kiss, throw your arm around his waist, embrace him a little longer and maintain bodily contact with him for some more time. 

Try to not blow it up by knowing when to stop.

Your public show of affection is just an indication of how much your boyfriend means to you.

5. Leave him romantic notes 

spontaneous things to do with boyfriend

You should try leaving him romantic notes at strategic locations around the house, at his workstation or even in the places he least expected to find one.

Place them in his shoes, backpack or briefcase, under his pillow or even stick them to his shirt pockets. 

Think up creative ways and places where you can place notes for him.

You can pack him lunch for work and leave him a note on a napkin.

You can also leave one in the book he’s reading, in his car, or even scribble on the steamed mirror in the bathroom so he can read it as he takes his bath.

Using a romantic note as a post-it note on the screen of his laptop is not a bad idea too.

6. Spring him a surprise at work 

Showing up at his workplace during lunch break will go a long way to make his day better and brighter.

You can pack lunch or take him out for lunch.

This is a very thoughtful way of showing him that he’s always on your mind.

You can also treat him to a cup of smoothie or coffee and snacks while you both go for a walk during lunch hour. 

7. Arrange some relaxation activities for him

Generally, life is a stressful journey that needs relaxation from time to time.

What’s to be compared to the love and support of a partner through the journey of life?

Plan some activities that will help reduce stress for him.

This includes getting him a pack of essential oils for relaxation during a bath, giving him a soothing massage, and even creating and sending him a soothing playlist to lull him to sleep.

8. Prepare his best meal

Find out the best meal your boyfriend has ever had and make an attempt to recreate it for him.

Who knows? Yours might come out better and you’ll use it for the perfect date.

Light some scented candles and set the table nicely.

You can also choose to pack the food in a picnic box, go to one of your favorite cool outdoor spots and have fun. 

I hope this article has given you ideas of spontaneous things to do with boyfriend.

Have a beautiful relationship!

spontaneous things to do with boyfriend

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