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50 Reasons Why I Love You List

50 Reasons Why I Love You List

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Why should you even care about a ‘reasons why I love you list’?

Should there be reasons why we love our partners?

Oh yes!

Having a ‘reasons why I love you list’ will not only help you to appreciate your partner’s amazing qualities and their impact in your life, it’ll also help you to reassure them of your love.

Here is a list of ’50 Reasons Why I Love You’ to inspire you:

1. I love you because you make me happy.

2. Your love warms me. Makes me feel good.

3. You complete me, with you, I’m perfect.

4. You support me always.

5. You love and accept me just the way I am.

6. You make me laugh.

7. You protect me. You will never let anyone hurt me.

8. You are always there for me.

9. You listen to me. You hear me out.

10. I love the things you do. Your kisses make me happy.

11. You’ve got the perfect charm that calms me down.

12. I feel secured when you hold me.

13. I love the fact that I can do anything, everything with your support.

14. You are real. Altogether lovely.

15. You are fun to be with.

16. You make me feel like I’m one of a kind, the only girl in the world.

17. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

18. With you, I can be myself.

19. You are caring.

20. You care so much about me. You could do anything to make me happy.

21. You are romantic.

22. You make love interesting.

23. Your little surprises make me happy and pleased.

24. You make me love you more.

25. You are captivating. When I’m with you, all problems cease to exist.

26. I love you because our future is bright, with you in it.

27. Your words, touches and kisses make my heart melt.

28. You gave me the best gift I can ever wish for, and that is your love.

29. You are my friend, my truest friend, the love of my life.

30. You are so amazing. You keep me gazing.

31. You inspire me.

32. You make me a better person.

33. You are crazy in an amazing way.

34. You glow in my heart.

35. You make me complete.

36. You are so cute.

37. You own my heart. It was all yours from the start.

38. You make me smile when no one else can.

39. You showed me what true love is.

40. You never give up on me. You believe in me.

41. We’ve been through a lot and it has only made us stronger together.

42. You understand me more than anyone else.

43. I feel at home with you.

44. You are strong, hardworking and you never lose hope.

45. You bring out the best in me.

46. You are a wonder.

47. You make love beautiful.

48. You never judge me.

49. You trust me.

50. You are kind and optimistic.

Reasons why I love you list

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