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12 Qualities of an Attractive Woman

12 Qualities of an Attractive Woman

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What makes a woman attractive?

Being attractive goes beyond good looks, even though it could start from there because there are habits that make you look beautiful. Attractiveness has more to do with what is inside of you, what you think of yourself and others, and your perception of things.

Perhaps one of the statements made by one of my lecturers which remains indelible in my memory is, “Your personality is more important than your capacity.”

An experienced industrial and organizational psychologist who has been a member of countless interview panels, he explained that, during interviews, the personality of an individual makes up 60% of what an employer looks out for, and that having high grades doesn’t matter that much. Employers are more interested in who you really are.

There are some distinct attitudes and behaviours that endear people to you; a combination of attributes that makes you attractive.

12 Qualities of Attractive Women

1. Integrity

qualities of attractive women

Honesty makes you appealing because people feel safe with you.
Even dishonest people will never deal with dishonest people like themselves.

When people know that they can trust your opinions because you say it as it is, when they know their secrets are safe with you, when they know you’ll never stab them in the back, they’ll want to stay around you.

I stayed away from a potential friend when I was in nursing school because she gossiped about others to me and also lied a lot. Before I knew it, I was exaggerating as well.

I had to quit the budding friendship because I knew I couldn’t trust her. One day, she would gossip about me to others.

You can’t be an insincere person and expect to be attractive to others. Remember, attractiveness goes beyond looks.

2. Competence

Women who are good at what they do are super-attractive!

Beauty without competence will not earn you much. While beauty can draw people (clients, employers, customers, fans) to you, your competence will convince them that they made the right decision choosing you.

Why do we love women like Oprah Winfrey, Beyoncé, Joyce Meyer, Kerry Washington, Tamera Mowry, Serena Williams etc.?

Because these women are freaking awesome at what they do!

While it’s good to have potentials, you need to hone your skills until you become too useful to be ignored.

Whatever it is you do, even if you are a janitor, make sure you do it so well. Aim to know the tiniest detail about what you do. Amateurism is not attractive.

As a matter of fact, you don’t need to be the world’s definition of beautiful. If you are a god at what you do, you’ll become irresistible to the world.

The most beautiful is not always the most attractive.

 3. Humility

Humility makes you attractive and lovable.

No one loves to hang around conceited people who think they are better than others. Their exaggerated sense of importance makes them repulsive, no matter how popular or accomplished they are.

Humility is not thinking low of yourself, it is not feeling you’re more important than others or feeling you should be given preferential treatment because of whatever reason.

Humility is a willingness to relate with people and give them the respect they deserve no matter their age or socioeconomic status.

Have you observed that people love celebrities and bosses who are humble and approachable?

4. Creativity

Creativity is the ability to try new things, generate novel ideas, and experiment with things.

Creativity, the mother of adventure and spontaneity, makes you attractive because you won’t be boring.

Learn to bring innovation to your life, your looks, your business, your talents, and your environment. Explore your imagination. Don’t keep doing the same thing over and over again. Try to do things differently.

Creativity makes you unpredictable, and that alone makes you a fun person because people cannot always know what you are up to.
Even in romantic relationships, men are drawn to women who are creative and spontaneous.
It’s good to have a style, but add depth and spice to it.

 5. Smiling

qualities of attractive women

Smiling makes you look more beautiful, friendly and approachable. It makes people feel at ease with you.

No one wants to stay around someone whose face is all creased in a frown.

Frowning makes you appear disinterested in people and your environment.

You might be a really nice person, but your facial expression is what people see first before getting to know the real you. If you scare people away with your expression, then they’d lose the opportunity to get close to you.

If you went to an organization and you are faced with two receptionists – a smiling one and a frowning one. Which of them would you approach?

You’re most likely to approach the smiling one.

That’s the power of facial expression. It can make people fall in love with you.

attractive woman habits

6.  Good sense of humour

Anyone who has the ability to make another laugh is attractive.

Laughter symbolizes happiness; it makes us feel good.

When you have a good sense of humour, just like smiling, it makes people comfortable around you because you come off as friendly and relaxed.

Also, being humorous makes people drawn to you because they know that they don’t have to overthink before talking to you.

People who don’t have a good sense of humour tend to pick offence easily because they don’t see the humour in things.

You don’t necessarily have to be a comedian to have a good sense of humour. You only need to be creative and positive. Being negative will make you see the wrong in every conversation and situation.

To boost your sense of humour, read books to sharpen your intelligence, make friends with people who have a good sense of humour, be open-minded and positive.

Even in romantic relationships, people with a good sense of humour are more likely to find love.
New York Times bestselling author, Sherry Argov, in her book, Why Men Marry Bitches, writes, ”Men don’t marry nice women, they marry women who are interesting.”

So also a lady is more likely to fall in love with a man who makes her laugh.

Read : how to be funny even if you are not naturally funny.

7. Authenticity and Genuineness

We live in a world where everyone wants to impress others even if it means acting like what and who they are not.

A woman who doesn’t pretend to be who she isn’t is irresistible.

An attractive woman is true to herself, what she likes, what she dislikes. She lives life on her own terms. People love real women, even if they are not real themselves because being real makes you relatable.

When you are true to yourself, you inspire other people to do the same.

8. Intelligence

Intelligence makes a woman super attractive and irresistible.

Ability to hold intelligent conversations with others and being open-minded enough to learn from others is such a desirable trait.

An attractive woman is insatiably inquisitive and is committed to broadening her horizon through personal development and constant learning.

A lot of people claim to be sapiosexual, that is, they are mentally and sexually turned on by intelligent people.

While it’s good to have curves, it’s important to be mentally interesting.

Your looks may draw people’s attention to you, but intelligence sustains their interest in you.

When you are intelligent, people will not be able to get enough of you, even in love relationships.

Read the habits of a highly smart woman.

9. Passion

A passionate woman is very attractive.

Women who have a burning desire for a certain cause, who know what they’re living for, who understand the importance of their contribution in life, women who want something to be done better, who have something that makes them excited to start the day, are found to be attractive.

What’s your passion? What are you passionate about? What are you known for?

Women who love what they do and also know what they want from life are really attractive.

10. Compassion

In today’s selfish world, it’s hard to find someone who genuinely cares about others.

People are likely to be drawn to you if they see that you genuinely care about them.

You don’t have to be perfect, you only need to care.

A woman who has the interest of others at heart is completely irresistible.

11. Confidence

Attractive women are confident in themselves. This doesn’t mean they are perfect nor have a perfect life. But they love and believe in themselves regardless of their flaws.

Attractive women have a mind of their own. They don’t act needy or clingy. They don’t compare themselves with other women. Their confidence does not come from putting other women down.

12. Happiness

qualities of attractive women

A happy woman is irresistible.

You know why?

Because happiness is contagious. Moods are contagious, so a happy mood is contagious.

No one wants to stay around someone who is always moody.

I personally love to be with happy people because they elevate my mood.

Happiness makes you attractive to others.


Qualities of Women Who Are attractive

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Friday 17th of November 2023

Can you do some more by the way thank you for sharing this


Saturday 4th of November 2023

Take care of urself, exercise regularly, loose extra weight, tone up, stay sexy, not sluty, never act above others, show respect and stay honest to urself and others. Be kind and help others without expecting something in return.

Martha Ezeh

Wednesday 16th of August 2023

Beautiful quotes and very inspiring too! Thank you

Olubunmi Mabel

Wednesday 16th of August 2023

Thanks for reading!


Monday 27th of June 2022

So sorry. I meant to say ladies not adios. Ty


Monday 27th of June 2022

I love your post,very helpful. Maybe you can give me a tip. I'm 58, a past small cheerleader,still exercise so not over weight.There is a group of,adios gather at the pool. Ages 30-60.Im a caring, loving happy lady. Some reason I don't feel can tell when you try to make small talk and get a aha and they turn towards others. Its crazy I feel so upset about this at my age. We've all met about the same time. Thanks for taking the time to share such helpful ideas.

Mabel's Blog

Wednesday 29th of June 2022

It's commendable that you make an effort at communication. I think the ladies are the close-minded ones, and nothing is wrong with you. Maybe you just need to be patient and be on your own for a while, and let them come to you. Sometimes, people tend to be a snob when we try too hard to befriend them. But when you act like you are cool on your own, you carry an air of mystery that draws people to you and make them want to find out more about you. Perhaps you could try this. XOXO.