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100 Fun One-Word Answer Questions To Know Someone

100 Fun One-Word Answer Questions To Know Someone

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Why One-Word Answer Questions? 

If you’re looking to have a fun time with your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, partner, or even friend, or to get to know them more, asking questions is one of the sure ways to. 

Apart from having fun, it’s a sure way to know your spouse in a relaxed atmosphere. 

What better way to know someone than when the mood is great? 

Also, it could be a way to stimulate your/their brain and get creative. 


1. This is not a regular question-and-answer game. It’s strictly one-word answer questions

Meaning, the answer to every question must be one word.

2. You can take turns in asking these questions and assign a mark to each question to declare a winner maybe or just to know the number of correct answers. 

3. You can also set a time limit for each answer so that the game is more structured.

For instance, a maximum of 10 seconds to answer each question, depending on the capacity and agreement of the people involved. 

Have fun with these 100 cool one-word answer questions game!

100 One-Word Answer Questions To Know Someone

1. Describe your life 


2. Your feeling right now 


3. Your childhood 


4. Your high school experience 


5. Your celebrity crush


6. What you have a phobia for


7. Your dream job 


8. Your favorite hobby


9. Your favorite holiday destination 


10. Your next holiday destination 


11. Describe your country 


12. Describe your president


13. Describe your boss


14. Describe your job


15. Your college experience 


16. Your first date ever


17. Describe your first day in high school 


18. The first name of your first best friend 


19. Describe your workplace 


20. Describe yourself 


21. Describe your first kiss


22. Describe your first boyfriend/girlfriend 


23. Where is your happy place? 


24. What’s your guilty pleasure? 


25. Describe your first day at work


26. Describe your first job interview 


27. What would you rather be doing right now? 


28. What’s the best gift you’ve ever received 


29. What’s your favorite board game? 


30. Your favorite book in the Bible (if you’re a Christian) 


31. A skincare product you can’t do without 


32. Your favorite subject in high school 


33. Your personality 


34. Your most cherished attribute 


35. Your favorite physical feature


36. The first thing you notice in others


37. A subject you’d teach if you were a teacher


38. Your least favorite subject 


39. A home appliance you can’t do without 


40. Your least favorite household chore


41. Your favorite household chore


42. One thing you regret ever trying and would try again


43. One thing you’re looking forward to trying 


44. If you could go under the knife, what part of your body would you love to work on? 


45. One thing you could do all day, every day


46. One world problem you’d solve if you had the power 


47. What you’d never buy with your money 


48. An item you’d buy if you received a gift of 1M dollars 


49. An activity you think should be banned 


50. Describe the world 


51. Your favorite animal


52. If there was a second life, would you love to come back as a man or woman? 


53. Your favorite color


54. A job you would never do even if the salary was 1M dollars a month


55. The sweetest name you’ve ever heard


56. A celebrity you’d love to date


57. Your least favorite celebrity 


58. The most unrewarding job in the world 


59. Your favorite day of the week


60. Your favorite time of the year 


61. Your favorite time of the day 


62. Your mood when you wake up


63. The most unnecessary job


64. One thing you love about winter 


65. One thing you love about summer


66. A place you’d love to visit again


67. Your very first opinion of me


68. Love is – – – – 


69. Your role model


70. Favorite sport


71. Favorite meal of the day


72. Your favorite waking time


73. Your favorite sleeping time


74. The quality you value most in others


75. A habit you’d love to give up


76. A language you’d love to learn


77. What you think is overrated


78. What you think is underrated


79. A skill you think everyone should learn 


80. What you find most boring 


81. Your favorite bird


82. Your most-priced possession 


83. The most useless thing you’ve ever bought 


84. First thing you touch when you wake up


85. What makes you angry? 


86. Your favorite fashion item 


87. An unpopular person you think is a hero


88. Your favorite part of the house 


89. Your favorite drink 


90. Your favorite exercise activity 


91. If you were a salesperson, what product would you love to sell


92. One thing you hate


93. One thing you’re so good at


94. One thing you’re obsessed with


95. Your favorite word 


96. People you think deserve the greatest punishment 


97. The person you’d give anything to see 


98. The person you wish never to see


99. A place you’d never go even if you were paid 1M dollars 


100. One thing you think is more important than money. 

one-word answer questions

Have fun! 

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Monday 26th of December 2022

I don't mean to seem stupid. But on this quesiont 82. Your most-priced possession are you asking the most expensive item you own. Or the most-prized possession. Which item you charised? It doesn't matter to me I was just curious. Thank you for the feed back.

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