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10 Things You’ll Regret Not Doing Now in Five Years

10 Things You’ll Regret Not Doing Now in Five Years

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Life is short and long at the same time. Life is measured by time, and time is measured by seasons.

That means there’s a time for everything.

You don’t have forever.

So, there are some things you should do now, that you’ll regret not doing five years to come.

 Ten of these things are:

1. Not pursuing your dreams

Life is all about having dreams and fulfilling them. It’s what makes life meaningful and adventurous.

What are your dreams? What plans are you making to bring them to reality?

You have to stop wishing and start making real efforts to fulfil your dreams.

Also, analyse the impediments to fulfilling your dreams so that you can seek help to overcome them.

Your dreams won’t fulfil themselves.

Don’t let your dreams die inside of you. A dream you don’t fulfil will haunt you for as long as you live.

In the next five years, you’ll regret not taking steps to fulfil your dreams.

Just imagine where you’d be five years from now if you start making efforts to pursue your dreams now.

Imagine the progress you’d have made.

Even though it might be tough, it’s better than not doing anything at all.

Five years from now, you’d be so proud of yourself for taking the bold step to achieve your dreams.

2. Not expressing your love to someone

Who is that person you’re in love with and you’re yet to tell them?

You assume they should know, so you don’t tell them.

Everyone cannot be a mind reader, so you have to open your mouth and say the magic words, “I love you.”

Say it before someone else does and you’ll later regret not speaking out earlier.

In fact, it could be a friend, your child, or your parent.

Let them know you love them. No one has forever.

Perhaps you don’t tell your partner and your kids that you love them enough.

Start doing it now when you still have the chance.

While it’s good to show your love in deeds, expressing it verbally hold the same power and has its place.

If you’re not verbally expressive, you could send messages or chats, telling them how much you love them.

3. Not appreciating someone who deserves it

Is there someone who needs to hear the magic words, “thank you” from you but you’re stalling?

Is there someone you need to show your gratitude to in words and actions?

Why don’t you just do that before it’s too late?

4. Not saying sorry to someone you hurt

We are not perfect people, we hurt others intentionally and unintentionally sometimes.

The most important thing is to show penitence.

Is there someone you hurt and yet to say sorry to?

You’ve got to do that before it’s too late.

It could be a friend you betrayed, a lover you didn’t treat well, someone you abused, a boss whose job you didn’t do well etc.

Whatever it is, make efforts to say sorry so that you won’t regret not doing it in the next five years.

5. Not making a long-overdue call

Honestly, I’m guilty of this. I’ve been longing to call an aunt for two years now.

This article is also a reminder for me to make the long-overdue call.

Is there a call you have to make to someone for whatever reason?

Make that call now or make efforts to.

6. Not seeing someone you should see

Is there someone you need to see, like right now?

Make that happen so that you won’t regret it in the next five years. No one has forever.

7. Not utilizing your gifts and talents

Everyone has an inborn ability. Your talent is a natural ability that can bring you fulfilment and even wealth if you develop it.

What is your talent? Have you discovered it? Don’t let this year pass without discovering that unique ability God put inside of you even before you were born.

8. Not learning a new skill

One of the ways to add value to yourself is to learn something new. Learning new skills that will make you do better in your field or help you be a better version of yourself should be one of your yearly goals.

No knowledge is ever a waste.

It could be learning a new language, taking a cooking class, learning how to make dresses etc.

You never can tell when and where you’ll need these skills.

9. Not saving

This is one of the things I still regret. I didn’t save when I was supposed to and this affected me in so many ways. It hurts. I hate to remember it.

I’ve learnt from my mistake and I’m trying not to repeat it.

Friends, learn to save. Don’t spend everything you earn. Remove your savings before spending.

Savings save life.

Do you know much you’d have saved if you had been saving for five years? Do you know much you’d have in five years if you start saving now?

My husband always says, ”No matter how much you earn, you can always save, no matter how little.”

I agree with him. If you don’t learn to save when you have little, you won’t save when you have more because your expenditure will increase and you’ll have excuses for not saving.

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10. Not investing

While it’s good to save, you must also decide to invest. You can save money without investing.

Actually, investing should be one of the reasons for saving.

Good investment yields profits but mere keeping your money doesn’t generate profits except your money is yielding interests where it is saved.

Make extensive research on businesses you can invest in.

If you had invested five years ago, imagine the profits you’d have accrued by now.

Every investment is a risk, so understand that you are taking a good risk. You have more to lose by not trying.

These are the ten things you’ll regret not doing in five years. I hope this article will spur you into doing that which you ought to do.

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Monday 5th of August 2019

This ten things give me a new life

Olubunmi Mabel

Tuesday 13th of August 2019

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Constance Ose Oko-oboh

Tuesday 30th of April 2019

Investments! Ignorance is a disease. I have some money saved up for a purpose and I didn't know I could get interest on it in the bank; although with a different account. Good savings and investments equals a happy future.

Ibukun Iseoluwa

Tuesday 30th of April 2019

God bless you.


Tuesday 30th of April 2019

It's absolutely true

Ambode Biyi

Tuesday 30th of April 2019

It's always good to keep in touch with these things one should be doing to get better daily and years to know... Tell it out before it's too late or someone else figure it out. Thanks Mabel