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10 Things Men Find Attractive in Women

10 Things Men Find Attractive in Women

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What are the things men find attractive in women?

Yeah yeah. 

I know I wrote that different things make different men tick

I know that. 

Yet, we can’t deny that there are some things a lot of men, real men, find attractive in women. 

Below are 10 things men find irresistible in women:

10 Things Men Find Attractive in Women

1. A good sense of humor 

Happy couple drinking cocktails together at home

Just like women find men who make them laugh attractive, a real man also loves a woman who can make him laugh. 

After all, what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. 

In a world where people pay to listen to people to make them laugh; imagine finding someone who can do that for free, especially someone whom you’re considering the possibility of spending the rest of your life with? 

While humor comes naturally to some people, some others are not fortunate enough. 

However, the good news is that, just like any human quality, a good sense of humor can be learned and developed. 

Lucky you, I have a post on how to develop a good sense of humor. 

Make sure you check it out. 

In my opinion, humor is the most underrated ingredient of a happy relationship; because playful couples tend to be happy couples. 

2. Doing your own thing 

Concentrated woman writing notes in papers in park

Real men find a woman who has a life attractive. 

A woman who isn’t just a Cinderella waiting to be saved. 

If you’re familiar with my articles, you’ll know how much I encourage women to get a life. 

I’m not saying every woman should be an Oprah but that there is more to you and more you can do than letting your whole world revolve around a man. 

It’s just unfortunate that in patriarchal societies, girl-children are raised to clean up after men and kids. 

Even if they want more for themselves, the system makes it almost impossible for them, except for women who are rebellious enough to break free from the shackles of the patriarchal system.

Before you misunderstand me, I need to also state that some women find purpose in being a man’s woman.

However, what is most important is that the man is appreciative of your efforts and he’s got plans for you; because a lot of women are trapped in abusive and unhappy relationships because they are financially incapacitated. 

As a woman, I encourage you to discover your passion and natural abilities because you’ve got so much to offer yourself, your family, and the world around you. 

When a man sees that you have a life, especially one that you love, he’ll want to be a part of it. 

Also, when you have a life, you’re less likely to be needy and clingy—two huge turnoffs for most men. 

3. Having your own opinion 

Real men find women who are confident enough to form their own opinions about things, attractive. 

Only insecure and patriarchal men feel intimidated by a woman who has her own opinions about issues. 

They prefer that women be seen and not heard. 

But a real man loves a woman who can call him out on his BS. 

Such a man is confident that his woman will not keep quiet if he’s heading towards a wrong path. 

My husband usually tells people that he’s confident that his wife will not fail to correct him if he does something wrong. 

A real man wants a woman who can watch his back, not a romantic sycophant

4. Open-minded

While real men love a woman who has her own opinions, they also love women who are open-minded enough to learn from them and others. 

Such women are confident enough and are not afraid to be wrong. 

5. Has standards and values and not self-righteous or judgmental 

Some women think having standards and values will scare men away. 

The truth is that real men are attracted to women who have standards and values.

As a matter of fact, men who have problems with your values and standards should not be in your life. 

Your standards and values will help you to filter the men who come into your life and help you to choose who should stay. 

Without standards, you’ll settle for anyone and anything. 

Beware though, your standards should be for you, to guide you and not to make you self-righteous and judgmental of others. 

6. Intelligence 

Man Standing in Front of Woman

Real men usually claim to be sapiosexual, meaning they’re sexually attracted to mental qualities more than physical features. 

Real men are attracted to women they can learn from, ones they can hold mentally-stimulating conversations with. 

What exactly is intelligence and how can a woman be intelligent? 

Here are the 10 Habits of Highly Intelligent Women. 

7. Authenticity 

One of the things men find attractive in women is authenticity.

Real men are attracted to authentic women who are comfortable in their own skin and own their flaws. 

Authentic women are not fake. They’re real, original, and genuine. 

They don’t pretend to be perfect, rather, they own their imperfections. 

These 15 habits make a woman authentic. 

8. Loves her body

Photo of Woman Standing Near Wall

Society has fed us, women, with ideas of the things men find attractive in women physically—tall, slim, fair, curvy with flesh in the right places. 

Apart from the fact that men are attracted to different physical features in women, they are more attracted to a woman who loves her body and is confident in her looks. 

I’m a mom of two; so I can relate to the lack of confidence that comes with not having the ‘ideal’ body shape. 

While it’s okay to work towards getting your dream body, it’s more important that you love your body because it’s the only one you’ve got. 

Learn how to package and work with what you have because it’s not just about having something but knowing what to do with it. 

Buy shapewears, padded pushup bras, good makeup and whatever you need to enhance your looks if necessary and carry yourself with confidence. 

When you love your body and you’re confident in it, a man will have no choice than to love it as well. 

Because, see, (I hope men are not reading this. lol), a lot of men don’t know what they want. 

They usually end up loving what you put before them. 

Haven’t you seen men who claim to prefer some features in a woman only to end up with a woman who has the exact opposite of those features? 

Irrespective of your body shape, love it and ooze confidence because your carriage is what makes you attractive.

Even if you have a perfect body, yet, you don’t love yourself and your body, you can’t be irresistible. 

Self-hatred is like flame; no matter how you try to cover it, it’ll always find a way to come out. 

Don’t wait until you have a perfect body before you love yourself. 

9. Self-respecting but not arrogant

Men find a woman who respects herself and treats herself with respect irresistible. 

When you respect yourself, you’ll respect others because you know what respect means. 

Also, there are some things you’ll not do out of self-respect, and this will in turn not bring disrespect to you. 

For instance, if you respect yourself, you’ll not use abusive words on others and they won’t have a reason to use the same on you. 

More so, you leave a man with no choice than to respect you when he sees that you respect yourself. 

You show a man how to treat you by the way you treat yourself. 

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10. Knows what she wants

A woman who knows what she wants is attractive. 

It’s frustrating being with a woman who doesn’t know what she wants. 

Such a woman is usually tossed to and fro by every wind of other people’s opinions. 

A woman who makes her choice regardless of what society thinks is irresistible. 

This list is not exhaustive and there are exceptions to every rule. 

However, these qualities possessed by any woman are bound to make them irresistible. 


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Saturday 23rd of January 2021

There is nothing wrong with shapewear, push up bra and makeup. This makes a woman look good and yes also confident. That is the image the man carries in his head. But when that shapewear and bra is removed and flesh is falling all over the place, will He still feel good about that woman?

Mabel's Blog

Tuesday 26th of January 2021

Hahaha. Right!

I think the most important thing is how a woman feels about herself.

A man's feelings towards a woman shouldn't change if he's really into her and not just out to use her.

No matter how 'perfect' a woman looks, if a man's intentions aren't right, his feelings will change.