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Top Ten Secrets/Habits of Truly Happy Couples

Top Ten Secrets/Habits of Truly Happy Couples

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Happy couples make a happy marriage.

It’s one thing to be married, it’s another thing to be happily married, and another thing to be truly happy married.

Yes, some people feign happiness.

But you can’t successfully pretend to be happy. People can always tell if you are genuinely happy or not.

What makes some couples truly happy and others unhappy?

It’s all in what they do!

Just like a seed, a relationship/marriage cannot survive on its own except it’s watered and tendered.

Below are top ten habits/secrets of happy couples:

#1 They are playful

Laughter symbolizes happiness. Too much of seriousness stifles happiness in marriage.

Happy couples play and laugh together frequently.

Your partner should be your playmate.

Playing and laughing together doesn’t mean your life or marriage is perfect. Or that you gat no issues of your own.

But happy couples play together despite their problems.

As a matter of fact, playing and laughing together is the lubricant for life frictions.

Wanna be happy?

Play and laugh together more. Behave like children some times.

#2 They support passion/dreams/careers.

There’s more to life than romantic relationships, each of us has passion in our hearts yearning for expression.

And one of the best things that can happen to us is to have a partner who supports our dreams, passion, or career.

How can you claim to love someone if you don’t support what they love to do?

You’ll have a happy marriage if your partner supports you, offers encouraging words, helps you to get better at your craft, is present when necessary to cheer you on, calls your attention to opportunities that’ll help you to grow and progress etc.

In short, your spouse should be your number one fan!

#3 They are tolerant

See, there’s no perfect person on the planet.

You can’t get all the qualities you desire in a partner in one person, just as you don’t possess all the qualities your partner wants as well.

That is why tolerating each other is key.

As a matter of fact, tolerance is as important as love.

No marriage or relationship can survive without partners tolerating each other’s flaws/weaknesses.

Happily married people don’t have perfect spouses, and this is why you shouldn’t ever compare your spouse or wish another person was your spouse.

The grass is only greener on the other side.

Water your own grass.

#4 They prioritize respect 

I don’t believe only men should be respected.

We’ve been taught to believe that men want respect and women want love.

That’s why I wrote How To Make a Man Respect You.

In my opinion me, there’s no love without respect. You can’t be disrespectful to me and claim to love me.

In a happy marriage, partners mutually respect each other.

#5 They forgive.

There’s no relationship without conflicts, no matter how much partners love each other.

As a matter of fact, marriage is a union of two forgivers.

A lot of spouses are embittered because of accumulated offences.

Learn to deal with each situation as they come and don’t let them pile up to become irreconcilable differences that eventually lead to divorce.

Marriage does not consist of partners who don’t offend each other, but those who forgive and never give up on each other.

#6 They are appreciative.

If you want to have a happy marriage, don’t ever take your partner for granted. 

Appreciate what your partner does and what they represent in your life.

Overfamiliarity and a sense of entitlement shouldn’t make you take your partner for granted.

It’s important to use the magic words, ‘please’, ‘thank you’, and ‘sorry’ in your relationship.

#7 They work as a team.

Couples who work as a team always progress more than those who love to go in different directions, doing things their own way or leaving the relationship to one partner.

In a team, members look out for each other, plan together, rub minds, work together to achieve a common goal, defend and protect each other.

In a team, an injury to one is an injury to all. This is the same for truly happy couples.

Happy couples plan together, do household chores together, contribute financially and emotionally towards the success of the home.

#8 They communicate.

There’s no great relationship without effective communication.

Couples in a happy marriage prioritize communication. They spend quality time to talk and bond.

Communication is the bedrock of a happy relationship.

#9 They enjoy physical intimacy.

A happy sex life is crucial to a happy marriage.

It’s just unarguable. Studies consistently establish a link between marital happiness and quality sex life.

Happy couples take their business between the sheets very seriously.

#10 They pray

Partners in a happy marriage pray for their spouses.

You can’t hate someone you consistently lift up in prayer.

Prayers go a long way in helping us in our weaknesses.

You and your spouse cannot do these ten things and not have a happy marriage. Even when you fail, start all over again. Don’t ever give up on yourself or your marriage.

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