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How to Make Him Respect and Adore You

You don’t often come across articles on how to make a man respect you. Do you?

But there are unlimited books and articles on how to make a man love you or love you more.

This is because we’ve been fed with the stereotype that ‘men want respect, women want love’.

There are even a bunch of books bearing that title.

I don’t know about you, but for me, there’s no love without respect. I feel loved and honoured when I’m respected.

If you don’t care about being respected, you can stop reading right here. I don’t want you reading my blog post with your face creased in a frown.

You’re still reading?


Then you care about being respected.


Why do you need to know how to make him respect you?

Because a man may love you and not respect you because they’ve also been made to believe that women are to be loved and not respected.

So you have to teach him how to respect you if he’s not doing that. You determine how you want to be treated.

how to make him respect you


How can you make him respect you?


Believe you’re to be respected

If you don’t believe you’re to be respected, then you won’t mind being disrespected.


Don’t be afraid to form your opinions

I hate the phrase ‘opinionated woman’ because the adjective ‘opinionated’ is rarely used for a man.

I wonder why it’s expected for a man to have strong opinions and a woman is termed ‘opinionated’ when she dares to have her own opinions.

Don’t be bullied into silence. Be reasonably opinionated. Be flexible and open minded enough to consider other people’s opinions. This is wisdom.


Have values that determine your standard

If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything. What are your values? Does he know the things you value most and won’t compromise for anything? Does he know where he shouldn’t cross the line with you?

A man is most likely to respect you when he understands your values. Not only that, he’ll respect your values.

If you have none, then there’s nothing to respect.


Don’t hesitate to air your displeasure

A lot of ladies share with me how they never complain, no matter how much a man hurts them because they want peace to reign.


You’re just going to let yourself be a doormat because you want some ‘peace’ to reign?

What kind of peace will you have when you forfeit your own peace?

When a man doesn’t know what you like and don’t like, he’ll treat you how he knows best. And his best might never be enough.

You don’t have to nag, but don’t hesitate to let him know clearly what you like and don’t like.

How can a man treat you anyhow and you’ll keep quiet? Because you’re afraid you’d lose him?

Then he was never meant for you.

A relationship/marriage where you cannot speak your mind will never make you happy.

make a man respect you

Be intelligent

Men respect women who are intelligent, who can make meaningful contributions, women they can have an intelligent conversation with, women who stimulate their intellect.

While your beauty may have attracted him, your intelligence will make you fun to be with and valuable to him.

A man will respect a woman who gives valuable opinions. He’ll seek your opinions on things before making decisions because he knows they’re priceless.

Everything shouldn’t be about physical looks. Invest in your mind as well. Be an avid reader. Know a little about something. Be mentally attractive. In this age where you can find almost anything on the internet, you can’t afford to be ignorant. Take personal development seriously.

Do all these for yourself and not for a man. The respect will come by being yourself.


Respect yourself

Honestly, no one can respect you if you don’t respect yourself. Self-respect commands respect from others.

There are some things you won’t do if you respect yourself.

If you respect yourself, you won’t do things that would trigger disrespect from anyone, not even your man.

For instance, if you insult someone, there’s a likelihood that you’ll be insulted in return.

So don’t treat your man the way you wouldn’t like to be treated.

I know we are not perfect and we do some silly things at times. However, this should be occasional and not a way of life.


Get a life

If you make a man or a relationship the alpha and omega of your life, you’ll be disrespected because no man wants a liability.

Do you have anything else to live for apart from a relationship? Is a man your life purpose? Do you even have a passion or something else you derive joy in?

You’ll suffocate a man if all you live for is your relationship with him. You’ve gotta get a life! Have something going on for you.

Get a life, babe.


Be a woman a man is afraid to lose

A man will respect you if he’s afraid to lose you, and that’s if you’re the lady of his dreams, if you add value to his life in a way no other woman can.


It’s up to him

Because life isn’t black and white, you can do all these things and a man will still choose to disrespect you.

It’s left for you to decide to put a stop to it or continue to be disrespected.


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  • Rodgers Nigeria

    Hi, I see a lot of red flags/disrespect in the way my mothers personal partnership is between the two of them. My mother is not treated as a queen by her boyfriend. I am an adult women and would like to know how do I gracefully separate the abuse I see since my mother can’t see it herself.
    Also my sisters too have settled for less which is also terrifying and disrespectful in my view.

    Any suggestions on how I can get along with all these women who have chosen to ignore signs of disrespect and abuse, it makes me cringe.

    Lastly, the signs of abuse I’ve seen are excessive weight gain, financial difficulties , dishonesty, mind games, manipulation,
    Lying, and much more.

    Thank you and God bless!

    • Olubunmi Mabel

      Hi, Rodgers, thanks for reading.

      It’s sad that the women you love settled for lesser than they deserve, but it is their choice.

      While you could encourage them to demand to be treated like they deserve, you can’t force them to make the right choice.

      However, you should love them all the same. That’s what they need from you – your love and support.

      Love and encourage them through it all.

  • Florence Edgar

    Thanks for this Ma’am, ladies need to know that we also deserve to be respected not just loved and we need to know how to make that happen since most of our society doesn’t teach men to that naturally.

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