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What Do Men Really Want?

What Do Men Really Want?

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Just like “how do I keep my man?“, “what do men really want in a woman” is a question women have always asked.

And most times when people come up with the answers, women are usually unsatisfied because they’ve probably been doing or giving those things already, yet, it seems they are never doing enough.

People have always stated the following to be what men really want in a woman:

S*x, s*x, and more s*x



Caring nature



Good character

Financial independence

Ability to cook and clean

The list goes on and on…

As a matter of fact, these qualities have been grouped and called ‘wife material’.

So it has been assumed for ages that men want a wife material.

While these are great qualities for anyone to possess, not every man cares about having a woman with all the above qualities.

Some men care less about food, some are not s*x freaks, some men don’t mind being the only provider for the family, some men don’t care about looks, they’re only after the inner beauty.

What then exactly do men want in a woman?

Answer is, only the man can tell.

You can’t put all men in a box and say all men want the same things. You’ll just end up confused and frustrated and feeling like you’re never enough.

What then should you do as a woman?

  • Understand that each man, just like every individual, is unique. Because each man’s upbringing, childhood experiences, personality, life experiences, desires, challenges etc. differ.
  • Understand that because each man is unique, they all can’t want the same things.
  • Don’t assume that you know what a man wants. Assumption is the lowest level of knowledge.
  • Ask your man what he wants, so that you’ll know his mind.
  • Study your man very well and know what he wants or to be sure he’s saying what he really wants in a woman.
  • Above all, BE YOURSELF and love yourself. Truth is, some men don’t even know what they want. If you keep changing to suit a man’s needs, you’ll eventually lose yourself. Or you’ll become a chameleon. Always changing colours.

The best thing is for a man to see in you what he wants, and not you changing yourself to please him.

I’m not saying you can not work on yourself to be a better version of yourself, but don’t displease yourself to please another is what I’m saying.

While you work on yourself, a man should love you for who you are, for whatever package you have to offer. As a matter of fact, he should approach you because you have what he wants in a woman, and not try to mold you into what he wants. You’re an adult.

What men really want in a woman? Only a man can tell.

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