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10 Things Women Do on a Date that Put Men Off

10 Things Women Do on a Date that Put Men Off

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Yes, it’s a date, not a job interview.

You should be yourself and be free. However, while enjoying your liberty, you might be pissing your date off without knowing.

Below are TEN things that ladies do that put men off on a date:

#1 Snapchatting

You are probably a snapchat queen who can’t wait to share her day with others, but a date isn’t just about you.

It’s about you and your date. To get to know more about each other or enjoy each other’s company.

Even if you’re bored, you can nicely bring the date to an end instead of ignoring your date and snapchatting.

#2 Taking selfies

You’re probably all dolled up for the date and with a nice meal before you.

You want to share your looks and the food with the world.

While it’s okay to take pictures of yourself and the food, overdoing it could put the man off.

#3 Staying on phone

You probably find the date boring and you’re using your phone to save the day by chatting and scrolling through social media.

This is disrespectful and puts men off.

It takes two people to have an interesting conversation.

Don’t leave the fate of the date to the man.

Be actively involved in the date, and if you’re still not feeling it, you could call it a day politely.

#4 Arriving late without apology

As if turning up late to a date isn’t bad enough, some women wouldn’t offer a word of apology for doing that.

This puts men off.

#5 Too much makeup and perfume

While it’s important to look and smell good for yourself and not only to impress your date, looking like a caricature of yourself due to too much makeup turns men off.

It’s a date, not a photo shoot session, hun.
Wear a nice perfume, but don’t choke your date.

Men can tell when you’re making too much effort.

#6 Pretence

Trying to be who you are not to impress your date turns men off.

One of the habits of attractive women is authenticity.

Be yourself. Everyone is already taken.

Laugh at anything funny. Eat what you desire to eat.

Don’t be ashamed to be yourself.

#7 Arrogance

It takes humility to accept compliments.

“You look pretty,” he says.

You reply, “I know.”

That’s not confidence, it’s arrogance.

Pride could also show in the manner with which you treat people who wait on you.

Do you use the magic words, “please”, “thank you”, and “sorry” or you give orders and enjoy their service without giving words of appreciation?

Don’t be stuck up.

#8 Being a crashing bore

Even if your date initiated the date, don’t leave him to make the date fun. Like I said in #3, be engaging and fun to be with.

#9 Talking about your dates gone wrong

You probably have some awful dating experiences, but this date isn’t where to talk about them.

Talking badly about the men you’ve met or the dates you’ve had means you’re playing the victim.

Don’t think this would make a man more interested in you.

#10 Not offering to pay

While it’s expected that the person who initiated the date should pay, still, offer to pay or simply go Dutch, depending on the culture of the society you live in.

It shows you’re not an entitled lady.

These are the ten things women do on dates that men do not like.

However, this article isn’t absolute. Humans are different, some men might not take any of these things too seriously.

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