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How to Stop Hating Mondays and Start Living Every Day Like It’s the Weekend

How to Stop Hating Mondays and Start Living Every Day Like It’s the Weekend

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Does TGIM (Thank God it’s Monday) ring a bell?
Yes? No?

It’s a NO for me, and for most people in the world as well.

My proof?


What of TGIF (Thank God it’s Friday)?

I bet you’re tempted to give a thumbs up. Like, ‘now you are talking!”

Even the mere sight TGIF puts you in a good mood.

There are 34.3 million posts on TGIF while there are just 403k posts on TGIM!

Needless to say, people hate Mondays. For different reasons.

Reasons People Hate Mondays

1. They hate their jobs.

2. They don’t like the people they work with.

3. They hate the pay.

4. They find it hard to recover from the weekend.

5. Mondays are usually busy and serious.

And some other reasons.

How then can you stop hating Mondays? Because Mondays have come to stay. We can’t yank Mondays off our calendars.

How to Stop Hating Mondays and Start Having the Best Week Ever

#1 See Monday as just another day

How about changing your perspective about Mondays?

What makes Monday different from Tuesday and other days apart from the fact that it’s the day after weekend?

See Monday as just another day, and don’t expect that Monday has to come with moodiness and unwillingness to get out of bed.

#2 Write out your weekly goals

You’ll stop hating Mondays when you have written goals to be accomplished in the week.

You’ll be excited and motivated to start the week because there are goals to be met.

Writing out your goals will make you to be in charge of your day, and even the week.
You’ll direct the day instead of the day directing you.

#3 Plan your outfits for Monday and if possible, the week.

Planning your outfit for Monday or the week motivates you to start the day, especially if it’s a new outfit.

You’d always want to go out when there’s a new outfit to be worn.

This is better than waking up and turning your closet upside down in search of what to wear.

Lack of order saps vigour.

#4 Have fun during the week.

Why wait until weekend to enjoy your life? Why live for the weekend when you can have fun any day of the week?

Instill some fun into your day so that there’s something to look forward to after work. It doesn’t have to be the weekend kind of fun that needs a lot of time and energy.

You can have drinks with friends, see a movie, go swimming, attend dance classes, go to a book club, read a book, or even go on a date.

#5 Plan your meals

People are becoming more health conscious than ever.

And one of the ways to lead a healthy lifestyle is to plan your meals ahead.

Planning your breakfast on a Monday morning and for the rest of the week makes you feel in charge of your week, and life in general.

#6 Play your favourite music while you prepare.

Songs have been discovered to influence moods greatly.

Songs could either elevate or depress moods depending on your choice of music.

Play songs that’ll get you pumped up for the new day.

#7 Enjoy a hobby.

Do something you love during the week and not only on weekends.

I love reading and writing. No matter what I do during the day, doing these two things make my day.

What’s your hobby? Enjoy it after work or if possible, during your lunch break.

#8 Positive affirmations

Just as there is power in written words, there’s power in spoken words.

Confess what you want to see in your life.

Make positive confessions about yourself, your day, and your week.

#9 Plan for a change

If you hate Mondays because you hate your job or the people you work with, then start planning to do what you love or seek job opportunities elsewhere.

#10 Pray

Commit your day and week into God’s hands.

He cares about every aspect of your life. Ask Him to help you have a productive day.

Carry Him along during the day, and He’ll help you.

I hope these tips will help you to stop hating Mondays. Living for the weekend isn’t a good way to live.

Life is brief and long at the same time. We just have to find ways to enjoy it.

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