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How to Make Him Crazy about You

How to Make Him Crazy about You

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I want my man to be crazy about me. 

Don’t give me the side-eye. 

I know you want the same too. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this article. 



Anyway, it’s a thing for a man to be in love with you, it’s another thing for him to be crazy about you. 

I also believe that before you can make a man crazy about you, he must at least have an interest in you. Otherwise, it’ll seem like you’re winking in the dark. 

You can’t force someone to fall in love with you. 

But when someone shows an interest in you or is already in love with you, you can further make them crazy about you and not drive them away. 

Below are eight tips to make him crazy about you: 

1. Study/Understand Him to Know What Makes Him Tick

Many of us like to think in general terms; we like to say stuff like, “men do this,” “women are like this,” “all men want this,” “every man likes this,” and so on. 

But the truth of the matter is that people are actually more unique than we think. 

Sure, there are similarities based on gender, tribe, culture etc. 

However, if you want to find out the core of someone, you have to treat them as an individual. 

You will miss out on knowing what – in particular – makes your man tick if you feel like you already know him because you supposedly know men.

Don’t treat your relationship like that; instead, consciously take the time out to get to know and understand him.

Know his likes and dislikes, how he reacts to situations (happy or sad), how he wants to be loved, how he wants to be comforted, how he sees life and why he sees life the way he does. 

It will be difficult for a man to turn away from a woman who genuinely knows, understands and accepts him.

You can’t make him crazy about you if you don’t know WHO he is and what tickles his fancy. 

Some say the greatest need of men is s*x. 

While s*x is a pleasurable activity, some men care about other things more than that. 

So, don’t assume that you know what your man wants based on some generalisations. Get to know him. 

He’s a unique individual. Treat him like one. 

2. Know His Dreams/Aspiration and How You Can Help Him

Nobody wants a liability; we all want someone in our life that is an asset. 

Someone that is not just bringing something to the table, but also adding value to our life. 

A man can get anybody to cook for him, any woman can sleep with him, so what makes you different? 

Why should he be crazy about you when all you are offering is the same as practically every other woman out there? 

Value is what will make you stand out. Be interested in his dreams and think up ways to help him achieve them, while you pursue your own dreams as well. 

3. Have A Life /Love Your Life and Make Him Want to Be A Part Of It

A man is likely to want to be a part of your life if you have one in the first place. 

Imagine that your life was dependent on him; what more is there to know? 

You always have to think of all eventualities even if you are in the relationship of your dreams and you are hopeful for your relationship.

If the relationship ends today, what would you have? 

But besides that, a woman who has a life is not just useful to herself, but she is also more attractive.

Find things that make you happy, spend time with friends and family, invest in self-development and just be as happy as you can. 

It will save you from being clingy and it will make him want to be a part of your life. 

4. Be Yourself 

There is something beautiful about authentic people; people who are unapologetic about who they are as people. 

They might be blunt, witty, quirky, and they won’t apologise for it, no matter how much people around want to frown at it. 

The amazing thing about this is that the world adjusts and just let them be, especially when they remain consistent and unapologetic about who they are.

Your man will be more attracted to you when you are genuine than when you are trying to be someone else you believe he wants.

5. Have Standards/Know What You Want 

Have standards; don’t just be an anything-goes kinda woman.

You should be ready to compromise in your relationship; no relationship can work without compromises from both parties. 

However, you should also have principles and values you are not going to compromise on and make sure to communicate them to him. 

Know what you want in every aspect of your life and pursue it; a good man that loves you will want to be a part of that.

6. Be Interesting 

how to make him crazy about you

If being with you is dull and boring, he will soon tire of the relationship, especially if he is making an effort and you are not reciprocating. 

An interesting woman will more likely keep a man interested than an uninteresting one.

Challenge him mentally; be a knowledge seeker. This will enable you to be intelligent enough to have intelligent conversations with anyone including him. 

Develop your sense of humour as well and make him laugh. Witty women are attractive. 

Be spontaneous and spice things up once in a while, especially when he least expects it. 

7. Look Good

I mean, we all know how much important the way you look is.

Take care of your body to feel good about yourself first. 

If you feel good about yourself, you leave your man with no choice than to do the same. 

I believe every woman is/can be pretty as long they have the necessary beauty habits. 

8. Self-Love

how to make him crazy about you

Much of what you’ll take in a relationship and how you’ll be treated will be determined by how much you love yourself.

When you love yourself, you’ll set an example for your man on how to love you. 

A man has the tendency to treat you the way you treat yourself. 

When you have self-love, there are some things you don’t do to yourself, and you won’t let another person do it to you.

If you don’t call yourself stupid or a failure, you won’t tolerate it if it’s coming from another person.

Treat yourself the way you want others to treat you. You set an example for how you want others to treat you. 

how to make him crazy about you

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