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How to Be the Best Girlfriend a Man Cannot Get Enough Of

Yeah yeah.

I know I wrote about one thing men want from women. 😌

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways every man wants their girlfriend to be the best girlfriends ever.

No matter what a man wants, he wants a girlfriend that he won’t be able to get enough of in these 8 ways:


1. Encourage and support him

man on running field

Who doesn’t want to be encouraged and supported?

Men have been raised to act and be perceived as strong, but this doesn’t change the fact that they’re human beings too who could use some encouragement and support.

What does your man do? Do you know his passion? Do you know his deepest heart desires? Do you even care about his fulfillment?

He might not be where he wants to be or where you want him to be (yet). That’s why you are there to give him the spur that he needs.

Encourage him. Motivate him. Be his number one fan. Men love women who do this for them.

You can be a better girlfriend to him this way.

N.B: Make sure what he’s into is legit.

2. Be less dramatic

Don’t be a drama queen. While being a little dramatic could be fun, overdoing it could be annoying.

You can be the best girlfriend ever by being less dramatic and more understanding.


3. Don’t expect him to be a mind-reader

Man: What’s wrong?

Girlfriend: Nothing! (With face creased into a frown)

Man: Are you sure?

Girlfriend: I said nothing!

Man: Alright.

Girlfriend: Really?

Hahaha. If you’re a woman and you’re not guilty of this, then you deserve the award of the best girlfriend ever.

Because we ladies are so guilty of this. I am. 🙈

We expect our men to know exactly what we are angry about. We expect them to know what we have on our minds. We expect them to figure it out themselves.

While this is necessary sometimes, it can’t always happen.

We’ve got to learn to say our minds as adults.

Another very important reason men can’t always figure us out is because women could be quite complex.

Sometimes, you think it’s one thing, while it’s something else entirely.

You can be a better girlfriend by being open about your expectations.


4. Don’t compare him or your relationship

how to be the best girlfriend

Men don’t like being compared.

Really, who does?

Some women have the habit of comparing their men to their exes or their friends’ boyfriends.

This is an ego-damaging behaviour.

You can be the best girlfriend by understanding that your man is unique and different. He has his own strengths and weaknesses. He can’t be your ex and your ex can never be him.

Your friends’ boyfriends have their own flaws as well.

And you know what?

Your friends won’t tell you. People hardly spread their dirty linen in public.

You only see what they want you to see. You don’t know what goes on behind closed doors.

Stop telling your man to treat you the way your friends’ boyfriends treat them.

“Mary’s boyfriend does this for her”

“Joanna’s boyfriend does that for her”

That’s an indirect way of comparing your man.

You can learn from other people’s relationships but don’t lose sight of the uniqueness of your own relationship.

Tell your man whatever you want him to do for you without playing the comparison card.


5. Get a life

how to be the best girlfriend

Honestly, this is one of the best ways to be the best girlfriend ever.

Be YOU. Be YOUnique.

Don’t lose yourself in a relationship. Let your man see why you’re the best girlfriend.

And that’s by getting a life and adding value to yourself and the relationship.

When a man sees the value of that you’re bringing to the table, he won’t let you go.

You can trust me on this one.

Don’t just be someone’s girlfriend. Be the best version of yourself. Don’t make your life revolve around a man and the relationship. You’ll choke him by being clingy.

So, get a life, honey.

Have something going on in your life for you aside from being a man’s girlfriend. Set your standards and values. Let him know what you stand for. He’ll respect you for this.

Be the girlfriend a man is afraid to lose.


6. Be his friend

how to be the best girlfriend

Don’t just be his girlfriend, be his friend.

What do friends do?

Friends enjoy each other’s company. Friends play. Friends care about each other. Friends look out for each other. Friends are understanding and loyal.

Ladies usually assume that a man should be in the relationship for them only.


Relationship is about two people. Not just for one person.

While you expect him to love you, care for you, and surprise you, do the same for him as well.

Men have feelings too.


7. Respect him

how to be the best girlfriend

Just because he’s your man doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve to be respected.

Don’t look down on him or talk to him in a condescending manner. Don’t make him feel less of himself by your words.

Encourage and build him up with your words. Your words can go a long way in helping him be the man he should be.

When you respect your man, friends and family won’t have a choice than to respect him.

But if you put him low, friends and family will put him lower.


8. Help him to be a better version of himself

how to be the best girlfriend

One of the ways to be the best girlfriend ever is to make his life better than you met it.

Even if you two breakup eventually, he’ll never forget you because you added value to him in a way no one could.

Be on the lookout for opportunities that could better his life. It could be job opportunities, career development opportunities, meaningful connections that can help him grow.

In fact, you can help him to be a better reader, a more spiritual person, a more reasonable person etc..

This is what relationship is meant for – to add value to each other, and not for incessant romps between the sheets. 😏

A man will not remember the orgasms you gave him but he’ll definitely remember how you helped his life to be better.

So, these are the eight ways you can be the best girlfriend ever to your man.


You can do all of these and a man will still go his own way like the prodigal son.

Don’t worry. Your efforts aren’t a waste. You have nothing to lose by being a good girlfriend to a man. He’s the one who will lose a good woman. He’s the one who will regret it, not you.

You know people don’t know the value of what they have until they lose it.

So, go girl, and be the best girlfriend ever to your boo.

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