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30 Uplifting Things to Do When Sad

30 Uplifting Things to Do When Sad

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We can all relate to life throwing us its curveball to mess up a really good day or a string of good days.

And sometimes, because of hormonal changes – especially in women – or mood swings or even boredom, we get sad.

Whatever the reason, we cannot afford to wallow in it or we will get overwhelmed.

And if left unchecked, it can lead to depression.

This is why – as a matter of necessity – anytime we find ourselves sad and lonely, we need to find the things to do when sad and lonely so we can quickly shake it off.

You may be asking what you need to do when you feel sad and alone.

This is what this post was written to address; some of the best things to do when sad are highlighted below.

Self-care Things to Do When Sad

1. Talk to Somebody

Usually when something happens to us or we are sad, we feel the need to isolate ourselves and be alone.

While that is not all together bad because we need alone time to re-evaluate the situation; isolating yourself might make it more difficult because now, not only are you sad, you are also alone.

Talk to somebody you know will listen without judgement and use them as a shoulder to cry on, if necessary.

You are likely to get over what’s going on faster if you allow yourself vent.

2. Sleep

I know the world today encourages little sleep to achieve our dreams but inadequate sleep is unhealthy.

We need sleep to recharge and sometimes, all we need to do is sleep to get clarity on that work or situation we are struggling with. 

3. Pray

We are exhorted to pray when we are happy and we are sad but really, when is a better time to pray than when we are sad?

It is just us surrendering to God and letting Him handle the situation we cannot seem to control ourselves.

And even before we see results, prayers make you feel relieved because it is also a form of venting or letting out your frustrations.

4. Write

I always recommend that everybody owns a journal, and you don’t have to be a writer to own one.

Your journal can serve as your diary, a book where you note your goals, dreams, visions, challenges and victories.

Ask anybody who has used writing as therapy and they will tell you how effective it is.

If you are feeling sad and lonely, writing is definitely a great way to cleanse yourself of all the negative feelings going on in your mind.

5. Exercise

Exercise has been scientifically proven to release endorphins in our body and endorphins are not also called “feel good” chemicals for nothing.

They got their alias because they help the body cope with stress and serve as a happiness booster.

So, you might want to take advantage of exercising to secrete these “feel good” hormones in your body.

And it doesn’t have to be strenuous exercise; it can be simple cardio like swimming, walking, skipping, jogging or running, cycling and other exercises like yoga and Pilates.

Productive Things to Do When Sad

6. Volunteer

Making other people happy has been proven to make us happy and in fact, being around happy people makes us happy.

Instead of sitting at home, you can get involved in your local community centre, volunteer your skills or services to an NGO.

Do something for others and the smile on their faces or when you see you are part of something big, it is bound to make you feel fulfilled and happy.

7. Travel

Travel is not only fun; it is also a form of education.

If it is not beyond your budget, you can travel to a country or city you have never visited before and just learn the culture or see the cultural landmarks.

You are sure to come back home recharged and ready to take on the world.

8. Write Down Your Personal Goals

I know situations might not be going as planned right now. But who says you can’t dream because situations are not favorable?

Like I always say, it costs nothing to dream, so dream and make sure to dream big.

Write down all the things you will like to do or all you will like to achieve and you can take it a step further by adding a timeline for when you will like to achieve each of them.

The point of this is to give you something to look forward to.

9. Read A Book

Readers are leaders; you have probably heard this said many times and it’s become cliché at this point but it is true.

You should read a book whether you are sad or not anyways but when you are sad, learning something new is bound to make you feel better.

10. Work

This might not work if you are stressed by work or something work-related.

But if it is something else removed work and you enjoy working, you should consider working.

Fun Things to Do When Sad

11. Sing Loudly

Yes, sing loudly, especially if you are in a place where you have that luxury.

It doesn’t matter how bad you sound; you are not trying to win a Grammy; you are just trying to feel better.

In fact, the worst you sound, the better you are likely to feel because the way you sound might actually crack you up and make you feel better.

12. Dance

Yeah, dance! Dance! Dance!

Dance as great as you do or as bad as you do.

13. Indulge in Your Guilty Pleasure

What do you consider your guilty pleasure? Eating pizza? Watching reality TV?

Whatever it is, take some time to indulge in it.

14. Indulge in Your Hobby

This is similar to indulging in your guilty pleasure.

There is a reason why you consider certain activities, your hobby; it is because you enjoy them more than others.

If you are trying to shake off a sad mood, what better way than to indulge in an activity that makes you happy?

15. Eat Chocolate

 I mean, really? Can you ever go wrong with chocolate?

I think not!

If you can find a friend to join you; the more, the merrier.

Creative Things to Do When Sad

16. Take Selfies

Photography can be quite therapeutic, especially if done in beautiful spaces.

You can always leave the house and go somewhere with nature (even a park will do), then you can take beautiful pictures of yourself surrounded by nature.

17. Design Your Dream Home

Many of us have a dream home even if we cannot afford it yet; I know I do.

So, how about designing your new home?

You can design both the interior and the exterior, just like you dreamed it. Seeing it all come together will definitely make you happier.

18. Do Something Artsy

There are so many artsy things you can do when you feel sad and lonely. You can draw, paint, crochet, embroider, or sew.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, you don’t even have to be good at it; you just need to channel your energy into something else instead of the sad situation.

19. Cook

Cooking is one of the good things to do when sad; many cook as a form of therapy and you can too.

You can cook your favourite meal or experiment on a new recipe, you could even try something from a different culture.

20. Gardening

Tend to some plants; the feel of the earth and even the smell of the earth can make you feel a lot better whenever you are sad.

Healthy Things to Do When Sad

21. Cry

Let it out; don’t hold it in, especially if you feel the need to.

You are likely to shake it off faster if you let it out than when you hold it in.

If you can find someone whose shoulder you can cry on, sure.

If not, get in your shower and let the shower wash your tears and sorrows away.

22. Identify the Cause

Sometimes, all we need is clarity to feel better.

At times, we wouldn’t feel as hurt or upset if we allow ourselves to understand why we feel the way we do in the first place.

So, identify the reason; it could be something that can be solved easily.

And if it isn’t, you can always refer to all the suggested things to do when sad and depressed in this article in order to feel better.

23. Get Professional Help

Sometimes, you might need help identifying the issue, especially if you find that you are consistently sad and it’s already tilting towards depression.

Please, don’t deal with it alone. Seek professional help.

24. Exercise

I already mentioned how important exercise is in secreting endorphins and how endorphins are happy chemicals that help us reduce stress.

Besides that, exercising is healthy anyway, so it’s a win-win situation.

25. Clean

Cleaning up your environment will make it shiny and sunny and not only is that therapeutic, but it could also improve your mood.

Plus, it’s healthy to keep a good environment.

Things Not to Do When Sad

26. Holding It All In

Don’t hold it in. it is not healthy; you are likely to explode at some point.

Let it out.

Allow yourself to feel the pain.

Cry, talk to someone, make sure to vent, and don’t pretend you are alright when you are not.

It is far healthier to let it all out than to hold it in.

27. Listen to Sad Songs

This might sound funny but really, listening to sad songs when you are sad is probably one of the worst things you can do to yourself.

You should listen to songs that are upbeat and danceable. Sad songs will just keep making you feel sorry for yourself.

28. Isolate Yourself

There is no better way to continue feeling sad than isolating yourself. You are more likely to keep feeling upset if you are alone than you will around people who love you.

Of course, if you need some alone time to access the situation, that’s okay but if you are alone, lonely and wallowing, it is time to be around people.

Don’t deny yourself the joy of being around the company of your loved ones, especially when you need them.

29. Drinking Alcohol

It is very easy to try to use alcohol to numb the pain.

Don’t do it; that’s the easiest way to alcoholism.

No matter how tempting it is, don’t start that journey at all.

It will not help the situation, the problem will still be there when you are sober or it may worsen the situation because really, alcohol can make us do dumb stuff.

30. Refusing to See the Light at The End of the Tunnel

I know this sounds cliché but really, no situation is permanent. This too shall pass.

As gruelling as the situation may be, it shall pass. Please, stay positive; you will get past it. It is not the end, don’t lose hope.

We experience sadness for different reasons but we can get past it. Intimating yourself with the things to do when sad as listed here will go a long way in helping you shake off every sad feeling.

things to do when sad

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