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70 Powerful Prayers for My Husband That I Love

70 Powerful Prayers for My Husband That I Love

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Husbands and wives are supposed to cover each other in prayers because once you are married, you are one with your partner and should treat your spouse as an extension of yourself.

And really, when you look at some of the strange things that happen in our world, I’m sure you don’t need to be convinced that praying for your husband is important.

There are so many areas of his life where you need to cover him with prayers. You should pray for strength for your husband, pray for your husband’s success and his health.

However, sometimes, knowing we need to pray is not enough; we could run out of words because there is just so much to say that we don’t know where to start.

So, I have written this as a guide to help you find the right words when you need prayers for your husband.

Therefore, whether you are looking for blessing prayers for my husband, warfare prayers for husband or short prayers for husband, we’ve got you covered.

Prayers for My Husband to Love Me

Why do you need to pray for your husband to you love you?

We usually expect our husbands to love us naturally but this isn’t always the case.

Apart from the fact that humans are naturally selfish, sometimes, our husbands can get distracted by so many things that they get trapped and need divine help for them to love us and show us unconditional love.

The following prayers will help your husband to love you:

1. Oh Lord, let Your Spirit move in my husband’s heart to awaken his love for me.

2. Father, please re-establish the intimacy and love that my husband once had for me and renew his love for me.

3. Father, just as You love the Church and gave Yourself for it; help my husband to also love me the same way.

4. Lord, eliminate every diversion and disturbance that prevents my husband from loving me wholeheartedly.

5. Gracious God, teach my husband to love You with all his heart, soul and mind so that he will in turn shower me with his love.

6. Dear Father, as nothing is impossible for You to do, help my husband to love and care for me as he should.

7. Loving God, open my husband’s heart and touch him to always see me as his own.

8. Lord, please renew my husband’s love for me and enable him to find pleasure in all I do.

9. Father, open my husband’s eyes and help him to see how You have united us as one flesh and one body.

10. Gracious Father, help my husband to put on the virtue of love and to love me just as I am.

Prayers for Husband at Work

11. Lord, thank You for the blessing of my husband’s job. As he is out to work, lead him aright, guide and always direct him.

12. Father, help my husband to bring You into every aspect of his work and glorify You with it.

13. Gracious Lord, please provide peace, calm, rest and comfort for my husband at work; and always renew his strength.

14. God, empower my husband with Your spirit, wisdom and patience so that he will always make the right decisions at work.

15. Jehovah, watch over my husband at work, protect him from harm, keep him safe and surround him with Your protection always.

16. Yahweh, please bless the efforts of my husband’s hands and help him to find favour in the eye of superiors and co-workers.

17. Father, despite temptations that may arise at work, help my husband to always remain faithful and respect his marriage vows.

18. Almighty God, help my husband to find fulfilment and joy in the work he is doing.

19. Lord, as my husband has been faithful and diligent, promote him at his workplace and always make him go higher.

20. Father, help my husband to always overcome every obstacle and enemies at his place of work, and help him to adequately confront difficulties as they arise.

Prayers for Husband’s Success

21. Father, I thank You for my husband and I appreciate You for the abilities and strength You have given him; help him to flourish in all his ways.

22. In the name of Jesus, I decree that anything my husband lays his hands upon shall prosper.

23. Everywhere my husband finds himself, he will always be the head and not the tail, he will always be above and not beneath.

24. Almighty Father, make every crooked path of my husband straight.

25. Oh Lord, by reason of my husband’s faithfulness, help him to always stand before kings and not mere men.

26. Gracious Father, just like you gave Daniel an excellent spirit, give my husband an excellent spirit that will make him excel and succeed.

27. Yahweh, wherever the sole of my husband’s feet shall thread upon, give it unto him.

28. In Jesus name, I decree and declare, my husband will flourish like the palm tree that grows by the riverside and he shall be increased like the cedars of Lebanon.

29. Father, let your favour always rest upon my husband, let him attract divine blessings and make him always victorious.

30. Almighty, remove every obstacle that is preventing my husband from prospering and flourishing in the place of honour.

Anniversary Prayers for Husband

31. Father. I thank You for making my husband a match-made in heaven for me; I know for sure that heaven can be experienced on earth because of him.

32. Oh Lord, give my husband the grace to always overcome every temptation that arises as in the years past.

33. Gracious Father, help my husband to always cherish and be captivated by my love till death do us part.

34. Jehovah, help my husband and me to be able to keep our marriage going through the power and love of Christ, which is the foundation of our home.

35. Father, help my husband to continue to be the loving husband that he is and help him to grow in that love.

36. Father, as we celebrate our anniversary, help my husband to be blessed with boundless love and help his love for me to blossom always.

37. Father, give my husband the wisdom and grace to lead our home in the right and godly manner.

38. Gracious God, help my husband to walk in the Spirit and in truth, and to grow in grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

39. Lord, let my husband be a shining light of your testimony of love and faithfulness that shines through our marriage.

40. Father, as we celebrate this anniversary, let sorrow, worries and anxieties be far away from my husband; and let good tidings, unending happiness, joy and peace be his portion.

Prayers for Husband’s Health

41. In the name of Jesus, I decree and declare that my husband will not die but live to declare the works of the Lord.

42. Father, just as Your word says, help my husband to always prosper and be in good health.

43. Jehovah, let affliction not arise the second time and let my husband always experience your miracle over his health.

44. Despite the doctors’ reports, I still have faith in you; restore my husband’s health.

45. I decree that my husband will run and not grow weary, he will walk and not faint, and he will have the strength to soar like an eagle in Jesus name.

46. Father, help my husband to develop good habits and healthy choices that will promote his good health.

47. Father, my husband is your temple: keep him far away from sicknesses and diseases.

48. You are the Jehovah Rapha and you have the final say, let my husband be made whole by your power.

49. Oh lord! Let your life giving powers flow into every cell, organ and system of my husband.

50. Father, because you have been wounded for our transgressions and crushed for our iniquities, by your stripes, my husband is healed.

Prayers for Cheating Husband

51. Your word says, ‘What God has joined together, let no man put asunder’, therefore, I pray against everything trying to separate me and my husband.

52. I decree and declare, no weapon of unfaithfulness and immorality and fashioned against my husband shall prosper.

53. Father, destroy every spirit of lust and adultery operating in my husband’s life.

54. Lord, by your Spirit, convict my husband of his sexual sins, help him to make amends and restore him unto the right path.

55. Gracious God, help my husband to love righteousness and hate iniquity; help him to confess his sins and repent completely.

56. Father, change my husband into a new person, help him to obey your word and walk in purity.

57. Oh Lord, destroy into pieces every emotional attachment my husband has with another woman.

58. In the mighty name of Jesus, I break every ungodly soul connection off my husband.

59. I plead the precious blood of Jesus over my husband’s body, soul, spirit, thoughts, desires, marriage and family.

60. Father, help my husband to love me just as Christ Jesus loves the Church.

Prayers for Husband’s Protection

61. Lord, always watch over the going out and coming in of my husband.

62. Father, as your mountains surround Jerusalem, surround my husband and keep him safe.

63. Gracious God, in this evil world we live in, be my husband’s shield, buckler and his present help in time of trouble.

64. Father, I decree, in Jesus name, every evil arrow of the enemy sent towards my husband, they are returned back to the sender.

65. Lord, frustrate every evil plan of the enemy over my husband in Jesus name.

66. Father, let Your goodness and mercy always surround my husband wherever he finds himself.

67. I decree and declare that no weapon fashioned against my husband shall prosper; and every tongue that rises against him in judgment shall be condemned.

68. Jehovah, always give your angels charge over my husband to keep and protect him.

69. Father, deliver my husband from the evils of the day and the destructions of the night.

70. I decree that when my husband walks through the fire, he will not be burned; and when he walks through the waters, he will not be swept away.

I hope this collection of prayers for my husband will not only inspire you to pray but it will also guide and direct your prayers as you pray for your husband.

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