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10 Habits Of Couples Who Have A Great Sex Life

10 Habits Of Couples Who Have A Great Sex Life

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It is not a coincidence that some couples have a great s*x life while some others are struggling in the bedroom.

It might seem that the former just stumbled upon it or that they were just lucky to have found someone they are sexually-compatible with.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Couples who have a great s*x life share a life of intimacy and it translates to what happens in the bedroom. These people relate differently from others; they have formed habits that have a positive impact on their s*x life.

So, let us look at these habits of couples who have a great s*x life to see what they are doing differently from others. 

  1. They Touch Constantly 

Many couples believe that touch should be reserved for when they want to have s*x. So, they only touch their partner to indicate their mood for s*x.

However, if you want to have a great s*x life, you should know that touch should not be limited to when s*x is involved.

Couples who are in tune with each other cannot keep their hands off each other any time they are around each other.

They hold hands, give light touches and cuddle even when they don’t plan on having s*x; it is their default setting. 

2. They Communicate Honestly

One of the reasons people don’t have great s*x is the lack of honest communication. There is a difference between communicating and communicating honestly about s*x.

At the risk of being stereotypical, women don’t reach orgasm as easily as men and most times, when women don’t reach the peak, they keep it to themselves out of fear of upsetting their partner.

Sure, many men are sensitive about not satisfying their women because it is a matter of ego for them that they are good in bed. But if it is not happening, there is always a way to communicate politely and respectfully.

Couples who enjoy their s*x life don’t hide their wants and desire in the bedroom. They communicate their expectations politely and adjust accordingly.

3. They Keep Learning

Couples who have great s*x are constantly learning more about how to about please each other. They do not feel, at any time, that they are know all they need to know about pleasing their partner. 

They are not just interested in learning all they need to about s*x, they actively seek out the learning by listening to or reading books from s*x therapists and s*x counsellors. 

4. They Are Flexible

There is no normal way to have s*x per se; what we have are individual preferences. Sure, there are healthy and unhealthy ways to have s*x but there are no clear-cut rules to it.

And sometimes, people experience changes in their sexual desires for diverse reasons. The main thing is that couples should always be ready to be flexible and accommodate the changes as they come.

Sure, you shouldn’t put your life at risk if your partner is suggesting something unhealthy and that is where honest communication comes in.

What you should take from this is that to enjoy great s*x, you cannot afford to be rigid. 

5. They Experiment 

Similar to the point above, couples who enjoy their s*x life are always open to experimenting. They are not up for the monotonous s*x life. 

They are always thinking of ways to spice things up and make things better. They try different styles, position and make sure they have fun. 

6. They Are Not Selfish

Couples who care about their partner’s satisfaction enjoy better s*x than those who are only thinking of themselves.

Here’s how it works; if both of them are trying to satisfy each other, then both of them leave satisfied. 

But if one person is focused on themselves, the other is left unsatisfied and uninspired to care about the s*x. 

7. They Avoid P*rn

P*rn sets an unrealistic expectation on s*x and puts unfounded pressure on one’s partner to keep up with what they see in their contents. 

P*rn stars are actors and most of what’s shown are not real or realistic for everyday romance, so it is important to avoid p*rn if you want to enjoy s*x.

Rather, learn from your body to know what works for you and learn that of your partner to learn what works for them. 

8. They Give Each Other Attention

These couples pay attention to each other outside and inside the bedroom. During s*x, they are not uninterested in what is happening but they are active and involved.

And outside the bedroom, they pay each other attention. Their intimacy is not solely physical; it is emotional as well. 

9. They Keep Reading Each Other

Knowing and understanding your partner is a major part of having a wonderful s*x life. So, couples who want to enjoy s*x must keep reading each other.

And as mentioned earlier, sexual desires change for diverse reasons. So, while they might know a lot about what works for their partner; they don’t stop there. They keep reading and learning their partner.

10. They Treat Each Other Well 

A lot of people expect s*x to make up for what happens outside the bedroom. While some people see s*x as solely physical and something to take the edge off, for many others, it is beyond that.

They cannot tune off whatever is happening outside of the bedroom when they are in the bedroom. So, if you want to enjoy s*x with your partner, it is imperative that you treat each other well.

As far as it is a relationship, don’t act like all you have going with each other is s*x. Genuinely care about knowing your partner and making them happy and it will automatically translate into the bedroom. 

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