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45 Amazing Things to Do When You Turn 18

45 Amazing Things to Do When You Turn 18

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18 is a significant age.

In many countries, once you turn 18, you are considered an adult and at that point, you know you will be required to take responsibility for your actions.

You can no longer get away with things that you would have been able to get away with just a month ago.

However, it is not all gloom.

Being 18 is also an interesting age where you are transitioning from a child to an adult.

It can be fun, so you should definitely celebrate turning 18.

Are you, however, wondering how to go about getting ready for life as an adult and living life as an 18+?

Well, there are things to do when you turn 18 that you should know so you don’t miss out on life or have regrets.

But not to worry; that’s why I’m writing this, so you don’t have any regrets a few years down the line because you knew nothing about the important things to do when you turn 18.

Things to When You Turn 18 In UK

1. Contest and Vote During Elections

You can make your voice heard in the United Kingdom when you turn 18 because you have the legal right to vote during elections.

You also have the right to stand for elections, either as an MP, mayor or councillor.

If you want to pursue a career in politics especially, this will be a good way to get involved in your country.

2. Go Out for Drinks

Unlike when you were younger and couldn’t get a drink for yourself at the local bar, 18 now makes the big difference.

At this unique age, you can stroll into a local bar or pub and order whichever drink or alcohol you choose to, without sweating it out.

But don’t forget to drink responsibly.

3. Open Your Bank Account

At 18, you no longer have to depend on your parents or guardians’ accounts.

You are now eligible to open your own bank account and start saving or performing financial transactions.

5. Pawn Used Items

When you turn 18, you are free to do away with undesirable goods at any pawn shop in the country.

Pawning jewellery and other goods you have can fetch you some extra cash.

6. Jury Duties

If courtroom drama sounds exciting for you, you can participate as a member of the jury once you turn 18.

Things to Do When You Turn 18 In Australia

7. Voting

Voting is a compulsory exercise for you when you turn 18 in Australia. You must enrol to vote within 21 days of turning 18.

You also have the right to run for political posts too.

8. Buy and Drink What You’ve Always Wanted

You have now reached the minimum age for getting alcohol and drinking in licensed premises.

Unlike before, you no longer need permission to drink, and you also have the right to purchase and smoke cigarettes.

9. Get Married

If you are ready to get married at 18, you can go ahead, even without parental permission.

10. Give Full Legal Consent for Medical Treatment

At 18, you now have the full legal right to accept or refuse treatment as you are considered an adult who has full control over your body.

11. Apply for Australian Passport

Once you clock 18, you can apply for your own Australian passport.

12. Make Agreements

At this age, you can sign contracts, borrow money and sign other legal agreement with others; and you will be held responsible for these agreements.

Things to Do When You Turn 18 In Canada

13. Vote and Be Voted For

For some provinces in Canada, the age of the majority is 19. However, it is 18 for most provinces.

Thus, you can vote in a provincial or federal election when you turn 18 (if it is the majority age in your province) and can also run in an election.

14. Entitled to Full Minimum Wage

At 18, you are entitled to an adult job in Canada, and in turn, full minimum wage just like other adults.

15. Watch Restricted Movies

You can now watch the restricted and censored movies you’ve always wanted, since you are now considered an adult.

16. Live Alone

The government will respect your right to live away from your parents once you are 18 years.

17. Sign Contracts

You can sign contracts and other legal agreement with legal entities when you make the 18 age cut.

Things to Do When You Turn 18 In Ireland

18. Access Records

You can access your health and educational records yourself when you turn 18.

19. Access to Private Medical Advice

At age 18, you are now entitled to receive private medical advice without fear of such information being shared with parents, guardians or other individuals.

20. Get A Passport

You can apply for your own passport at the age of 18 without needing parental consent.

21. Sit in A Jury

You’re now eligible to be part of the jury during court cases.

22. Join The Reverse Defense Armed Forces

Once you hit 18, you can join the Reverse Defense Armed Forces in Ireland.

23. Donate Blood

If you have always wanted to save others and contribute your own quota to humanity, you can donate blood when you clock 18 in Ireland.

Things to Do When You Turn 18 In California

24. Buy or Sell Property

At 18, you have the legal right to own or sell a property, including real estate and stock.

25. Get Married

Although you cannot buy, sell or serve alcohol in California at 18, you can get married if you want to.

26. Make or Revoke a Will

In California, you are allowed to make or revoke a will when you clock 18.

27. Sue and Be Sued

Now, you can stand for yourself and face the consequences for your actions to others and also demand the same from others.

28. Apply for Credit

You can also apply for credit in your name once you are 18 in California. However, you will be asked to submit a proof of income or need a co-signer.

Things to Do When You Turn 18 In India

29. Drive and Apply for A Driving License

At 18, you are now eligible to start driving in India. You can also apply for your driving license among the plethora of license categories.

30. Get Married

Only females in India can get married at the age of 18 legally. For males, the benchmark is higher – you must be 21 years and above before getting married.

31. Contract and Investment

At the age of 18, you can enter into legally binding contracts and also invest in shares and stocks.

32. Get Voters’ Card

You are now eligible to get voters’ card and participate in the political affairs of India.

33. Open a Bank Account

Even if you have a bank account before you clocked 18, it could be a minor and restricted account where all facilities would not be made available to you.

However, when you turn 18, you have full access to your own bank account without restrictions, ATM card, use of internet banking and other advantages that come with your age.

34. Get an Aadhaar Number

When you turn 18, you are eligible to register for the Aadhaar number, a 12-digit unique number issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).

Smart Things to Do When You Turn 18

Like I said earlier, 18 is a significant age, so you should definitely use that time to set the tone for your adulthood.

How do you do this?

By intimating yourself with some of the best things to do when you turn 18.

And that includes identifying your career or business path and knowing the financial things to do as soon as you turn 18.

35. Open Your Bank Account

When you turn 18, it is important for you to have a bank account in your name.

You will be entitled to other benefits such as credit cards, ATM cards, bank loans, cheque books, to mention but a few.

Thus, opening your own account is an ideal way of managing your finances.

36. Work Full Time

If you are not furthering your education at the moment or pursuing other goals, you can consider working full time when you clock 18 years.

Since you are seen as an adult in the eye of the law, you will be able to enjoy other benefits that adults enjoy too.

37. Have A Goal and Vision

You are an adult now, so it is time to set goals for your life.

What kind of life do you want for yourself?

Where do you want to see yourself in 5 years?

These are the kind of questions you need to answer and start working on.

38. Exercise Your Voting Rights

In most countries, 18 is the benchmark age for exercising your voting rights. You can vote, campaign and be voted for.

39. Volunteer

As a lot of volunteering opportunities abound, you can volunteer during your free time when you are 18 years.

Volunteering experiences are bound to help at a later date.

You can use your experiences as part of your professional experience when you are job seeking.

Fun Things to Do When You Turn 18

What’s life without a little fun?

You don’t have to spend all of 18 being serious; there are also cool things to do when you turn 18 that would form fun memories for years to come.

40. Throw a Party

You should definitely throw a party to celebrate your 18th birthday.

And it doesn’t have to be something big if you can’t afford it.

But make sure to do something to mark your transition into adulthood.

You can do a simple get together with friends and family, go on a road trip, or go out for drinks.

41. Get Tattoos and Piercings

If you’ve always had to urge to get a tattoo or body piercing all these years, nothing is stopping you now, as you are now responsible for your own body

42. Travel On Your Own

Even if you travel before 18 years, you need parental consent and guidance.

However, being 18 make a huge difference as there are lesser hassles and you don’t have to answer to anyone.

Time to unleash the travel bug if you are interested.

43. Get A Pet

You can own any pet of your choice legally when you clock 18 years.

44. Buy a Car

Have you ever wanted a car and can afford to buy one? Now, at 18, is a great time to own one.

45. Rent an Apartment

If you have always dreamed of living apart from your parents, you can do that at 18.

You can now live alone, have fun and make independent decisions without needing anybody’s consent.

In conclusion, as I said earlier, 18 is a significant age. So, making sure to celebrate with a bang, making certain life decisions and getting involved in society is definitely a rite of passage.

things to do when you turn 18


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