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10 Signs You Are An Empath

10 Signs You Are An Empath

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I have a friend who takes frequent breaks from social media simply because she noticed that she gets easily affected by the things that go on there.

If a piece of news pops up on the internet about someone who lost their child, while other people may feel bad for the victim for some minutes and then forget about it afterward,

My friend would get so immersed in that news that her whole day could be ruined.

The ability to feel sympathetic and relate to people’s struggles is an innate ability we all have as human beings.

But some human beings have it to a higher degree than others.

They have a heightened sense of understanding for people and are usually touched by people’s struggles.

More than usual.

If you always seem to quickly get affected by people’s feelings and emotions.

Almost like a sponge, absorbing people’s emotions even when you don’t know them, you might be an empath.

How do you confirm that you’re an empath?

10 Signs You Are an Empath

1. You are sensitive to the emotions of others

signs you are an empath

Sensitivity to people’s emotions is one thing that characterizes an empath.

You may notice that you have a tender heart towards people, and you’re very touched when they get emotional.

You can, or at least try to understand people when they express themselves.

You may feel weird sometimes because people around you don’t seem to share your delicateness.

You quickly pick up a switch in your partner’s mood and can tell that something is wrong with someone just by studying them.

You have a keen insight into people’s emotions and can quickly notice things others may not detect.

2. You are a natural nurturer

signs you are an empath

The instinct to care for and nurture people is a good way to know you are an empath.

Do you feel deeply concerned about people and desire to help them even when you don’t know them?

Are you drawn to roles or professions designed to care for people?

These are signs that you are an empath.

Your genuine desire to assist people with their physical and emotional needs, even when it’s inconvenient, is a pointer.

You may find yourself considering going into professions like medicine, counseling, or care jobs.

Something within you just keeps pulling you towards professions that involve caring for people.

3. You show deep emotions

signs you are an empath

In addition to relating to other people’s emotions, you may experience moments of personal, intense emotions yourself.

Sometimes these emotions may be from your personal experiences or challenges, but they may also be absorbed emotions from other people.

You may also notice that you have heightened physical sensitivity, detecting changes in people’s countenance and reacting to even the slightest stimuli.

4. Your intuition is strong

Because of how sensitive empaths are, their intuition is usually accurate.

They have strong gut feelings, and it helps in their decision-making.

It also helps them make accurate judgments of people.

They have a heightened sense of awareness that surpasses logical reasoning.

5. You absorb energy easily

signs you are an empath

Do you easily get affected by people’s atmospheres and energies?

Feeling tired and drained when you spend time with a negative person or in a toxic atmosphere.

Or do you find yourself constantly “catching” people’s emotions and moods?

All of these signs point to the fact that you are an empath.

You may wonder if something is wrong with you because of how easily you experience similar feelings with people after just spending time with them.

You find yourself having to be extra intentional about maintaining your atmosphere and space because it can easily get polluted by people and environments.

6. You welcome everyone

signs you are an empath

As an empath, you may have difficulty setting boundaries.

The tenderness of your heart towards people may make you welcome all and sundry into your space.

Even when people don’t have the best intentions towards you, you may find yourself creating allowances for them and giving them access to your life.

Empaths sometimes struggle with establishing firm boundaries and sticking by them.

They feel guilty if they ever have to say no, so they rarely say it.

They may also fail at isolating their own emotions from that of other people.

7. You feel overwhelmed often

Due to empaths’ absorbing and embracing nature, they are prone to emotional overwhelm and exhaustion.

You will constantly feel drained and tired, especially after encountering many people and mingling with different energies and environments.

People’s pieces of baggage may be dumped on you, causing you to experience a myriad of emotions.

If you are an empath, you will feel like you need to take some time out to recharge often.

You may even find it challenging to hold leadership positions sometimes because the burden of listening to people’s struggles and challenges may get to you easily.

8. You are considerate

This is what empathy means.

The ability to put yourself in the shoes of others.

You are not quick to discard people’s explanations and feelings.

Instead of shunning them, you try to understand their perspectives and relate to their feelings.

This is the life of an empath.

9. You connect with nature

You are intrigued by nature and its works and feel deeply connected.

Animals spark your curiosity, and you feel like you owe them kindness.

You may enjoy spending time in serene environments, just enjoying nature and finding solace in the peaceful energy.

10. People feel comfortable sharing their struggles with you

signs you are an empath

This list can not be complete without this point.

Empaths are easy to speak with because you can easily be vulnerable with them and share your burdens without getting judged.

When an empath listens to you, even when you are wrong, they first feel empathy for you and think about ways to help you before they even think about the wrongs you did.

This is why empaths attract a lot of people to themselves.

Everyone wants to be listened to without being judged.

As an empath, people naturally gravitate toward and open up to you because they know you care.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, empaths will display different signs depending on their personalities and situations.

It is also worthy of note that just because someone exhibits some of these signs at one point or another does not necessarily make them an empath.

As I explained earlier, every human being has some level of empathy in them and will display it at some point or other.

But if you resonate with most or all of these signs and display them daily, it indicates that you are an empath.

Self-awareness helps empaths create a balance in their lives.

Observing your feelings and response to happenings around you will help you understand yourself better and know how to manage your life effectively.

Consulting with therapists, counselors, or mental health professionals will go a long way when you burn out.

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