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Why Do Women Cheat On Their Perfect Husbands? – 9 Shocking Reasons

Why Do Women Cheat On Their Perfect Husbands? – 9 Shocking Reasons

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Although nobody is perfect, some husbands are very close.

While some women battle absent, angry, irresponsible, or unaffectionate husbands, others seem to have it all.

Their husband is everything other women want and more, or at least that’s how it seems from the outside.

But the baffling thing is that sometimes, even these perfect husbands get cheated on.

You’d expect their wives to be loyal since they have it all, only to find out the wife is actively getting down with another man or other men outside the marriage.

This can be pretty puzzling, and if you’re wondering why it happens, this article is here to tell it all.

Why Do Women Cheat On Their Perfect Husbands? – 9 Shocking Reasons 

1. They feel dissatisfied

why do women cheat on their perfect husbands?

While you admire a marriage, admire everything the husband is doing, and award him the best husband ever in your head, his wife may feel like he’s not doing enough.

One thing about human beings is that our wants and needs are sometimes insatiable.

Even when someone has something that is literally everyone’s dream, they may enjoy it for a while, become too used to it, and start wanting something else.

This might be the case with a seemingly perfect man’s wife who cheats; although her marriage has an appearance of perfection, she doesn’t feel satisfied.

This may be due to greed or the sheer fact that the marriage isn’t want she wants.

A man can be perfect, but if he’s not for you, there won’t be peace and fulfillment.

Perhaps the marriage does not align with the woman’s true desires or values.

This feeling of dissatisfaction and being trapped can make her seek escape through infidelity.

2. Opportunity

Perhaps they didn’t plan for it to happen.

However, I never believe that cheating is a mistake because it requires a lot of willful participation and is too long a process to be a mistake.

But I believe that sometimes cheating is not premeditated or planned.

It can just happen, due to carelessness of course.

The woman may have a great husband and a wonderful marriage, but maybe somehow she found herself in a complicated and compromising situation where infidelity was presented to her.

The opportunity was before her eyes, bringing temptation like never before, maybe coming from an old-time lover or a crush.

She didn’t think about the weight and possible implications of her actions, so she just did it.

3. The husband is not perfect

why do women cheat on their perfect husbands?

This is not in any way to excuse infidelity at all.

But things aren’t always like they appear.

I know men who seem like perfect world-class husbands outside but whose wives are lamenting in their closets because they’re the worst husbands ever.

When a woman cheats on a seemingly perfect husband, one possible reason is that he’s not the perfect man he appears to be.

The woman may be struggling with many unmet needs, whether physical or emotional, from her “perfect man,” causing her to seek intimacy outside the marriage.

It could also be sexual dissatisfaction; maybe the man is a great husband in other aspects but not in the bedroom.

Lack of communication is another possible issue; the man may seem great but suck at communicating and connecting with his wife.

This may lead to feelings of loneliness, cause misunderstandings, and negatively affect the marriage, prompting the woman to seek a connection with someone else.

None of these reasons excuse cheating, but I had to mention it because it’s a very common reason.

4. Peer pressure

“Bad company corrupts good character” – The Bible.

Some women just let negative influence dictate their actions and behavior.

They may have had it good and enjoyed a good marriage so far, but external factors intervened, and that was when things went South.

Friends and social circles that condone or encourage infidelity can influence a woman to cheat even when her husband has given her zero reasons to.

5. Lack of morals

why do women cheat on their perfect husbands?

Having morals, values, and principles is a great way to guide our actions as humans.

People who don’t have these are very likely to get involved in many things that they shouldn’t.

A woman who lacks a moral compass and lives life carelessly may cheat on her good husband for no reason.

Similarly, a woman who is neither clear about her personal values nor uphold them will fall for anything.

It has nothing to do with anyone but her.

Her failure to have a sense of right and wrong will put her in many situations, and this is just one of them.

6. Desire for adventure

Some women cheat on their perfect husbands because they’re looking for excitement.

He’s perfect and all, but they feel bored with him.

They want something else, something more, someone new, something exciting; the novelty they crave is pushing them.

They believe their marriage lacks all of these, so they try to find it elsewhere.

The sacredness and importance of marriage mean nothing to them at that point; all they want is to satisfy their craving.

7. She has personal issues

why do women cheat on their perfect husbands?

People’s actions are usually a reflection of who they are or the things going on inside them.

Cheating shouldn’t be on a wife’s to-do list even with an imperfect husband; how much more so with a perfect one?

When infidelity happens, it could be a reflection that something is going on with the woman.

She may be struggling with personal issues like low self-esteem, personality disorders, or some form of mental health issue.

For some women, it’s addiction or trauma from the past that hasn’t been resolved.

These things may be the forces behind her actions, or she may cheat as a form of escapism.

Perhaps she’s seeking temporary relief or distraction from the issues she has.

Midlife crisis is another possible culprit; maybe she’s in dire need of external validation and chooses to engage in infidelity as a way to regain her sense of youth and vitality.

8. Revenge

You may never know the full story with people’s marriages unless you’re in it.

Many things go on behind closed doors that only the couple may be aware of.

The man may be a perfect husband, but he may have had a bad past or made some mistakes at some point.

In this case, the woman’s infidelity may be a response to perceived or actual betrayal or neglect from the husband within the marriage.

He hurt her in a way, and she sought to retaliate, and cheating was the best option for her to seek revenge for perceived or actual wrongs.

9. They have outgrown their husbands

I didn’t think this was a thing until I heard the story of a woman who shared how she married the perfect husband.

Her husband as she described him was the dream come true of many ladies and as icing on the cake, he was faithful to her and never cheated on her.

Her only problem was that while he was doing fine in his career she was a high flyer with big ambitions.

Her pursuit for success was insatiable, but her husband on the other hand was just content.

She started cheating on him when she met men like her who wanted to be at the top as much as she did.

Ambitious and successful men were a big turn on for her.

These things happen!

It may not be as serious as the story above, but when a “perfect husband” refuses to evolve, his wife may outgrow him and desire another.

This doesn’t in anyway justify cheating by the way.

10. They take them for granted

why do women cheat on their perfect husbands?

It is often said that you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.

Sometimes, women with perfect husbands can get comfortable and begin to trivialize their partners.

They no longer see their husbands as special, so they step out on them.

Particularly if it’s a woman who places a high value on male attention or validation, she may resort to cheating.

Women’s motives and reasons for doing this vary depending on their mindset, situation, past, and a host of other factors.

However, no matter the reasons, cheating remains wrong and should never be encouraged.

Moreover, it’s unfair for someone to step out on a partner who is going all out to be the best they can for their partner.

If anyone finds themselves in a situation like this, they need to approach the situation with empathy and understanding because, many times, some complex underlying issues are at play.

Discussions have to be had, and decisions have to be reached.

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