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A List of 55 Really Fun Things To Do on a Plane

A List of 55 Really Fun Things To Do on a Plane

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Traveling is inevitable if you want to enjoy your life.

In fact, traveling is inevitable for some people because their job requires them to be on the plane quite often.

Not everyone loves sitting on the plane for hours without doing anything.

Some people love seeing new places, but they don’t enjoy the process it takes to get there.

Whichever category you belong to, traveling doesn’t have to be boring.

And since there’s nothing you can do about it, you just have to find a way to enjoy your flight.

I have made a 60+ list of really fun things you can do on a plane (depending on your interests) so that you can enjoy your flight.

A List of 55 Things To Do on a Plane

1. Read a novel (me!)

 Things To Do on a Plane

Reading is always a great way to pass the time on a plane.

From the classics to modern bestsellers, there’s something for everyone. 

2. Listen to music or audiobooks through headphones

If reading isn’t your thing, then listening to some tunes could help you relax and enjoy the flight.

Audiobooks are also an option if you prefer that over music. 

3. Play games on your phone, laptop or tablet

From simple puzzle games to more complex ones, there’s something for everyone.

You could even join an online tournament if you wanted to compete with others. 

4. Watch a movie or TV show on your laptop or tablet

If watching movies on the plane is allowed (check with your airline), you could watch something to help pass the time.

TV shows are also an option if that’s more your style. 

5. Catch up on emails or other work 

You may not be able to do this one, depending on the airline, but if there is Wi-Fi available, then it can be a great way to stay productive and make use of the time.

6. Read a book or magazine

Whether you bring something physical or download a digital version, reading can help pass the time and also give your mind something to focus on. 

7. Meditate or practice mindfulness

This is an excellent way to relax and ground yourself before a flight, especially if you’re feeling anxious about flying. 

You could try some simple breathing or visualization exercises, as well as meditation apps that can help you stay focused and present. 

8. Listen to podcasts

Podcasts are great for learning something new or simply escaping from reality for a while. 

9. Sleep

 Things To Do on a Plane

If you want to rest and relax, then try sleeping during the flight. 

It will make the time go much faster, and you’ll arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready for your next adventure. 

10. Work on a project or task

For those who are looking to stay productive onboard a plane, it’s possible to work on projects or tasks. 

Bring your laptop and get some work done, or use the flight as an opportunity to brainstorm new ideas. 

11. Think and meditate 

What a great thing to do while in the skies!

You could come up with a really great idea that could change the world).

12. Start a conversation/socialize with your seat partner

Talking to your seat partner can be a great way to pass the time, and you might even learn something new. 

Just remember to be mindful of their comfort level and only start a conversation if they seem interested in it. 

13. Talk with your spouse/partner, colleague, or whoever you are traveling with

 Things To Do on a Plane

Even if you don’t have a seat partner, talking with your travel companion(s) can be fun and helpful for passing the time. 

You can talk about old memories or dreams for the future – whatever comes to mind! 

14. Write

I do this.

I write blog posts, social media posts, or stories that come to mind during my travels. 

It’s a great way to pass the time and also be productive as a content writer when on the go. 

15. Draft messages and emails

If you don’t feel like writing an entire blog post or story, you can draft messages and emails. 

This is a great way to stay in touch with your network, catch up on work tasks, or even just write notes for yourself. 

You never know when inspiration will hit.

16. Draft your goals

When you’re traveling, it’s the perfect time to reflect on where you want to go in life. 

Draft your goals and aspirations for yourself – be they career or personal related. 

You can review them later when you have more time to plan.

Writing them down will help ensure they don’t get forgotten. 

17. Play a game

Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from work and just relax by playing games while flying. 

18. Compose a song

If you’re feeling creative, why not compose a song? 

You can write down the lyrics or record yourself singing. 

It’s a great way to pass the time and let your inner artist express themselves. 

19. Reminisce about the good pasts, i.e., relive good memories

Take a moment to think about the good times and memories you’ve had in your life, and allow yourself to smile. 

It can be fun to look back at old photos or videos of yourself that will help you remember those happy moments. 

20. Pray (yes, talk to God!)

Prayer can be a powerful way to release stress and connect with your spirituality. 

Take some time to communicate your thoughts, concerns, and dreams to the Lord. 

You may find that it’s just what you need to bring you peace in the midst of the flight. 

21. Study the Bible

If you’re a Christian, reading the Bible is an excellent way to spend your flight. 

The Bible can provide comfort and guidance in times of turbulence – both literal and figurative. 

You may even find yourself drawn to passages that seem to be speaking directly to your current situation, offering insight into ways God is at work in your life. 

22. Enjoy the beautiful nature around you

When all else fails, marvel at the incredible beauty of the sky. 

Take a moment to appreciate how small and insignificant you are within this big expanse of blue sky before you. 

Look down upon cities, clouds, mountains, rivers, and more – each with its own unique story. 

23. Draw pictures

Art can be a great way to pass the time.

You can draw whatever you want – from abstract shapes and figures to an exact replica of what you’re looking at out the window.

It’s also a great way to express your feelings without having to say anything. 

24. Plan your next trip

Sometimes, the best escape is to plan a trip somewhere new. 

Look up exciting places you’ve never been and make a list of all the things you’d like to do when you get there. 

25. Take pictures of yourself and the skies

 Things To Do on a Plane

Capture the moment and take a picture of yourself with the sky as your backdrop. 

It’s sure to be an image you’ll cherish for years to come. 

You could also snap photos of clouds, sunsets, and starry nights – anything that catches your eye! 

26. Draft a meeting agenda

Whether it’s for work or for an organization you’re involved in, writing out a meeting agenda is a great way to stay focused and organized. 

Think about what topics need to be discussed, who should lead each discussion, how long each topic should last, and what action items need to be completed afterward. 

27. Learn a few words in the local language

If you’re traveling abroad, why not take a moment to learn a few words or phrases in the local language? 

You don’t have to become fluent, but just knowing how to say basic things like ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ can go a long way. 

It’s a great way to show the locals that you respect their culture. 

28. Come up with blog post ideas

Many bloggers use their spare time to come up with ideas for future blog posts. 

It’s a great way to stay on top of ever-changing trends and themes while also giving you some content ideas that you can flesh out later when you have more time. 

29. Fantasize

Yes, travel in your mind while you travel in the space.

Double traveling!

30. Plan out activities for your current trip

If you’re already traveling, why not use some of the time to plan out activities for the rest of your trip? 

Go online and research local attractions, restaurants, bars, and events.

Planning ahead will help ensure that you get the most out of your holiday and don’t miss anything important. 

31. Watch a movie set in the country you’re visiting

Watching a movie set in the country or city you’re visiting is a great way to get familiar with the culture and feel the local vibe. 

It might even give you some new ideas for places to visit or activities to try out while there. 

32. Take a digital photography class

Taking a digital photography class is a great way to learn how to capture the beauty of your travels. 

You’ll gain a new skill and leave with beautiful photos to remember your journey by. 

33. Write a poem/letter to yourself

Writing a poem or letter to yourself during your travels is a great way to reflect on your experience and remember the journey you embarked on. 

34. Knit or crochet something

Knitting or crocheting is a therapeutic and a nice way to relax on a flight. 

You can also create something unique for your travels or a souvenir to remember them by. 

35. Watch comedy skits or stand-up comedy

Watching comedy can help you take your mind off things and bring a smile to your face. 

You can watch clips on YouTube, Netflix, or any other streaming service for some light-hearted entertainment during your travels. 

36. Go through your gallery to view pictures and videos

Going through your gallery and reliving memories as you fly is a great way to pass the time.

37. Come up with new recipes and ideas

Whether you like to cook or bake, it’s always fun to come up with new recipes and ideas on a flight. 

Think of creative ways to use ingredients in your pantry or different takes on popular dishes. 

38. Makeup or try new makeup products

If you enjoy makeup or want to try new products, you can experiment with different looks while in the air. 

39. Plan a surprise birthday for your partner, friend, or spouse

What better way to surprise someone than planning a special birthday celebration? 

Think of gift ideas and create a plan for the day that will make your loved one feel special. 

40. Create music playlists for different moods and activities

Creating music playlists is always fun, so why not do it on your flight? 

Curate lists for different activities such as studying, exercising, or just relaxing. 

You can even make a list of your favorite songs to get you through the flight.

41. Catch up on reading material and articles

Take advantage of the extra time on a flight to catch up with what you haven’t had time for. 

Read some interesting articles online or start that book you’ve been wanting to get around to. 

42. Draft your CV or cover letter

Use the flight time to whip up or update your CV or cover letter. 

It’s a great way to use the extra time productively and make sure you’re ready for any potential job opportunities. 

43. Do a review of the year

Take some time to reflect and review the year you have had so far. 

What have you achieved, what mistakes did you make, and what would you like to do differently in the next 6 months? 

These reflections can help guide your decisions going forward. 

44. Learn a skill online

 Things To Do on a Plane

You can learn almost anything on YouTube. 

Take the time to pick up a new skill – dance, coding, baking, speaking a language. 

All these skills can have multiple applications in your personal and professional life. 

45. Do some online shopping 

Don’t forget to take advantage of all the online deals and discounts available. 

Grab a bargain or two and save some money.

46. Do online window shopping

If you’re not in the mood to buy, window shop online. 

Browse through your favorite stores and get inspired by their products. 

You might even find some items that you’d like to add to your wishlist for later.

47. Plan out your meals for the week 

You don’t have to slave over a hot stove every single night. 

Get creative with food preparation and plan out your meals for the week. 

This will save you time and money in the long run. 

48. Take online classes or tutorials 

These days, there are tons of free courses and tutorials available online. 

Learn something new and expand your knowledge with online classes or tutorials from reputable websites like Coursera, Udemy, or Khan Academy. 

You never know what doors this could open for you in the future. 

49. Book an appointment

It doesn’t matter if it’s a dentist appointment, massage appointment, or something else. 

Book an appointment for something you’ve been putting off and get it checked off your list. 

You’ll feel much better mentally after having taken care of that task. 

50. Read for an exam

Are you getting ready for an exam? 

You can read while on the plane.

51. Plan date night ideas

Even while on the plane,  you can come up with ideas for date night. 

Write down some activities or restaurants that will make your partner happy. 

52. Write out relationship goals

Whether you’re in a new relationship, an old one, or married, it’s always a great idea to think about the future and write out some goals that you can work on together. 

53. Fill in your diary/journal

Flying is a great time to write in your diary or journal and reflect on the past few days. 

You can also write down your thoughts, feelings, hopes, and dreams. 

54. Write a letter to someone you miss

Are there people in your life that you haven’t seen in a while? 

Write them a letter and tell them how much they mean to you.

55. Prepare for an interview

The airplane is a great time to prepare for an upcoming job interview. 

Write out answers to different potential questions, research the company, and practice your handshake. 


I hope you found this list helpful.

What do you do on the plane? 

Things To Do on a Plane

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