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60+ List of Really Fun Things You Can Do on a Plane

60+ List of Really Fun Things You Can Do on a Plane

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Traveling is inevitable if you want to enjoy your life.

In fact, traveling is inevitable for some people because their job requires them to be on the plane quite often.

Not everyone loves sitting on the plane for hours without doing anything.

Some people love seeing new places but they don’t enjoy the process it takes to get there.

Whichever category you belong to, traveling doesn’t have to be boring. And since there’s nothing you can do about it, you just have to find a way to enjoy your flight.

I have made a 60+ list of really fun things you can do on a plane (depending on your interests) so that you can enjoy your flight.

A List of Things You can Do on a Plane

  • read a novel (me!)
  • think and meditate –  (what a great thing to do while in the skies. You could come up with a really great idea that could change the world).
  • sleep
  • start a conversation/socialize with your seat partner (be sure your seat partner really wants to talk)
  • talk with your spouse/partner, colleague, or whoever you are traveling with
  • write (this is me! I write blog posts, social media posts or stories)
  • draft messages and emails
  • respond to pending messages
  • draft your goals
  • eat
  • compose a song
  • reminisce about the good pasts i.e relive good memories
  • pray (yes, talk to God!)
  • study the Bible
  • watch a movie
  • complete a task
  • enjoy the beautiful nature
  • draw
  • write out your traveling experience
  • come up with new designs
  • play games
  • listen to messages/speeches/talks
  • plan your next trip
  • take pictures of yourself and the skies (I do this!)
  • draft a meeting
  • come up with blog post ideas
  • fantasize (Yes, travel in your mind while you travel in the space. Double traveling)
  • make a list of things you want to achieve before your next birthday
  • plan out activities for your current trip
  • write a poem/letter
  • make a jewellery piece
  • knit
  • watch comedy skits
  • go through your gallery to view pictures and videos
  • come up with new recipes
  • draft course outline for your blog
  • makeup or try new makeup products
  • braid your hair
  • plan your next birthday
  • plan a surprise birthday for your partner, friend or spouse
  • draft your CV or cover letter
  • read blog posts
  • surf the internet
  • do a review of the year
  • learn a skill online (You can learn almost anything on YouTube!)
  • learn a new recipe
  • do online window shopping
  • shop online
  • make a list of the things you need
  • book an appointment
  • read for an exam
  • make a grocery list
  • plan activities for the kids
  • plan date night ideas
  • write out relationship goals
  • fill in your diary
  • prepare for an interview
  • write your to-do list
  • meet deadlines

I’ll keep updating this list as I have more points.

I hope you found this list helpful.

What do you do on the plane? 

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