Savage Replies to, "Why Are You Not Married?"

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No matter how much you try to mind your business, some nosy people will not let you be, especially nosy family members, colleagues, and not too close friends.
They always want to know what is going on in your life especially your love life.
While some people ask out of concern and love, a lot of them ask out of mere meddling in your business. I wonder why they are never concerned about your business, education or your life goals, but always about you are dating.
This isn’t funny because it constitutes pressure, no matter how subtle, especially if you are due for marriage. Some people need to learn boundaries the hard way.
Below are suggestions of savage replies to nosy people who ask, ‘Why are you not married?”
“Your marriage is an inspiration to stay single” – Princess
“Because your husband has refused to take me in as the second wife.” – Vivian
“No amount of savage response can stop people from asking this question. If you like point a gun to their head, they’ll still ask you.”- Tunji
“Because I don’t want to make the same mistake you made.” – Zainab
“I’m waiting for your daughter to divorce her husband so I can marry him.” Favour
“But is it really a bad question to ask?” – Benny
“Because I can not be married and not be busy minding my business like you” – Ashabi
“Nothing, it is not like I am the one fading your ring.” – Morenike
”Money for the wedding is yet to complete.” – Kehinde
“Truth is, this question will always come up especially if you’re due for marriage. Don’t be surprised, some of the people commenting here will also ask same question. However, we should not be pained when we’re asked but our response will go along way shunning those who deem fit to pester us with such question, or it’ll give room for them to press further thus asking more questions relating to marriage.
When being asked why I’m not yet married, I respond to them what they ought to know and not what’s on my mind.
A lot of people are not yet married not because suitors are not available but some because they don’t just wanna marry just any person.” – Victor
“Because I am single.” – Ajibike
“Some of those who ask this question ask out of concern and love” – Adebayo
“Why are you still broke?” – Oge
”Because I don’t want to” – Cindarella
“Because of village people like you.” – Charles
“I am married to Jesus.”- Henry
“I just say I haven’t gotten round to it yet.”- HisgraceAboundstome
“You wanna give me your sister?” – Samuel
“I’m waiting for your husband to leave you for me.”  – Ronke
“Have I ever borrowed your husband to a party?”- Borha
“Because I don’t want to wear cheap wedding gown and use facebook filters as make up after wedding.” – Temilola
“Because I don’t want to end up like you.” Tolulope
“Because I’m waiting for your ancestors.” Modupe
“I am waiting for your father to propose to me.” Abimbola
“I don’t want to be miserable like you.”- Omobukola
“Why are you bothering me!! – Atinuke
I hope people will learn to mind their business when are forced to understand boundaries.

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