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COUPLE INTERVIEW: ''He is sensitive and insensitive!''

COUPLE INTERVIEW: ''He is sensitive and insensitive!''

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Dolapo, a biochemist, makeup artist, and PhD student at Hiroshima University, is married to Michael, a University lecturer. Enjoy their love story….

How long have you been married? 

2 years

How did you meet?

Michael: In Uni through a friend. 

Dolapo: Hmm, it’s quite a long story with spiritual backing but I’ll summarize it. 

We met through a friend/in school, FUTA to be precise. I was an undergraduate and he was serving then but he came to greet my friend whose boyfriend was his friend. 

Before then, my friend was always telling me about one good guy she wanted to match-make me with because I’m a good girl and we would make a perfect match, but I wasn’t interested, 

I met him when he came visiting with my friend’s boyfriend. I still wasn’t interested or attracted to him.

A year or two later, he had become a lecturer and we bumped into each other on our faculty staircase. He introduced himself to remind me but surprisingly I couldn’t remember him. 

This happened several times till one day, God opened my eyes to know him and that day, I said ‘oh yes! I remember you! Lol.

My husband said that was gonna be the last time he was going to speak to me or stop trying to remind me of him again. God saved me that day, I for miss am. 

In a few words, describe your spouse and how he/she complements you. 

Michael: She is more outspoken than I am. She takes care of me more than I can take care of myself.

Dolapo: My husband has a very patient and quiet personality. He doesn’t talk much but since he met me, he talks twice of what he used to before. Lol. 

He complements me perfectly in many ways. I call him my opposite. I’m very playful and sometimes ‘unserious’, he’s the very serious and focused one. I’m a goalsetter, he’s a goal getter. If not God through him in my life ehn…

What (pet)name do you call your spouse? 

Michael: Babe. 

Dolapo: When you know us or I call him in your presence, you’ll know. It’s my-not-so secret code. 

What do you wish your spouse improves on? 

Michael: Her temperament and choice of words in expressing herself. 

Dolapo: Insensitivity and Sensitivity. 

He can be so insensitive to things concerning emotions and it’s annoying. Must I tell him everything before he knows? 

I’ll be gloomy and my husband will ask – what’s wrong? I’ll say ‘nothing’ and he’ll leave it at that. 

He needs to know what I mean, like he should even try and make some effort to pester and pamper me and know I’m not so fine. But no, his ‘overseriousness’ won’t let him. I know you’ll call that being dramatic but that’s me. Lol. 

While he’s too sensitive to rules and regulations. He should try and loosen up. I’m sure if they make a rule that couples shouldn’t have s*x after 6pm, my husband will obey. Things that are not so serious, he takes them too seriously, *Side eye*

Which country would you like to visit together?

Michael: U.S.A. 

Dolapo: Dubai, Paris, Maldives, Greece.

What were the challenges you faced in the first year of your marriage? 

Michael: Can’t really point out anything serious. 

: No challenge in the first year, second year was challenging. 

What do you enjoy doing with your spouse? 

Michael: Watching movies together.

Dolapo: Cuddling

What has marriage changed about you?  

Michael: Patience and sense of commitment. 

Dolapo: I’m still changing. 

What was the happiest moment you’ve had with your spouse? 

Michael: When we had our child. Our honeymoon. 

Dolapo: Many happy moments but the birth of our son is still the most memorable one. 

What was the saddest moment you’ve had with your spouse? 

: Arguing less than 5 mins after having our first car together.

Dolapo: When we quarrel.

What are the most important lessons you’ve learnt in marriage so far? 

: Patience, love and support for each other.

: You need God in your home. 
Communication and understanding, very important. 

When you have a misunderstanding, at that moment, it will seem like your spouse is the worst ever and a mistake. Just breathe, you’ll find out after making up that it isn’t that serious if you just breathe and let go. 

Do you know the password
s to each other’s devices? 

Michael: Yes. 

Dolapo: Yes. 

Is there anything you cannot forgive your spouse for? 

Michael: Not sure, if she is willing to change from such.
Dolapo: As a Christian, nothing. 

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Esther Adeniyi

Saturday 31st of March 2018

I enjoyed this interview. The wife is more outspoken true true. Ahahahahahahahaaaa... Always gave twice the answer her husband gave.

What I learned from this is that when you have a misunderstanding, breathe, just breathe. I felt so relieved when she said that during a misunderstanding, you'll feel like your partner is a mistake. I usually feel that too but after a resolution, I come to realize that it wasn't that serious.