Epidural for Labour : Women Share their Experiences

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Becoming a parent is a great thing, and a baby is one of life’s most precious gifts. While childbirth should be an adventurous and beautiful experience, the anticipated pain can cause great anxiety for pregnant women and their significant other. 
However, with an epidural, labour can be painless.
While some women opt for an epidural (medicated labour) in order to enjoy a painless labour, some want to go all the way natural.
It’s all a matter of choice, as long as you can bear it.
I asked moms about their experience with epidural for labour because I’m all about real life stories. 
Read their responses below: 
”Yes, and it was sweet all the way. Saves you so much pain, no story of exhaustion, etc. You can even read a book during labour. That’s the best bet if your threshold for pain is really small, baby is head down, and the doctor has given an all clear for vaginal delivery” – Yewande
”Yes, for all 3 deliveries and I will do it again if I had to. It was a good experience. I slept and when it was time to push the nurses woke me up. With baby #1, I initially didn’t want epidural. My mum was there saying she had 5 of us without epidural. But when the pain hit, I arched my back and told them where to stick the needle. LOL. With the remaining 2, I walked in asking for it. Labor does not have to be painful.”  –Cinderella
”My next delivery is going to be with an epidural. I am yet to recover from the psychological trauma of the labour pain of my last delivery even after 3 years.” – Vera
”Yup; getting it in was tough but it only lasted a short while, after that I was floating in the clouds ?. Just go to a proper hospital; wrong administration can cause great damage.” – Sekemi
”Yeah,I had it…it was fun all through my labour.” – Opeyemi
”I’m torn between fear of the needle that will go into the spine and happiness that there is a relief for labour.” – Erowo
” My wife had epidural during first labour. It was ok. Nothing to worry about.” – Boavintura
” Mine was funny. Number one baby, yes.. It was blissful and stopped the pain. I was told when to push. Second baby, I delayed too much before I got to d hospital. I went in shouting for it, but was told it was too late, I had to push and baby was out in less than one hour. But I saw heaven and earth at the same time. It took 5 people to hold me and help me push. It was the fastest delivery but the most indescribable pain. Baby number 3, I thought I could hold off because, after insurance payment, it cost me $1000  for it. I was thinking about d money…lol… When the pain was unbearable, I called for it. But as they were putting it in, I had the urge to push. Immediately she removed the needle, I laid down and birth my baby. I was so mad, all that for nothing. I am still paying that bill.” – Enite
”Wonderful experience. If i will give birth again, I will surely go for it again and again. No side effects, nothing nothing.” – Jovial
”Had it for my first, it was bliss. Was looking forward to having it for my second but she came too fast. I didn’t even push, she literally just came out, I barely made it to a bed let alone get an epidural. Labour pain is no joke, that’s all I can say. I am team epidural all day, every day…there really is nothing to prove.” – Vera
”God knows I can’t bear pain. My labour was divine, no epidural but 45 minutes of nagging God & He just did it Himself. I pray this next one should be brief too.” Tega
Even though getting an epidural has its own side effects, some women would choose getting an epidural over and over again. Pain isn’t bliss after all.

Sharing is caring!

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