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How To Be A Good Girlfriend In A Long Distance Relationship

How To Be A Good Girlfriend In A Long Distance Relationship

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If maintaining a relationship is hard, maintaining a long-distance relationship is harder.

Long-distance relationships are more demanding because they require extra intentionality.

As a lady, researching how to be a good girlfriend in a long-distance relationship is important because for any long-distance relationship to be successful, both parties must put in extra effort.

Many long-distance relationships end not because they couldn’t succeed but because the people in the association failed to do the necessary work.

Your long-distance relationship can thrive and be successful when it is done rightly.

14 Ways To Be A Good Girlfriend In A Long-Distance Relationship

1. Call Often

How To Be A Good Girlfriend In Long Distance Relationship

To be a good girlfriend in your long-distance relationship, you must be willing to call your boyfriend often.

Communication is like the oxygen every relationship thrives on, and since you cannot communicate physically, making frequent calls is the next best thing.

Do not let your boyfriend do the calling all the time.

Put in the effort as well

it is also important for you to be open to other forms of communication in your relationship as time passes and the dynamics of your life and that of your boyfriend changes

For instance, if you were not open to FaceTime or video calls, you should begin to get comfortable with the idea and even initiate such calls.

2. Stay Faithful And Committed

If you want to be a good girlfriend in your long-distance relationship, you must make up your mind to stay committed to your partner.

Out of sight is out of mind for many people, but that should not be the case with you.

You must remain faithful and committed to your partner even in his absence.

It is important that your partner is also trustworthy, and you are certain to a large extent that he is also faithful and committed to you where he is.

Avoid being in situations that can make you compromise or get too close to other people, which can lead to cheating on your partner.

You must remain committed to your partner as if they were present.

3. Be there For Your Boyfriend

How To Be A Good Girlfriend In Long Distance Relationship

Our emotional needs are one of our greatest needs, and thankfully, even with the distance, you can fulfil emotional needs to great extents.

To be a good girlfriend in a long-distance relationship, try to be there for your boyfriend, especially when he needs you.

Show him that you care and are always available to listen to him.

Be the listening ear he needs and the shoulder he can lean on when needed.

4. Constantly Reassure Your Partner

In a long-distance relationship, it is easy for things like doubts to creep in, even in a healthy relationship.

A good girlfriend makes it a duty to frequently reassure her partner of her love and commitment to him.

She does not leave him in the dark about where he stands in her life, and he never has a reason to doubt her commitment to him.

Making your boyfriend feel confident and reassured of your love for him will also make your relationship strong and more solidified.

5. Appreciate Your Partner

A good girlfriend in a long-distance relationship always appreciates her partner.

She shows him gratitude for his efforts and commitment to the relationship.

Of course, for you to appreciate your boyfriend, he must have done things worthy of appreciation.

Pay attention to his good and kind deeds, and show him gratitude for them.

Let him feel appreciated and loved in the relationship.

6. Send Texts

Sending sweet text messages is another way to be a good girlfriend in a long-distance relationship.

You do not need a special occasion before you can send your boyfriend a sweet text message.

Catch him unawares by sending exciting text messages to him occasionally.

This will help endear him towards you even more, making the distance slightly closer.

7. Support Your Partner’s Interests

While you may not be physically present to be involved in your partner’s interests, you can still support him over the distance.

To be a good girlfriend in your long-distance relationship, be genuinely interested in what your partner is involved in and support them.

You can do this by offering wise advice, listening to him, talking about his interests, sending opportunities his way, financially contributing or referring to people who need his services.

A good girlfriend knows that, although she cannot physically be there for her partner, she can explore other options to be there for him.

8. Find Ways To Hang out Over The Distance

How To Be A Good Girlfriend In Long Distance Relationship

As a good girlfriend in a long-distance relationship, you must be intentional enough to suggest and even schedule nice dates over the distance.

You may not be able to go out to dinner together because you are in different physical locations, but you can find other ways to hang out over the distance.

Suggest a virtual movie date, games night, or just a time of talking and catching up over the phone or via FaceTime.

9. Learn How To Communicate Over A Distance

Physical communication and communication over the phone are two different things.

What may be perfectly understood when said physically by your partner can be easily misunderstood and misrepresented when told over the phone.

People in long-distance relationships must learn the dynamics of communicating over distance.

You should listen more carefully and ask questions when you do not understand what was said.

10. Give Him The Benefit Of The Doubt.

Do not be quick to jump into conclusions when you do not understand something your partner said or did.

Due to the distance, many things can be misunderstood or not adequately communicated.

You must form a habit of creating excuses for your boyfriend when you have not been able to communicate with him yet or do not understand what he is doing.

By all means, seek clarity and try to understand what he did by communicating with him immediately after you get the chance, but before that happens, give him the benefit of the doubt.

11. Be Patient And Understanding

How To Be A Good Girlfriend In Long Distance Relationship


Long-distance relationships require a lot of patience and understanding from both parties.

Because you are not physically together, things may not be as smooth and fast as you want.

Patience and understanding must be your closest friends.

12. Don’t Bombard Him With Texts

How To Be A Good Girlfriend In Long Distance Relationship

Love bombing your partner is one mistake you must not make as a good girlfriend in your long-distance relationship.

While you may miss him a lot and desire to pour all your love on him as often as possible – depending on your personality – it is crucial to watch it to avoid being seen as doing too much, especially if you have a busy partner.

Understand your partner and his personality as well.

Is he capable of receiving all the love you want to pour without feeling overwhelmed?

13. Be Positive

How To Be A Good Girlfriend In Long Distance Relationship


You can not be a good girlfriend if you are constantly pessimistic about your relationship.

Long distance relationships can be challenging sometimes, but if you love each other and are committed to making the relationship work, you must remain positive and enthusiastic about the relationship.

14. Plan Towards A Physical Meeting

How To Be A Good Girlfriend In Long Distance Relationship

Your relationship does not have to remain long-distance forever.

As a good girlfriend, seek opportunities to plan for a physical meeting.

And if there are opportunities to end the distance, and be together with your boyfriend, explore those as well.


Final Thoughts

It is important to note that it takes the willing participation of the two people in the relationship for any relationship to work, particularly a long-distance relationship.

So while it is essential to be a good girlfriend in a long-distance relationship, it is more important to do so with a partner who is also a good boyfriend.

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