"Motherhood is exhausting!" Blessing says.

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It’s so good to have Blessing, a mother of three cuties on the blog today. Enjoy her interview :
What are your three favourite motherhood quotes (from experience maybe)? ?
Thank you Mabel for this opportunity.
*It is okay to be selfish and pamper yourself sometimes, you need to stay alive to take care of your kids.
*Mothers are gods.
*You can’t always please your children and it’s completely okay.
What do you do and how long have you been a mum?
I am a Psychologist and a caterer. I also run a mentorship organization for girls, though not legally recognized at the moment. I’ve been a mum for 5 years and 5 months.
How many cuties do you have?
I’ve got three cuties.
What did you like about being pregnant?
See ehn, nothing! I totally hate being pregnant.
What did you hate about being pregnant?
Everything. The fact that I lose my freedom. I can’t eat, sleep or do anything as I used to. I can’t even perceive small aroma in peace. And the anxiety that comes with it.
What do you wish you had known before you got pregnant?
If I had known that pregnancy makes one react to the smell of spicy foods, it would have been a lot easier for me. It took a while before I understood it was my hormones reacting to smell and taste.
What items did you buy as a new mum that you didn’t end up using?
Baby cot. Used it just for two weeks for my first baby and that was the end. It’s been packed in its bag ever since.
Motherhood quotes and interview
How do you bond with your kids?
We do “story story”. I ask them to tell me a story and they take turns to do that, most times they end up sharing something that never happened. Like we used to say when we were small ‘forge forge’ ?. Sometimes we watch their favorite cartoon channel together and talk about the different characters.
What’s your typical day like as a mum?
Meetings. Deliveries. Counseling. Home again.
What are your panic moments as a mum?
When my kids are playing! My son especially is more hyperactive than his sisters, I literally keep my eyes on him cos it feels like he’s going to get badly injured if I blink an eye. Then when they are sick, especially my last baby who’s allergic to cold weather.
What did you wish you known before becoming a mum?
I wish I had known that I’d be needing a trailer load of patience?
What do you like about being a mum?
The feeling is just cute. Sometimes I laugh my heart out when I hear them call me “mummy”, it’s amusingly cute. Like, these are my children for real? Idonbilivit! ?
Motherhood quotes and interview
Some people are of the opinion that marriage and motherhood makes it difficult for women to achieve their dreams. What do you think?
Yes. Women in general already have to double their game to get to where men can easily get to. With motherhood, it becomes a bit difficult because most often than not the kids look up to you and expect you to be there for them ALL the time. With an understanding spouse, things won’t be as difficult as it sounds anyway. But then the society does not even help matters. Organizations and companies lay off expectant or nursing mothers. The fact that so many families are not ready to outsource chores is a problem especially where the man holds 9-5 job. The woman is forced trade career for the home front.
What makes you feel guilty as a mum?
Lol. When I hide to eat and not give my children.
Do you spare the rod for your kids?
I don’t have a cane in my house. I beat on impulse though. You know how you just slap a child anywhere your hand finds at that particular moment s/he misbehaves, that’s all. The rest of the time I talk and shout too.
What are the challenges you experience as a mum and how do you manage them?
Primary challenge is the inability to do everything I wish to do. So I have a talk with myself and remind myself that with motherhood comes sacrifice and if I have to forgo an event, a dress, shoe, watching my desired TV channel, sleeping comfortably on my bed etc, just so my kids would be happy then so be it. A little compromise never hurt anyone.
On their part, getting them to listen and adhere to my instructions is a herculean task. One minute they’re saying “okay mummy” and the next minute they are exactly where I said they shouldn’t be. Or doing something I asked them not to do. Every time they do this I take away a certain privilege and maintain it so they’ll learn. They’re gradually learning to be completely obedient.
How do you juggle motherhood, your career, your social life, and spiritual life?
I try my best to allocate time to everything. When the kids leave for school and I’m not going to work, I stay at home and do my Bible reading and prayers on days I want to. I socialize via social media from the comfort of my home. I’m not used to hanging out with friends, so when I’m not busy working, I’m in my house. But I regularly take myself out to cool places and this happens mostly on school days while the kids are at school.
Motherhood quotes and interview
How has motherhood influenced your marriage?
My husband feels same way I feel about being a mum. For him being a dad is a great privilege that he does not joke with. I wouldn’t know what our marriage would have looked like by now without kids but I sure know that we share a stronger bond now courtesy of the kids. He feels he owes me for bringing the kids and this makes him to constantly appreciate me for birthing them. Then again, sometimes we disagree over parenting strategies, he wants to be all cool with them and I want to be the typical Nigerian mummy, bulldozing everywhere?
What has motherhood changed about you?
I’ve learnt patience by force?. I mean that’s the only way to do it else you’ll either run mad or kill the kids?. Then I lost my fine hour glass figure and the slim me?.
Please, give three pieces of advice to mothers.
I see a lot of selfish mothers who are always on point and up to date with their fashion but having hungry looking kids at home. Please mothers, take care of your kids. You mustn’t wear the latest fabric or dress, shoe, hair etc while your children lacks their own clothing.
Be patient with your kids. I know they can be very annoying at some point, but be patient with them.
Please if you have kids who are picky with food, endeavor to encourage them to eat. Motivate them too, you stand to gain nothing by having kids who starve all day.
Learn to bond with your kids. Spend time with them. Find out what is going on in their lives. What school is like each day. Who their friends are.
Describe motherhood in one word.
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