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''I never wanted to marry a white man,'' says Kathryne

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I’ve always wondered at interracial marriages. How do the couples build a marriage together despite their different cultures? What about the kids?
So it’s a great pleasure to have this amazing couple, Ingi and Kathryne Kirke on this segment. Ingi works with a Pharmaceutical company while Kathryne is a nursing student, a gospel minister, and a YouTuber.

Enjoy their interview:
How did you meet?
We met in Bible school
What attracted you to her/him?
Kathryne : I was attracted by Ingi’s jokes but also his quiet nature. He used to give me chocolate every day even before the relationship started.
Ingi : I was attracted By Kathryne’s undeniable beauty and her pretend shyness.
What qualities do you admire most in her/him?
Ingi: Her hunger for God and her intense focus on God.
Kathryne: Ingi’s gentle nature and selfless character.
How did you know he/she is the one?
Kathryne: I didn’t know he was the one. I first knew after 7 years that he was the one.
Ingi: I didn’t know how I knew, but I just knew. Thinking about a lifetime with someone I just knew it was her. My mom’s reaction towards her was all the confirmation I needed.
Was there any opposition to getting married?
There was no opposition except from Kathryne who never wanted to get married to a white man because of the phobia she had of interracial marriages and culture clash.
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What did you wish you had known before getting married?
Ingi: I wish  I had sisters so that it would have given me an idea of how women react.
Kathryne: I wish I would have known that there is real love and men who are not afraid to love. (now I know!!)
How do you keep love alive in your marriage especially with having kids and living in Europe?
We do everything together, especially because none of us has extended family in Denmark. It creates a strong bond, because we are each other’s best friend, confidant, prayer partner, simply everything!
What do you want your spouse to improve on?
Kathryne: I would love it if my husband was more open and talked more.
Ingi: I wish my wife would shut up sometimes!!hahahaha!
Your marriage is interracial, does it affect your marriage in any way? If yes, how?
No, our interracial marriage doesn’t affect our marriage. One thing that attracted me to my husband was that the Faroese culture is so much like ours. Family comes first. And all else comes to a stop when people get married and it’s just the two people who are married. Another thing is; we did not come into our marriage with ulterior motives. My motives were pure, and my husband’s motives were clear. We just wanted to settle down and build a home together.
Raising Christian kids in Denmark is not a walk in the park. How were/are you able to achieve this feat?
We are always together on every page; discipline, teaching them, choice of schools, plans for their future and how we want our home to be. It makes it easier that we do not have to bring in our different cultures in raising kids, and we do not have to compromise our deep founded faith in God. And we think that the fact that we do not have extended family here; we have become our children’s everything; playmates, disciplinarians, chefs, prayer partners and they know that we are there for them. We do not go anywhere without them and we don’t do anything without them. They are involved in some of the decision making in our home.

What is the happiest moment in your marriage so far?
Our happiest moment is when we found out that we wanted to do ministry together. When our goals started melting and being moulded to become as one.
What are the challenges peculiar to your marriage?
How to bring our personalities to their full potential especially in ministry without either of us compromising who we are individually.
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How has marriage changed you?
Kathryne: Marriage has made me more tolerant. It has made me learn how to give room to other people. To know when to talk and when to just relax. Above all I have learnt what love is.
Ingi: Marriage has taught me that my spouse is not a mind reader and that if I have a need that I need met, then I have to actually communicate , sometimes with words. I found out that secrets are a no go zone in a marital relationship.
Some people opine that the first two years of marriage are the hardest. Do you agree? If yes, what were your coping tips?
Yes, the first years of our marriage were difficult, because we each had to offload our various baggage. Kathryne had to understand that Ingi was for her and not against her and this helped solve a lot of issues. Especially issues of insecurities on Kathryne’s part.
In your own opinion, what are the ingredients of a successful marriage?
Always be on the same page about everything. Desire the same goals, desire the same outcome. And above all trust.
Complete this sentence:Marriage is ——
the best thing God ever made.
God bless your marriage!
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Tuesday 18th of June 2019

Lovely! Thanks for featuring their story.

Olubunmi Mabel

Tuesday 18th of June 2019

Thanks for reading!

Olajumoke Onifade

Wednesday 20th of March 2019

So sweet, more blessings on your home