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10 Simple but Amazing Ways I Enjoy Motherhood

10 Simple but Amazing Ways I Enjoy Motherhood

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Are there ways to enjoy motherhood? Like, can  one really enjoy motherhood? Because to be honest, motherhood is more work than fun.

Yes, babies are cute, but taking care of these cute little ones is a whole lot of work!

In the midst of so much to do within a limited time, is there time to really enjoy motherhood?

Sometimes, I feel twenty-four hours isn’t enough for me. Taking care of a baby is so time-consuming; before you know it, it’s dusk, and before you bat an eyelid, it’s dawn again.

While motherhood is work, I try to enjoy it in some simple but amazing ways. This doesn’t change the fact that I get tired and stressed or have little or no time for myself but it helps me to enjoy and endure the experience.

Here are 10 simple but amazing ways I enjoy motherhood:

1. Grateful for the gift of motherhood

Motherhood is a gift. Do you know that some people would give anything to have this gift? Having a heart of gratitude will help you to be positive through it all.

When you see motherhood as a privilege, you’ll be grateful to God for the gift of your baby, even though your eyes are puffy from lack of good sleep. I complain and grumble less whenever I choose to be grateful.

2. Take pictures

This is one of the simple but amazing ways I enjoy motherhood. I love to capture the moments because I know my child and I will appreciate them in years to come.

If you look through my phone gallery, you’ll see thousands of my baby’s/I and my baby’s pictures. In fact, I started taking her pictures right from the womb. LOL.

Now that she’s out and growing so fast, I take her pictures every now and then. I think I have more pictures of her than me. I take pictures of her when she’s sleeping, eating, talking, playing, standing, crawling etc…

A picture is better than a thousand words is a cliché that holds true when it comes to motherhood. Isn’t it better to show your child the first mess she made in the kitchen instead of describing it to her?

Another reason I love taking pictures is that I frequently go through my gallery and viewing her/our pictures brings smiles to my face and makes me grateful for the gift of motherhood.

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3. Record videos

Apart from taking pictures of my baby/my baby and me, I also record videos! It’s so much fun. I’m always quick to record videos of ordinary and great moments in order to save the memory.

And honestly, this is another way to make your child retain you in their memories because you’ll leave this earth one day.

4. Smile at my baby

I do this many times a day. I look at my daughter and we smile at each other. It has even become a routine. Whenever I smile at her, I’m always assured that I’d get a smile back.

My daughter has the most beautiful smile in the world and I’m never bored of seeing her smile. Her smile is usually the highlight of my day. It’s one of the things that make me feel blessed to be a mother.

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5. Sing for my baby

I can’t count the number of songs I’ve composed for my baby. I just sing spontaneously as I care for her and sometimes, I record the songs. I listen to them later and joy fills my heart.

Sometimes, my baby also makes some sounds and I take them to be her singing back. So, we turn it into a ‘karaoke‘! Hahaha.

6. Dance for her

I entertain my baby by dancing. I sing and dance and laugh and she enjoys it. She laughs and screams with joy. This simple but amazing way is how I enjoy motherhood.

7. I talk with my baby

I dialogue with my baby and sometimes record it. I usually talk to her like she understands me. Sometimes, she says something back, I interpret it for her and I reply. Yes, I my baby and I talk.

8. I play with my baby

Playing with my baby is one way I enjoy motherhood. I tickle her, throw her up, make funny faces, and she laughs.

The sound of her laughter gladens my heart and makes me appreciate the gift of motherhood.

9. I appreciate every developmental milestone she attains.

Each time my baby reaches a developmental milestone such as being able to sit down, crawl, stand, drink her smoothie by herself, I appreciate and capture it.

People tend to appreciate the normal when they experience the abnormal but I’d rather be grateful for the normal. Apart from that, its adventurous watching my baby do things she couldn’t do before.

I don’t take any of my baby’s firsts for granted.
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10. I talk with other mothers

The importance of support groups cannot be overemphasized. When you relate with people who are in the same shoes as you, you’ll not only develop a sense of belonging, you’ll learn from their experiences as well.

No one is an island. Relating with other mums helps me to appreciate the gift of motherhood.

So, these are ten simple but amazing ways I enjoy motherhood.
Are you a mum? In what ways do you enjoy motherhood?

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