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20 Sleeping Baby Commandments

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Babies are so cute when they are sleeping. But sometimes, in fact, most of the time, getting them to sleep is so much work.

And if your baby is a light sleeper like mine, oh, what can I say?

I say more power to your (our) elbow.

Last week, I wrote on my Facebook status that, ´´Transferring your sleeping baby from your hands onto her bed requires a high level of skill, heartfelt prayers, some minutes of breath holding, and quiet tiptoeing until you are out of the room. And if she wakes up, you feed her and repeat the process.”

The post got over 500 reactions and over 100 comments. It was relieving and fun to read the comments because a lot of people could relate.  

sleeping baby commandments

So, transferring your sleeping baby successfully from your hands onto her bed requires you to obey some commandments. Below are 20 commandments of getting your baby to sleep:

  1. Thou shall not sneeze.

2.  Thou shall not cough.
woman coughing
3. Thou shall hold thy breath until baby is sound asleep.

4. Thou shall not hit thy foot against an object.
5. Thou shall tiptoe like a thief in the night.
6. Thou shall not maintain eye contact with thy baby.

7. Thou shall pretend to be sleeping so that baby knows she’s not alone.

8. The bed shall not creak.

9. The wooden floor shall not creak.

10. The door shall not creak.

11. Your phone shall not ring or vibrate.

12. You and your spouse shall communicate only non-verbally.

13. Thou shall have your baby’s pacifier handy.


14. Thou shall not laugh.

15. Thou shall not chew.

16. The older ones must be kept away lest they scream your name.

17. Thou shall not make a phone call.

18. Thou shall place your baby in her bed with great dexterity.

19. Thou shall back up your effort with prayer.

20. And if all efforts prove futile, feed your baby and start all over again. LOL.

Sharing is caring!