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“My Husband Stares At Every Woman”: Why And What To Do About It

“My Husband Stares At Every Woman”: Why And What To Do About It

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If you have noticed that your husband stares at every woman or he stares at women a lot, you may feel very uncomfortable and even disrespected.

Understandably so.

Because nobody wants to be with their partner and see them staring at another person of the opposite sex.

Even in your absence, you do not want your partner staring at other women.

It’s just wrong and does not speak well of him.

If you’re wondering why this is so, I mean why he does what he does and what you can do about it.

Today, you’ll be getting answers and practical solutions.

Why Your Husband Stares At Every Woman: 6 Reasons

1. He is ignorant

My Husband Stares At Every Woman

If your husband stares at every woman or stares at women a lot, it could be because he’s ignorant.

Sometimes, people do things without being aware of their actions.

He may be staring out of curiosity and not even realize what he is doing.

Of course, this is not a great excuse for his actions, but it is a possibility.

Your husband may be staring at women because it has become his habit, and many times, he’s not even conscious of it.

2. He lacks self-control

My Husband Stares At Every Woman

If a man stares at every woman he sees, there is a high chance he lacks self-control.

Staring at anyone at all is not polite, how much more, staring at someone of the opposite sex when you’re married.

This habit can be a result of a lack of self-control and a lack of boundaries.

He does not realize, or maybe he does not care, that his habit is considered very disrespectful, especially since it’s done in public.

3. He is a flirt

My Husband Stares At Every Woman

In most cases, if a man stares at women excessively, he’s a flirt.

He loves women and wants to have as many of them as possible.

He enjoys the attention he gets from women whenever he gets it.

It gives him some form of validation and boosts his ego, so he continues doing it even when it’s inappropriate and disrespectful to his wife.

4. He is unsatisfied

If you keep looking at something that isn’t yours, there’s a high chance you’re not satisfied with yours.

Lack of satisfaction and fulfillment can be why your husband stares at every woman he sees.

He derives excitement and exhilaration from staring at other women because he is unsatisfied with you.

It could be that they’re doing something you’re not doing in terms of appearance.

Or that may not be the case.

You could be doing very well and even be a beautiful queen, but if you have an insatiable husband, he will still seek excitement from external sources.

5. He does not respect you 

Certain actions reveal a person’s state of mind towards their partner. 

It is impossible to love and respect your partner and consistently engage in actions that make them feel terrible. 

Or do things that show utter disrespect to them. 

While some husbands may be staring ignorantly and may not mean to hurt their wives, others do it because they do not hold their wives in high esteem. 

It’s sad, but this is a reality. 

6. Personal issues

My Husband Stares At Every Woman

Sometimes, people’s actions reflect the personal issues they have as individuals.

Your husband’s actions may be due to issues like past trauma, insecurities, and so on.

His staring at women could also be a form of escapism.

He may be staring as a distraction from his issues, thoughts, or responsibilities.

I may not tell you which reasons apply to your husband because individuals differ, but one or two may stand out for you as you read through.

Whatever the reasons for his actions are, one thing is sure – it makes you uncomfortable.

If you constantly feel uncomfortable about his actions, there are some practical things you can do about it.

“My Husband Stares At Every Woman”: What To Do About It

1. Communicate

My Husband Stares At Every Woman

If you feel uncomfortable about anything in your marriage, it is important that you openly communicate with your husband about it.

Effective communication starts with choosing the right place and time to talk.

Create time in private to discuss the issue with your husband, calmly expressing your feelings and making your displeasure known.

Another important part of communication is active listening.

You should also be open-minded and ready to listen to your husband’s points.

There just might be reasons for his actions that you don’t know.

2. Ask for empathy

If you feel uncomfortable about the situation, you should not talk about it like it’s something you’re okay with.

Express yourself fully to your husband and ask him to try to understand you and see things from your perspective.

If the roles were reversed, he probably wouldn’t love it either.

Say things like, “It makes me very uncomfortable and hurt seeing you stare at other women. I do not feel respected whenever this happens.”

Let him see how potentially damaging this can be for your union.

The aim is to make his attempt to feel what you feel whenever he does it.

3. Discuss boundaries

My Husband Stares At Every Woman

Depending on his response, the next step would be to find ways out.

And that would be setting boundaries on what is acceptable and what is not.

You should discuss boundaries on what you are comfortable with regarding your social interactions with others, especially people of the opposite sex.

4. Seek help

Sometimes, the issues individuals or couples deal with are beyond them.

They need external assistance, especially from people trained to help people deal with stuff like this.

If your husband’s reasons are related to past trauma or behavioral issues, you can suggest he speak to a therapist.

And if you feel like his actions have affected your marriage negatively, speaking to a marriage counselor is something you can both consider.

Final Words

Remember that at the end of the day, what you seek is a way forward for your marriage, so it is important to approach the situation calmly and patiently.

The aim is to understand each other better and adopt healthier habits that serve your marriage better.

I wish you all the best!

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Wednesday 6th of March 2024

For Over Half The Women, The Answer Is Look In The Mirror!


Tuesday 5th of March 2024

So what happens if your wife, girlfriend etc does exactly the same thing as listed here are the answers the same? Men are Men they look at other Women, the same as Women are Women they look at other Men it's a fact of life. Why do you think Men go to Men only shows and Women go to Women only shows. So as a test, there are 20 Women some married, single, engaged and they are in a room say a bar with some table and chairs and surrounded by four walls, a window with some incredible views over the countryside and two doors, one door is to enter only while the other door is the exit. 10 Male models walk into the room and go up to the bar and ask for some drinks while just standing there talking with each other, they get the drinks and a handful of them sit at a table and the others sit at the bar, these are some of the best looking Male models around in fact these Men are the act in the Women only show having a quick break before they go on stage (it's only an example) So out of the 20 Women how many do you think would look over and stare at them knowing that they were the Male act? Answer - All of them will and why because they are Women and it's a natural thing to do, same goes for the Men if it was the other way round. How do Men or Women get attracted to each other without looking at the opposite sex, it's just life.

My Wife looks at other Men while walking down the street and around the shops, i look at other Women while walking down the street and around the shops, we both like certain actors and actresses doesn't mean we are going to leave each other and run off with them, there are lots of good looking Men and Women in the world. And before you say something we have been happily married for 34 years and still are, and together for 37.

Vwamse Rahila Frederick

Thursday 29th of February 2024

I find the article very helpful, most important the communication aspect has been disturbing to me no matter how I approach my husband he isn't understanding he will create issues and these has create serious boundaries between us

Neha S

Monday 26th of February 2024

why do women expose their beautiful assets ? obviously to turn the neck of male so stare is type of complience to the creator and a compliment to the person i think seeing and showing is not an offence


Tuesday 5th of March 2024

@Neha S, Spot on, i just wrote a long comment about it all above.

F Wise

Tuesday 5th of March 2024

@Neha S, because they do it for attention and they lack confidence. They have some deep seated issues.


Monday 25th of December 2023

Will flirt and hold doors open for women