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10 Types of Women Who ONLY Sleep With Married Men

10 Types of Women Who ONLY Sleep With Married Men

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Even though we have explored the types of women who sleep with married men and also why they do, there are other special types of women in this category: women who ONLY sleep with married men.

This is to say, even if there are available single men who want them, these women don’t seem to be interested.

They only have eyes for married men, and you begin to wonder why these women seem to have sworn to a life of secrecy and furtive rendezvous.

Let’s consider the ten types of women who ONLY sleep with married men:

10 Types of Women Who ONLY Sleep With Married Men

1. Those who have been hurt by single men in the past

Types of Women Who ONLY Sleep With Married Men

The first group of women who solely seek out married men are those who have been deeply wounded by single men in the past.

Pain, especially emotional pain from a failed relationship, can lead to some very dangerous decisions.

Maybe they’ve witnessed the flippancy of flings, been ghosted after three dates, or suffered through the heartbreak of unrequited love.

With these scarring experiences, they’ve developed an aversion towards the fickleness that they associate with single men.

In their mind, married men represent stability, consistency, and a level of maturity that they’ve found to be lacking in single guys.

These women believe that the commitment a man has made to his wife is an assurance that he won’t just disappear one day.

Their hearts bear the scars of single men and have therefore found solace in the arms of those who are already committed.

It’s a twisted form of self-protection, and it might not always make sense, but it’s their reality.

These women are afraid of being hurt again and believe that by seeking out married men, they’ll avoid the risk of getting their hearts broken again.

2. Those who desire companionship without commitment

Types of Women Who ONLY Sleep With Married Men

Men are not the only ones who crave the companionship that comes with a relationship without all of the strings.

Some women, too, prefer to float through life without being tied down and weighed down by the burdens of commitment.

These types of women find safety in knowing that their married partners don’t expect any long-term commitments from them.

There’s no pressure to move in together, get married, or start a family.

All they want are moments of pleasure and joy to brighten up their lives without having to worry about the usual expectations that come with dating single men.

3. Women with daddy issues

No thanks to the lack of affection and guidance from their fathers, some women are attracted to married men.

They feel a strong connection with older married men because they view them as a father figure.

With these men, there’s an expectation of security and stability that comes with the age and relationship status gap.

It’s almost like having a relationship with their fathers, but without the actual responsibilities that come with having a father in your life.

They want to be taken care of emotionally and maybe financially without having to worry about the other risks that come with single men, even if it means getting involved with someone else’s husband.

4. Those seeking revenge

We also can’t forget those women who pursue married men for revenge or validation.

Maybe their ex-boyfriend moved on quickly and found someone new, leaving them feeling completely replaceable; they might try to get back at him by sleeping with his friend, who just so happens to be a married man.

Also, maybe a woman lost her husband to the hands of another woman, and she’s out for retribution.

If she can’t be happy, other women shouldn’t be happy too.

5. Those who enjoy playing games

Types of Women Who ONLY Sleep With Married Men

And then there are those who sleep with married men because it’s a challenge.

It gives them an adrenaline rush to know that they’re dealing with something so dangerous and taboo.

They love the thrill of sneaking around and avoiding getting caught by the other person’s spouse.

These women get a high from playing with fire and feeling a sense of ownership over someone else’s husband.

These types of women often have a deep need for attention, especially from men, and would do anything to get it.

They might even be willing to risk the possibility of being caught if it means they can get the satisfaction that comes with sleeping with someone who’s married.

6. Those who believe married men have more money and resources to spend

Types of Women Who ONLY Sleep With Married Men

These ones view married men as their own personal ATMs, here to provide the finer things in life with minimal effort.

These women know that a man who has a wife will do anything he can to keep his activities on the side a secret.

And so, they capitalize on this and use it to their advantage.

They expect these men to pay for dinner, drinks, gifts, and basically anything else they need or want.

These women are often seeking economic stability in the absence of any other means of achieving it.

7. Women with misguided perceptions of love

Sounds weird, yeah, but there are women who idolize the idea of being someone’s “other woman” because they believe it to be some sort of romantic notion.

They think that sleeping with a married man means there is something special or unique about them, which makes them feel attractive and wanted.

Some may have developed skewed perceptions of love and relationships and believe that pursuing a married man is the way to find “true love.”

These women don’t understand that the relational dynamics of being “the other woman” are anything but healthy.

8. Women who are so manipulative

Some women are so manipulative that they can convince a man to do anything.

These women know that in comparison to single men, married men are more vulnerable to manipulation because they are scared of getting caught, so married men are an easy target.

These women may not even care about the man himself but view him as a means to an end.

They use their persuasive powers to manipulate married men into giving them what they want, be it money, attention, or anything else.

9. Women with severe low self-esteem issues

Some women believe that no single man would be interested in them, so they turn their attention to married men instead.

Maybe they think that they’re not attractive enough for single men, so they settle for married men instead.

They don’t realize that their low self-esteem is the problem and not a lack of options when it comes to finding love.

10. Women who have friends who only date married men

We often underestimate the power of peer pressure in forming our own beliefs.

If all your friends are sleeping with married men, it’s only natural that you’ll adopt their behavior and mindset towards relationships too.

Maybe they’ve been telling you about the “benefits” of being someone’s mistress: financial stability, security in knowing that he won’t just disappear one day, and exclusive access to his company.

They may also be sharing their stories of how they’ve been able to manipulate these men into giving them what they want without fear of being caught by the other woman.

All these things might make you start to admire and even desire a relationship with a married man.

Before you know it, you become one of the types of women who ONLY sleep with married men.

Final Thoughts

A relationship with someone who is already taken will never lead to anything more than temporary satisfaction, and it may even cause more pain and heartbreak for you.

If you’re considering getting involved with a married man, think carefully.

Are you really ready to deal with all the complex emotions that come with being the other woman?

Do you really want to risk getting hurt in the end?

Relationships are more than just physical attraction, and it’s better for everyone when we keep our eyes open and stay away from those who are already taken.

This isn’t an ideal way to find love, security, or happiness in your life.

It’s better for you to focus on yourself and look for someone who is available to pursue a healthy relationship with you.

The end result could be so much more rewarding than what you would get from a married man.

It’s always best to look for someone who can give you what you need without breaking anyone else’s heart.


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