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12 Types of Husbands Who No Longer Enjoy Being Intimate With Their Wives

12 Types of Husbands Who No Longer Enjoy Being Intimate With Their Wives

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Physical intimacy is important for any marriage; it’s like the glue that keeps the pages of the marriage book stuck together.

But, in reality, not all husbands are on board with this intimacy express.

Some deviate from this intimacy track for one reason or another.

Let’s discuss the various types of husbands who aren’t that keen on physical intimacy with their wives.

12 Types of Husbands Who Longer Enjoy Being Intimate With Their Wives

1. The Overwhelmed Workaholic Husband

Imagine a husband who is so engrossed in his work that he carries the burden of his professional life into his personal space.

His mind is like a running engine, constantly churning thoughts about deadlines, meetings, and presentations, even when he’s supposed to be unwinding at home.

This mental clutter acts like a barricade, obstructing the path to intimacy.

Even though he might still care for his wife, physical intimacy becomes another task for him, adding to his already overflowing plate.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to be intimate; rather, his mental fatigue and stress don’t allow him the luxury to relax and enjoy these intimate moments.

Even as a woman, I must confess to being a workaholic, and if not careful, this can lead to a lack of emotional closeness and intimacy with my partner, so I intentionally try to balance things.

Unfortunately, not everyone can. 


2. The Low Libido Husband

This type of husband is the opposite of the overworked man because he’s not busy at all.

Rather, he’s content with his life and finds no need to be intimate with his wife.

He’s perfectly happy without it as if he doesn’t even care.

This type of man could be suffering from a condition known as low libido, which is caused by physiological or psychological factors.

Physically speaking, certain conditions like diabetes and hormonal imbalances can have an effect on his sex drive.

Psychologically, such a man could be stressed out, anxious, or even depressed due to work, family, or other issues.

Whatever the cause may be, low libido can lead to a disconnect in the physical relationship between husband and wife.


3. The Uninterested Husband

This type of husband is one who has lost interest in his wife altogether.

He simply isn’t attracted to her anymore and finds no pleasure in being intimate with her.

He is, in a sense, emotionally detached from her and has no feelings of love or affection for her.

This type of husband can be the result of an affair, where a man’s attention is diverted to someone else outside of his marriage.

It could also be the result of issues such as boredom or lack of communication between him and his wife.


4. The Distracted Husband

There are some husbands out there who’d rather spend their time on the internet, gaming, or watching TV than pay attention to their wives.

They’re more interested in what’s on the screen than what’s in front of them, which makes intimacy an afterthought.

These guys are so preoccupied with their passions that they simply forget about their wives, even if just for a few hours.

At best, these husbands may offer a token amount of attention to their partners but nothing more.

Intimacy is not even on their radar, and as a result, their wives feel neglected and undesired.

This is a common issue among many couples, no thanks to the internet or people’s inability to use it sensibly.


5. The Hopeless Romantic Husband

Why Am I Attracted To Taken Guys

It’s true that everybody loves to be loved, so why would this type of husband be an exception?

Unlike the others, he’s still very much interested in his wife and wants to show her how much he loves her.

He believes that physical intimacy is the best way to express his emotions, but unfortunately, it usually falls flat.

Rather than making his wife feel special or loved, it can leave her feeling overwhelmed and awkward.

Because he tries too hard and makes the situation uncomfortable.

He doesn’t understand that sometimes, small gestures are just as priceless as grand ones.

For example, a phone call, a hug, sending her flowers, or taking her out on dates can be just as romantic as lavish gifts and expensive vacations.

So yeah, sometimes overdoing it can ruin it.


6. The Stressed-Out Hubby

Life, especially modern life, has a way of getting ahead of us.

It can put a lot of pressure on people, and there are many husbands out there who find themselves in this very position.

They’re so bogged down with the stressors of daily living that they don’t have time or energy for physical intimacy.

This type of husband may still love his wife, but due to his stress levels, he may be unable to find a balance between work and home life.

The result is exhaustion and the inability to focus on anything that doesn’t involve the task at hand.


7. The Mystery Man

You can’t quite put your finger on it, but he’s just not interested.

He avoids talking about it and may even deny there’s an issue.

His lack of interest in intimacy could be due to an underlying issue, such as a medical condition or psychological stressors.

But until the root cause is revealed, he remains a mystery, one who has abandoned his intimate connection with his wife.


8. The Emotional Wall Husband

Some men find it hard to be physically close if they’re emotionally distant.

If there’s been a recent fight or ongoing tension, that emotional gap can translate to a lack of intimacy.

These types of husbands would rather stay away from their wives than be close to them as if there’s an invisible wall between them.

The longer the conflict persists, the higher and thicker that wall becomes.

This type of husband isn’t necessarily uninterested in his wife; he just doesn’t know how to bridge the gap between them.


9. Mr. Insecure

This husband is self-conscious about his body or performance, and this insecurity can make him avoid intimate situations.

He believes that his physical appearance or sexual performance is not up to par with what his wife desires, so he’s embarrassed.

This type of man may be suffering from low self-esteem, and deep down, he feels undesired or inadequate.

As a result, he may withdraw from his wife and find excuses to avoid being intimate with her.


10. The Settled Spouse

After years of marriage, some men might feel that the thrill is gone.

And to be honest, it can be hard to keep the spark alive after being together for so long.

Some husbands may find themselves in situations where they’ve become content with the status quo of their marriage and see no reason to change it.

This type of husband is happy with things the way they are, and while he may still care for his wife, physical intimacy has no place in his life.

He’s comfortable with the routine and has grown to view intimacy as a duty rather than an act of love.


11. The Perfectionist

This type is consumed with the idea of performance and fears he won’t measure up.

The pressure he puts on himself can actually turn him off the whole idea of intimacy.

He’s afraid he won’t be able to satisfy his wife or that she might find him lacking in some way.

So, instead of trying and risking failure, he keeps his distance from her and avoids physical contact altogether.

No matter how much reassurance she gives him, it’s not enough to convince him to give it a go.

It’s so exhausting to have this kind of husband because nothing you can make him feel better.


12. The Medical Issue Guy

Sometimes the issue isn’t emotional but physical.

Health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, or medications can affect libido.

This type of husband may still love his wife, but due to his medical condition, he’s unable to get aroused or even interested in getting intimate with her.

He needs a different type of help and medication that can boost his libido and improve the state of their marriage.



No matter what type of husband you have, intimacy issues are always a source of tension and disconnect in a marriage.

Recognizing the issue is the first step toward finding a solution.

Depending on the situation, couples therapy, medical intervention, or heart-to-heart talks might help get the intimacy back on track.

Be patient and understanding with each other, as this is a sensitive topic that can take some time to resolve.

If you both make an effort, it could be the beginning of a new chapter in your relationship full of physical love and intimacy.

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