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New look at real estate in Thailand: Risks and Profits

New look at real estate in Thailand: Risks and Profits

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The excellent climate, low cost of living, and world-famous beaches – all attract hundreds of thousands of tourists to Thailand every year.

Having experienced a vacation in a resort atmosphere, most of them fall in love with the island and decide to buy a home there. The housing market of Thailand presents all kinds of objects, from luxury villas overlooking the sea to budget apartments costing from $ 20 thousand.

Sea view property in Thailand for sale is the only clear and stable tool for preserving and significant increase of capital. In this article, we will have a closer objective look at the risks and profits of real estate purchases in Thailand. 

Risks of buying property in Thailand 

There is no type of investment that does not involve risks. Investing in Thai real estate is no different. But whatever the risks, we cannot eliminate them if we do not know that they exist.

Risk control is paramount, but it is only possible if we first know what those risks really are. When we face real estate purchases on the island, we have to deal with the following possible issues:

  • Absence of regulatory protection for foreigners. 

The real estate market in Thailand is largely unregulated. For this reason, foreign real estate agents essentially have carte blanche over their business practices.

They can take advantage of your unawareness of some facts or legislative norms in the country and tell you what they like in order to sell you a property. 

  • Risks when investing in property under construction. 

Risks of delivery delay or freezing are possible irrespective of the country. The developer can go bankrupt, the construction may begin without the necessary documentation, or the final residence will have a completely different form and layout than expected – all these upsetting moments are possible to happen. 

  • Working with unscrupulous specialists. 

Risks of addressing irresponsible real estate agents or buying accommodation from a distrusted developer are widespread in most countries.

Unfortunately, such specialists perform their activity on the market and offer their services. 

Having analyzed the list of the most serious risks, we can say that most of them are common to many countries.

So, to not transform a home into a financial burden, a buyer has to take responsibility, conduct in-depth research and carefully check the documentation and licenses of each company and agency.

Ways of avoiding upsetting scenarios when buying property 

To avoid the most risky scenarios, a considerable amount of information should be monitored and analyzed. There are some more useful rules to follow. Firstly, you have to address only a professional licensed real estate agency.

The trusted specialist will not only help you figure out who is who in the real estate market but will also tell you which projects have the greatest potential for further leasing.

All in all, in 90% of cases, real estate in Thailand is purchased to get rental income. Secondly, always hire independent and competent lawyers from reputable companies.

The involvement of trusted specialists means almost 100% of the successful deal. 

Profits of buying real estate in Thailand

When it comes to business and property investments, Thailand is a world of opportunities that has seen interest from investors all over the world. The island is an alluring destination for many foreigners due to its wide pack of advantages.

Thailand is a hot spot for travel and tourism. 

The island is on the rise in terms of infrastructure development and improving living conditions.

Various cities and regions of the kingdom offer real estate at different prices – from the absolutely affordable to the luxury segment. 

Property in Thailand provides attractive annual yields.

The government strives to create a profitable economic climate and beneficial investment conditions. 

Thailand is an internationally recognized business hub in Southeast Asia. 

The bottom line 

Choosing a suitable housing unit with high-income perspectives becomes simpler if you open Thailand-Real.Estate. An aggregator offers an impressive selection of profitable real estate in all destinations of the resort island. Correctly selected accommodation on Thailand-Real.Estate combined with the support of respected real estate agents provides invaluable experience of ownership in Thailand. 



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