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12 Reasons Husbands Leave Their Wives For Another Woman

12 Reasons Husbands Leave Their Wives For Another Woman

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“Till death do us part” were his words to her, at the altar, on their wedding day.

How come he is now living his life with another woman?

What could have made him leave his once beloved wife for another woman?

How did he get to the point where he no longer desires to spend the rest of his life with her?

Let’s find out why a man could leave his wife partially or permanently for another woman.

12 Reasons Husbands Leave Their Wives For Another Woman

  1. He is bored in the marriage.12 reasons husbands leave their wives for another woman

Sometimes, people get bored in marriage.

A friend shared his fear about committing to one woman for a lifetime.

He said he feared that he would get bored at some point, as he naturally loses interest in things that once excited him.

He constantly seeks to do new things.

Therefore, he fears that this trait of his may affect his decision to vow to spend the rest of his life with only one woman.

If the fun that used to be in their relationship no longer exists, a man may seek fun and excitement elsewhere.

  1. He falls out of love with her.12 reasons husbands leave their wives for another woman

If a man no longer loves his wife, everything she does will no longer interest him, making it easier to notice other women.

Then it gets to the point where he begins to compare his wife with another woman, and he gradually concludes that the other woman is the new love of his life.

In situations like these, his communication and conflict-resolution efforts will reduce.

So the zeal and will to make things work out in the marriage may disappear, thereby making his heart fonder of his new love interest.

3. He feels disrespected.

A man who feels constantly disrespected could also leave his disrespectful wife for a woman who makes him feel like a treasure.

A woman can disrespect her husband in many ways, which may contribute to his resolve to leave her for another woman.

If she talks down on him, does not value his opinion, compares him to other men, undermines his contributions, etc., he may move on to another woman who makes him feel respected.

  1. He feels choked.

The responsibilities of marriage and parenthood may become overwhelming for a man, especially if he isn’t prepared for such.

This is why there seem to be more deadbeat fathers than mothers.

It appears easier for men to flee from the responsibilities of parenthood than women.

In search of breathing space, a man may run into the arms of a child-free woman.

He could also feel choked if the wife monitors his every move and does not respect his privacy.

This is common with extremely jealous women who let their jealousy prevent their men from socialising.

  1. He feels neglected/uncared for.12 reasons husbands leave their wives for another woman

One of the reasons why we get married is to meet each other’s needs.

But if a married man feels single because his wife has neglected him and couldn’t be bothered about his needs, he may decide to have his needs met elsewhere.

More often than not, it is about the emotional and sexual needs of a man that makes him feel so neglected.

  1. He no longer finds his wife attractive.12 reasons husbands leave their wives for another woman

Over time, some men complain about losing interest in their wives’ bodies.

This loss of interest will obviously lead to a loss of sexual attraction.

It could stem from factors ranging from overfamiliarity to body changes due to aging, childbearing, accident, ailment, and so on.

Therefore, he no longer finds sex with her exciting.

Consequently, he may leave his wife for a woman whose body retains his sexual attention.

  1. He is sex starved.12 reasons husbands leave their wives for another woman

Sexual starvation has pushed many men to leave their wives for another woman.

Sex is one of the commonest reasons some marriages have broken down irretrievably.

A man may want to have sex with his wife, but she refuses to oblige him.

She starves him of sex, and when he no longer finds the situation tolerable, he opts for another available option to satisfy his urges.

  1. He feels endangered.

One’s marital home is meant to be a safe space where one can live without fear or risks.

However,  when a man’s life is threatened by the woman he is married to, he may have to make the decision to leave to live.

 This fear of danger could be caused by domestic violence, threats to harm him, or fetishism on the part of the woman.

 In such instances, it is not unexpected for the man to prioritize his safety over the marriage.

 He may, therefore, run into the arms of a woman with whom he feels safe.

  1. He is not content.12 reasons husbands leave their wives for another woman

If a man lacks contentment, he will never feel satisfied with his wife, no matter who she is or what she does.

A person lacking contentment will always feel what they have is not as good enough as others.

And they will do anything possible to chase what others have.

A man’s decision to leave his wife may not be due to the wife’s fault.

He probably simply lacks contentment.

A man who is not content with his choice of partner will lack the patience to work out things during the difficult seasons of marriage and may likely chicken out at the slightest encumbrance.

For every married person, it is important to know that you will most likely meet other persons who are better than one’s spouse in some ramifications.

However, contentment is to regard one’s spouse as one’s perfect fit, even with their imperfections.

After all, we are all humans with imperfections, aren’t we?

  1. There’s been a change of interests.

Change is the only constant thing in life.

People change over time; our interests are prone to change owing to the variable circumstances that may surround our lives at each point in time.

Therefore, if a man’s interests no longer align with his wife’s, he may consider this a tenable reason to leave his wife for another woman who seems to share his new interests.

This is why intending couples should, more importantly, check for each other’s core values beyond interests.

Our core values are more deeply rooted and often inform our interests.

Also, both partners need to grow together.

If one partner is laid back while the other constantly invests in personal growth and development, their interests could become discordant.

  1. His wife can’t give him a child.12 reasons husbands leave their wives for another woman

If a man wants to have children and his wife has fertility issues, he may prioritize his need for children over his relationship with his wife.

Infertility is a huge test of couples’ commitment to each other, and many men have failed this test.

This is where the famous saying, ‘for better for worse, in sickness and in health,’  begs to be proven.

People marry for several reasons.

A man whose primary reason for getting married is procreation is unlikely to remain in the face of infertility.

A tardive discovery of the medical incompatibility of the spouses could also lead to this.

Genotype and blood group(rhesus factor) incompatibility can make a man leave his wife as it could affect their chances of having children or healthy children.

An unmanaged rhesus factor incompatibility could lead to serial miscarriages or inability to conceive.

All these fertility struggles could make him choose to have a child out of wedlock and leave his wife for his “baby mama.”

  1. His wife nags.12 reasons husbands leave their wives for another woman

Nagging is one thing that could drive a man up the wall and make him leave his wife for another woman.

When a woman criticises every action of her husband, refuses to appreciate him, complains ceaselessly, focuses on his shortcomings, and threatens his peace of mind, he may get fed up and leave her for another woman.


Many of these issues highlighted above are caused by a breakdown in communication, a refusal to grow or make compromises, or even a lack of understanding of what marriage entails.

It can either be the fault of the woman or the man, or life simply happens to them.

I recommend couples engage the services of a professional counselor to navigate marital issues if all efforts at a resolution have proven abortive.


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The Leader of my House

Saturday 13th of April 2024

You are missing many more reasons, but i can add 1. she is confrontational and expect you to defend her even when she is being nasty. 2. She has many masculine traits. We men don't like our woman to have these masculine traits. 3. Modern woman, we don't want you, your money, your big house, and cars. remember I said men, not soyboys. We men are the providers if need be. I now I am even though my wife works. But I have one question for the women who hate men but want to marry one 1 day. In marriage or divorce what is the man incentive for any of it? And ladies if you say you are the incentive, then you will see the problem. You and every woman if we men flipped you all upside down it would all look the same. I got lucky in finding my soul mate. But many out there didn't. They want out but all they see is doom and gloom for them in the future. So they stay. I'd be gone regardless of all doom and gloom. They would have to find me first to make me suffer in any way.


Friday 9th of February 2024

I caught my husband cheating on me and he was accusing me as a cause of the cheating, he said he cheated because of sex starvation which I had no idea of,though I have forgiven him but I just need time to heal and build another trust for him.