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15 Signs Your Boss Wants You Gone

15 Signs Your Boss Wants You Gone

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Every workplace is dynamic in its way and filled with some level of drama.

This is because humans make up the workplace and wherever humans are, you are bound to see things like loyalty, acceptance, competition, creativity, gender discrimination and other biases, interdependence, partnerships, power, rejection, etc.

Issues at places of work do not come from colleagues only, they can also come from the employer.

If you have noticed that your boss is acting unpleasantly or cold towards you in one way or another, you may suspect that they do not want you working with them anymore.

Thus, you may be searching for signs your boss wants you gone.

There are many reasons your boss wants you gone, but you first have to be sure that is their intention.

It is crucial to be able to interpret the signs accordingly to make sure your boss indeed wants you gone.

This is why I am sharing 15 signs to look out for if you suspect your boss wants you gone.


15 Signs Your Boss Wants You Gone And How to Handle Them

1. They Always Have Negative Feedback On Your Work

Signs Your Boss Wants You Gone

Of course, we don’t expect your boss to give you a hundred percent positive feedback all the time.

When you do not perform up to expectations, you will get some negative feedback.

But if you’re boss constantly has something negative to say about your work all the time, they may be trying to justify your termination.

If you are diligent and confident in the work you deliver, your boss always giving you poor performance evaluation can be a sign that they want you gone.


2. They Increase Your Work Load And Reduce The Time Frame

Signs Your Boss Wants You Gone

Another sign your boss wants you gone is that they give you unrealistic deadlines.

Since they want you gone, they will intentionally set you in positions where it is easy to see you make mistakes because they want to find your flaws and set you up for failure.



3. They Reduce Your Workload

On the other hand, your boss can reduce your workload in a bid to send you away.

It may sound ironic but it is a strategy too.

If you suspect that your boss wants you gone, and they begin to give you less hours or reduce your workload, don’t get excited, it could be a sign that they don’t see a future for you at the company.


4. They Give You Unpleasant Schedules

Your boss giving you less desirable schedules is another sign.

Maybe they make you work weekends and even night shifts when they know everyone hates that.

It may just be that the company needs some more hands to get more work done.

But if you are the only one getting that treatment, the more likely reason is that your boss does not see you as a valuable employee and wants you gone.


5. They Make You Do The Dirty Jobs

When your boss constantly makes sure you are the one who does the undesirable tasks or assignments, something is wrong.

In a corporate environment, all hands are needed on deck and everyone should contribute.

If you are being burdened with more tasks especially the undesirable tasks or assignments, your boss may be trying to make your job less appealing.

And this all because they want you to leave.


6. They Ignore Your Accomplishments

Every company loves it when their staff does well.

In a healthy and normal work environment, your boss should acknowledge and encourage your good work.

If you have noticed that your boss is quick to notice your shortcomings but doesn’t acknowledge your good work or accomplishments, it could be a sign that they want you done.

They don’t appreciate your contributions.


7. They Isolate You

Your boss ignoring or excluding you from important projects, meetings, discussions, or decisions may be another sign.

If they want you gone from the company, they will not involve you in important matters.

You may have noticed this and are wondering what the reason is.

It’s simple, they are trying to push you out of the company.


8. They Micromanage You

Signs Your Boss Wants You Gone

Supervision is normal in every corporate organization and you should not hesitate to be accountable to your boss because it is the right thing to do.

But if your boss constantly micromanages you, something is not right.

It could be a sign that they want to control your work and suppress you, maybe because they don’t trust your abilities.


9. They Say Scary Things About The Security Of Your Job

Signs Your Boss Wants You Gone

Even though every staff is replaceable, good companies still value their good employees and grant them job security to the best of their abilities.

However, if your boss is always makes comments about your job security, like saying things like “there are a lot of people looking for jobs”, they are passing a message across to you.

They probably want you gone and may even be planning to lay you off soon.

Pay heed to this.

They may be trying to let you know that your job is in danger.


10. They Hold Back Opportunities

If your boss is intentionally keeping opportunities away from you, something is wrong.

You may have noticed that your boss holds back opportunities from you, especially opportunities for growth and the perks associated with them.

It could be because you have not earned them, or it could be a sign that they don’t see a future for you at the company.


11. Poor Performance Evaluations

Signs Your Boss Wants You GonePoor performance evaluations can be due to the fact that you have not been meeting your company’s expectations.

If you get them a couple of times from your boss, pay attention to the situation well, because it is one of two things;

You are doing a bad job, or your boss is simply trying to document your shortcomings to justify your termination.


12. They Give You Negative Comments Publicly

Getting negative comments from your boss is bad enough, getting it in front of everyone is worse.

Your boss can criticize you publicly if occasion demands, but when they begin to intentionally seek ways to bring down your reputation and credibility by bashing you publicly, your days may be getting numbered in the company.


13. They Ignore Your Needs

Every good working place should try to provide basic work needs for their employees.

But if your boss wants you gone, you may notice that they don’t respond to your requests.

Whether it is your request for more work tools, or time off, they all fall on deaf ears.

It could be a sign that they don’t see you as a valuable employee.


14. Avoiding You

If you suspect that your boss wants you gone, then avoiding you or canceling one-on-one meetings may be another proof that you are right.

If your boss uses the I’m too busy for you card, it may mean that they no longer want to work with you or that they feel guilty for wanting to lay you off.

Them avoiding you could be a sign that they don’t want to have a personal or professional relationship with you.


15. Zero Help Or Guide

If your boss wants you to grow and thrive in the company, they will be open to guiding you and offering constructive criticism to you.

But when they do not see your future in the company, they will see no need for that.

If your boss never attempts to help you do better at work, and doesn’t give you any constructive feedback or guidance, it could be a sign that they don’t care about your development or they don’t want to invest their time in you because they want you gone.


Final Thoughts

It is essential that you know that having an open communication with your boss and trying to address any issues or concerns you may have is better than assuming and ending up being wrong.

These signs do not hundred percent indicate that your boss wants you gone, they could mean other things.

But the only way to find out is by asking.

But if you experience two or more of the signs above and you can’t shake off the feeling that your job is in danger, maybe you should start applying for other jobs immediately.

Remember that reaching out for professional advice from a career counselor or an HR representative are options you can explore.



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