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14 Signs He Wants To Break Up But Is Scared

14 Signs He Wants To Break Up But Is Scared

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Not everyone has enough balls for confrontations.

Some people prefer to remain in silence than speak up and do something about whatever it is that’s disturbing them.

Your man may be in this category of people if he’s not happy in the relationship and wants to end things but is scared of doing so.

The easiest way to find out is to know some of the obvious signs he wants to break up but is scared.

It’s even easy to find out if a guy is still interested in you because they’re not so good at concealing their intentions.

What they want to do will be evident in their actions and lifestyles, if it comes to something as severe as this.

You just need to know how to find this out.

It is normal to be worried about the future of your relationship whenever you sense that something is off.

Below are signs that will help you figure out if he wants to break up but is scared.


14 Signs He Wants To Break Up But Is Scared

1. He no longer pays you compliments

Maybe, he always told you how beautiful you are and how much he loved your body in the early phase of the relationship.

However, he doesn’t even notice when you put in time and energy to dress up and look ravishingly good.

It simply means that his attention is not on you anymore and he doesn’t care about filling your ears with nice words anymore.


2. He now spends more time away from you

Signs He Wants To Break Up But Is Scared

A man who wants to leave you will have no business spending time around you.

Rather, he’ll be spending time away from you.

You’ll notice that lately, he spends time with his friends a lot more than he usually does or he works late often.

One of the signs he wants to break up but is scared is that he avoids spending time alone with you.


3. He’s not keen on making plans for the future

You might have been thinking that both of you were on the same page about getting married and starting up a family someday.

However, you noticed that he doesn’t talk about your plans anymore.

It’s just as if you never discussed the first place.

You don’t need to look farther than this to know that he’s one foot out of the door.


4. His affection for you has reduced

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You’ll notice that he no longer says nice things to you or does nice and thoughtful things for you.

It’ll be very obvious because you can easily cast your mind back to the nice things he did for and said to you last.

If you can’t come up with anything, there is a high chance that he’s unhappy and may be thinking of ending things with you.


5. He begins to tell lies

Are you getting suspicious of his behavior?

Ask him questions.

If he answers you and what you find out later contradicts what he says, it simply means that he’s lying to you and he’s not into you anymore.


6. You no longer talk

Signs He Wants To Break Up But Is Scared

Talking in this context doesn’t refer to merely checking up on each other.

You don’t talk about other important things you used to talk about in the past.

Those deep conversations you used to have no longer hold.

You can’t talk with each other for long without looking at your phones or feeling bored any longer.


7. His mood is always sour around you

Whenever he’s around you, he’s hardly ever in a good mood.

It’s not that he’s generally cranky; he’s cranky only around you.

He may come home all playful and happy but shuts down and suddenly becomes upset whenever you try to engage him in a conversation.

It can be that even the mere thought of you gets him upset and it’s one of the signs he wants to break up but is scared.


8. He’s not satisfied with whatever you do

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If he wants to break up with you but is scared, nothing you do will be good enough anymore.

With the way he’s acting, it’ll appear that there’s little to nothing you can do to make him happy.

And it may be true.

He might have become detached from all the goodness you’re showering on him.

If you notice this behavior, it’s safe to say that he’s tired of you.


9. He doesn’t take you on dates

He doesn’t take you on dates anymore?

Things have gone south.

It appears that the ship sailed long ago.

Even when you suggest going on a date, he’ll refuse outright or make up flimsy excuses to avoid going with you.


10. He hardly texts or calls anymore

If you don’t call or text him, you’ll be left to wonder if you’ll ever hear from him whenever both of you are not together.

The sign is clear.

If he hardly answers his phone, takes a long time to reply to your texts, or tries to avoid you so that he won’t talk to you, he might be tired of you and is looking for a way to end things with you.


11. You feel alone when you’re together

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This is a sad part of the journey to break up in any relationship.

Even if both of you are together engaging in activities such as seeing movies, you’ll feel alone.

It happens because there’s already a huge gap between the two of you.

Most times, this type of disconnect between romantic partners leads to a breakup.


12. He hardly pays attention to you

You’ll notice that he pays attention to his phone, television, or other activities more than he pays attention to you.

It is a sign of a bigger problem in your relationship.

He’s always deeply absorbed in any activity he’s engaged in and rarely pays you any attention even when you speak to him.

He does not care about you anymore.

If he does, he’ll pay attention to you.


13. His friends ignore you too

Did you notice that his friends have been ignoring you too?

He must have told his friends about his dilemma.

And if that’s the case, they’re ignoring you.

They may be polite to you and greet you, but if they act cold towards you and are not letting you in on any plans, your man may have checked out of the relationship.


14. He doesn’t profess his love for you anymore

If a man is in love with you, he will profess it to you often.

He’ll tell you why he loves you, what he loves about you, and how much he loves spending time with you.

He might even put it in writing—a text message or a note left on your pillow or table.

But if that’s not happening anymore, it could be because he doesn’t feel as strongly about you as before.

Maybe he used to say that he loves you times without number at the beginning of your relationship but now, the story is different.

He probably feels like the relationship has run its course, and now it’s time to move on, but he’s scared to tell you.

So, if you feel that his love for you is reducing or has disappeared totally, you are not far from the truth.


What to do?

Let him know your what you have been suspecting and ask him if he still wants to be with you or he wants out of the relationship.

Encourage him to be direct with you, so you can make your decision.

Don’t let a guy who doesn’t know what he wants waste your time. 


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