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8 Signs Your Boss Wants You To Leave

8 Signs Your Boss Wants You To Leave

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One of the most gratifying aspects of having a career is having a boss who is happy to have you on their team. 

But if you notice signs your boss wants you to leave, you are working in a toxic environment.

It is because someone who wants you out of their sight will not be kind to you.

They will frustrate you until you get the message.

This is not even funny.

You’d think if your boss wants you to leave, the honest thing to do is fire you, right?

Well, it’s not that simple for some bosses.

Honestly, it’s not that simple for anyone!

Firing your employees is one of the hardest things to do.

Trust me, I have been there.

But I believe it’s better to be honest, no matter how hard it is, than be passive-aggressive about it.

So, let’s look at signs your boss wants you to leave:


8 Possible Signs Your Boss Wants You To Leave 

It is easy to identify some signs your boss wants you to leave.

Although some people cannot hide it when they are displeased with you or your work, others can be more accommodating, and rather than express their displeasure, they will choose passive ways to let you know how they feel.

Read on to see the signs you should look for whenever you suspect that your boss wants you to leave.

1. They always disagree with you. 

Signs Your Boss Wants You To Leave

Have you noticed that your boss disagrees with you constantly?

If they disagree with you, especially when it comes to sharing ideas and brainstorming, that is a sign.

One of the qualities of a good boss is encouraging employees to be creative with their thinking and share their ideas without being judged, even if those ideas do not sit well with them.

You may need to speak with your boss; however, if they constantly do not fail to chip in a negative comment about your contributions at work.



2. They avoid you.

If your boss does all they can you avoid you, it is one of the most obvious signs your boss wants you to leave.

It can include avoiding your workspace intentionally, ignoring your calls and not responding to your emails, and staying away from you even in public places like the elevator.

They can also avoid you by moving your workspace to somewhere far away from them or ensuring that your work hours do not overlap theirs.



3. They supervise your daily tasks.

Signs Your Boss Wants You To Leave

Another indication that your boss may want you to quit work is if they suddenly begin supervising your daily tasks.

Supervision does not always indicate that they want you to quit, as bosses tend to offer frequent, specific criticism of tasks to help their employees perform better.

If they want you to quit, they will criticize you constantly with little or no informative feedback.

That way, they try to rile you up and make you uncomfortable in the workplace.



4. They exempt you from partaking in conversations concerning the organization.

If they begin to exclude you from partaking in discussions that concern the organization, it is one of the signs your boss wants you to leave.

They might display the behavior by not inviting you to meetings with clients or colleagues.

Also, if they intentionally fail to invite you to work gatherings and do not interact with you as they do with your colleagues, they probably want you to leave.



5. They entrust your projects to another person. 

Does your boss entrust your projects to someone else in your workplace even while you are still there?

It can be that they no longer trust your abilities, or it can also be that they did it on purpose to get on your nerves so that you will call it quits by yourself and save them the trouble of having to fire you by yourself.

Again, they might even assign your work below your pay grade to get a negative reaction from you.

Maybe they want you to leave.



6. They do not acknowledge your achievements in the workplace.

As a professional, an essential aspect of building and strengthening your confidence is that your hard work and achievements are recognized.

One of the likely signs your boss wants you to leave the organization is if they never acknowledge your accomplishments in the workplace.

They might withhold your compliments because it will show that you are doing great at your job.

This is true, especially if they are already planning to ask you to leave.



7. They talk down on you.

Signs Your Boss Wants You To Leave

Does your boss speak to you in a derogatory manner?

It can mean that you have lost value in their eyes, and they might want you to leave.

I want you to know that you are worth more than your boss thinks.

You truly deserve a space in a workplace where everyone is respectful and polite.



8. They do not assign you new tasks.

Your boss probably wants you to leave if you notice a decrease in the number of new tasks assigned to you.

Worse still, they may not even assign you any new tasks.

It could indicate that they do not trust you to carry out new tasks.

Also, it can be a tactic to attack your self-confidence and push you into quitting on your own.


What To Do If Your Boss Wants You To Leave 

When you have confirmed that your boss wants you to leave your job, the next step should be looking for what to do about it.

So, here are some of the things you can do:

1. Make sure that your resume is updated.

Do you think your current workplace does not appreciate your efforts and talents enough?

You can begin to look for another job after you have made sure your resume is updated.

In your resume, mention the role you are leaving, the dates you worked there, your usual responsibilities, and the core projects you handled that you are proud of.



2. Begin to look for new job openings.

Signs Your Boss Wants You To Leave

The next thing to do is to ensure that your resume is updated to start searching for new job openings that will give you more fulfillment than the previous one.

List your career goals to help you identify the types of jobs that are ideal for you.

Consider tailoring your resume and cover letter to be up to standard for the new job openings you wish to apply for.



3. Invest in yourself.

Signs Your Boss Wants You To Leave

When you suspect your boss wants you to leave your job, you must not begin to blame anyone.

There are many possible reasons why your boss is acting towards you in this manner.

Try not to stress yourself too much about the situation at your workplace.

Take your time and enjoy your personal life by engaging in the things you love and spending time with your loved ones.



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