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11 Subtle Signs Your Girlfriend Likes Another Guy

11 Subtle Signs Your Girlfriend Likes Another Guy

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If you feel like your relationship is going downhill and your girlfriend is not the same person she was when you first started dating, then there’s a good chance that she likes another guy.

This is especially true if she has suddenly become distant.

Here are some signs your girlfriend likes another guy:

11 Signs Your Girlfriend Likes Another Guy

1. She suddenly becomes distant and less communicative

Signs Your Girlfriend Likes Another Guy

If your girlfriend likes another guy, you’ll notice this in her behavior.

She’ll start acting distant and not communicate with you as she used to because her attention is now elsewhere.

Maybe you guys used to talk on the phone, text, and chat throughout the day.

But now, she’s not as interested in talking to you, and it takes a lot of effort from your side to get her on the phone for a few minutes.

She’s not responding to your texts as fast as before.

Even when you eventually get her on the phone, she doesn’t engage with you.

You even feel like her mind is somewhere else.

They say when your partner’s text is getting shorter with you, it’s getting longer with someone else.

Hmmm hmmm.


2. She’s spending more time away from you

Any girl in a relationship wants to spend time with her man, but if she likes another guy, she’ll start spending more time away from you.

She’ll have excuses like work, family, and friends that will keep her away from you.

You’ll find her coming up with something every time you try to spend time together.

She’s always busy and won’t make enough time for you.


3. She cancels plans and doesn’t apologize for being unreliable

If your girlfriend likes another guy, you’ll find her canceling plans at the last moment without any apology or explanation.

She won’t even act like it’s a big deal to cancel her date with you.

It will be almost as if she doesn’t care about your time and feelings anymore.

This is a major sign that another guy is catching her attention.


4. She’s dressing nicer and taking better care of her appearance

Signs Your Girlfriend Likes Another Guy

Of course, any decent lady should take care of her appearance for herself first and foremost.

But if your girlfriend likes another guy, you’ll notice her dressing nicer and taking extra care of her looks when she goes out.

She may wear more makeup, buy new clothes, and get her hair done.

Whenever you see her, it’ll be like she’s trying to impress someone else.


5. She’s more irritable with you

Signs Your Girlfriend Likes Another Guy

When a woman is no longer interested in you and now likes someone else, everything you do will irritate her.

She’ll snap at you for no reason, bicker with you over small things, and be generally unpleasant.

This is a sign that she’s not as interested in being with you anymore and has her eyes set on someone else.

Since she doesn’t want to tell you she likes another guy, she’ll be irritable with you instead.

It’s a way of keeping her distance without having to explain why.

It’s also an indirect way of breaking up with you, hoping you’ll get the message.


6. She becomes defensive or evasive when you ask about her whereabouts

Maybe you’ve noticed something fishy going on, making you increasingly suspicious.

You then ask her where she went and who she was with, but instead of getting a straight answer, she responds with defensiveness or evasiveness.

She might be lying about her whereabouts when, in reality, she was out with another guy.

She’ll make excuses like she was out with friends or at work when, in actuality, she’s somewhere else.

This is a clear sign that something is going on, and her feelings are no longer the same as they used to be.


7. Her body language is different

Signs Your Girlfriend Likes Another Guy

When a woman likes someone else, her body language will change when you’re around.

She’ll be less interested in physical contact with you, and her posture will be more closed off.

You’ll notice she’s not as enthusiastic when you talk or hold hands.

She won’t maintain eye contact with you as before; if she does, it’s not as passionate as it used to be.

She just becomes more distant and won’t be as eager to show signs of affection toward you.

It’s a sign that her feelings have shifted from being in love with you to having an interest in someone else.


8. She becomes secretive with her phone

A girl in a relationship will usually be open with her partner about everything, including her phone.

But when she’s interested in another guy, she’ll become more secretive.

You’ll find her locking her phone, hiding it from you whenever you’re around, or deleting any signs of communication with the other guy.

She doesn’t want to get caught, so she’ll go to great lengths to keep this secret hidden.


9. She no longer cares about you

A woman who is in love with you will care deeply about every aspect of your life.

She’ll ask you how you’re doing and take an interest in what’s going on in your world.

But if she likes another guy, she won’t care anymore.

You’ll find her not asking questions, not wanting to know about your day, and not showing signs of empathy or compassion.

That’s a huge sign that she may be into someone else and no longer interested in you, bro.


10. She doesn’t seem that happy to see you

When I was dating, the thought of seeing my partner made me excited and happy.

I was always looking forward to being with him, so if your girlfriend is no longer into you, she won’t seem that excited to see you.

She’ll be less enthusiastic when you talk about plans for the future, and meeting up won’t bring her the same joy it used to.

She might give laconic responses, be uninterested when you’re around and show signs that she’s not into it anymore.


11. Her friends are acting weird toward you

Your girlfriend’s friends can be a great source of information.

If your girlfriend likes another guy, her pals might start acting strange or distant toward you.

They may try to hide signs of awkwardness and avoid topics that could give clues about her new relationship.

It’s an indication that something is off and that your girlfriend might be interested in someone else.

Look out for signs of distance and defensiveness from her friends — it could be a sign that your girlfriend has moved on emotionally and mentally from you without telling you.


These signs aren’t always a surefire way to tell that your girlfriend likes someone else, but they’re signs of warning you can’t ignore.

It hurts to think that the love of your life may no longer be interested, but it’s better to know the truth than to be in denial and keep hoping for something that’s never going to happen.

If you see signs that your girlfriend is interested in someone else, have an honest conversation with her to see where things stand between the two of you.

You may not be able to save the relationship, but at least you’ll get clarity and be able to move on.

Signs Your Girlfriend Likes Another Guy


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