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    Crying Baby: Knowing What To Do

    There are joys of motherhood but having a crying baby isn’t one of such joys. Truth is, motherhood isn’t always fun. Forget about all the cute baby pictures in your gallery and all the sweet compliments you receive when you share your baby’s pictures on social media. Forget the, “The joys of motherhood” “I can’t wait to be a mum” “Babies are so cute” “Motherhood is beautiful” comments you receive on social media. Being a mum isn’t always fun! Yeah, it’s fun when you’re greeted early in the morning with your baby’s beautiful smile. It’s fun when you capture your baby’s beautiful moments with your camera. It’s fun when you…

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    Pregnancy & Motherhood

    Pretty Annoying Things Babies Do

    Annoying things babies do? That sounds like sacrilege! Like, babies and annoying in a sentence doesn’t sound right because- “babies are innocent” “babies are cute!” So cute that they make your ovaries vibrate. Yeah yeah. I know. Though they sound cliche but it’s true that babies are cute(some people will argue this) and innocent(you surely can’t debate this! The fact that they bite your nipples while breastfeeding doesn’t make them less innocent. These adorables are only experimenting. Hahaha). However, this doesn’t mean that babies don’t do things that make you wanna go arrrgggghhhhh sometimes. As a mum to a four month+ old, I’ve had (and still have) my share of…

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    Pregnancy & Motherhood

    Motherhood Surprises:Things I Never Thought I Would Do

    Motherhood is so full of surprises! So, I’m a first-time Mum to a four month+ old baby and each time people ask me how motherhood is, my reply is, “I don’t know. I’m just going with the flow.” With a shrug. And that’s me being honest. Maybe it’s because I’ve not taken a day break from being with my baby. So I’m just doing all that I need to do. But one thing is certain though- motherhood is filled with a lot of emotions- happiness, laughter, amazement, tiredness, and surprises. When my bestie who had her baby a year before mine told me that nursing a baby is more stressful…