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Pretty Annoying Things Babies Do

Pretty Annoying Things Babies Do

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Annoying things babies do?

That sounds like sacrilege!

Babies and annoying in a sentence doesn’t sound right because-

“babies are innocent”

“babies are cute!” So cute that they make your ovaries vibrate.

Yeah yeah. I know.

Though they sound cliche but it’s true that babies are cute(some people will argue this) and innocent(you surely can’t debate this!

The fact that they bite your nipples while breastfeeding doesn’t make them less innocent.

These adorables are only experimenting. Hahaha).

However, this doesn’t mean that babies don’t do things that make you wanna go arrrgggghhhhh sometimes.

As a mum to a four month+ old, I’ve had (and still have) my share of some sweet frustrations a baby can give a mom. I’ll share  of them with you:

1. Wanting to feed just when you’re set for an outing.

Okay, this can really be annoying. Before you dress up and get set for your outing (which could be an appointment you don’t want to miss or a meeting you don’t want to arrive late to), you try to feed your baby but she ‘tells’ you she’s not hungry; she’d rather observe the environment or suck on her pacifier.

When you’re all set to step out of the house, she starts crying for food.


Who does that?

A baby, of course.

Then you start talking to her out of frustration, “But I tried to feed you some minutes ago and you weren’t hungry. Why now?”

Baby will keep crying. “So because I wasn’t hungry when you wanted to feed me, I can’t be hungry five minutes later? Who eats when they’re not hungry?”

“Sorry, we have to go out now, you can’t eat.”

You try to buy some time with her pacifier but she’s not having any of it.

“Do you eat rubber when you’re hungry, momma? You go by my schedule not yours.”

Then you succumb to her desire especially if you’re taking a public transport or driving because you know she wouldn’t stop crying.

You don’t wanna embarrass yourself or make yourself a kidnapping suspect by having an uncontrollably crying baby with you.

So, babies have a way of telling you that, “we run things here.”

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2. Soiling their diaper immediately after changing it.

This is a very common one. After going through the stress of replacing their soiled diaper with a new one, you hear prrraaaghhhh.

Really? Don’t tell me you just pooed!

“Yes, momma, I just pooed in a clean diaper. Wait, can you do your business in a messy toilet? I’m human too. Being a baby doesn’t make me less human.”

Then you  nod. “That’s true.” And you go changing the newly soiled diaper.

3.  Soiling their diaper and their gorgeous outfit when you’re set for an outing or on your way to an outing. 

This is like a complicated extension of the second point and it could so painful. In fact, it’s as painful as a betrayal.

“Oh baby, why? You’ve just broken my heart. You just ruined your dress!”

And baby is looking so innocent and wondering what she’s done wrong and saying to herself in a low voice, “So I can’t poo again because I’m wearing a dress?”

You’re the one who cares about the gorgeous dress, she doesn’t.

I know, right?

4.  Crying when someone else wants to carry them. 

I know this means they’ve reached a developmental milestone where they can recognize faces and prefer the familiar ones, the parents’ especially.

But it could be tiring sometimes, and also embarrassing to the stranger.

You carry a baby and she goes arrrgggghhhhh…. “Could you leave me with my momma, please?”

I tell my daughter, “I know you’re used to seeing my face but you have to get comfortable with seeing other faces. You can’t always be with me. I can’t always carry you.”

She goes, “I know, I’ll get there. But for now, carry me.”

Then you carry her, she stops crying and smiles at you.

“Thank you, momma. You’re the best.”

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5.  Wanting to you to play with them non-stop.

I understand that this is a good thing. It’s such a pleasure to watch your little one laughing and giggling as you throw her up and make some funny faces and sounds but it can be tiring especially if you have a little one who wants to be thrown up for as long as they can (like mine).

You’re the one carrying them and bearing their whole weight. You’re the one who has some other tasks to accomplish. The only tasks they accomplish are sleeping, eating, playing, and pooing.

When you’re tired of playing with them, they give you a look that says, “But how much do I weigh that you can’t throw me up for one hour non-stop?”

“How can you be tired of playing with a cutie like me?”

“My dear, it has nothing to do with your cuteness. I’m tired and I’ve got loads of other things to do,” says momma.

6.  Wanting to feed anywhere, I mean anywhere.

To be honest, I can feed my baby anywhere. I still don’t understand how I’m able to do that but I do anyway because I’d rather do that than have my baby cry incessantly in the public. I don’t want unnecessary attention drawn to us.

But sometimes, it’s annoying. Like, don’t you get it? This place isn’t convenient!

That’s when babies will increase the decibel of their voices and refuse their pacifiers. Babies are not self-conscious. You’re the one who is, so they can eat anywhere.

7.  Waking up just a few minutes after putting them to sleep.

This happened to me some minutes ago and it was just the perfect timing because I was writing this post.

I’d just put my baby in her bed and hurried to the toilet to see if I could take a dump. Less than ten minutes, I heard her crying. I had to get off the toilet and hurry back into the room without taking as much as the tiniest dump.

“Hey, little one, can you just sleep and let me do my thing in peace?….Yes…. Thank you.”

She actually slept after feeding and being swaddled. But I’m still in bed writing.

8.  Interrupting you and your spouse when you’re about to have some action. 

Ohhhh. This isn’t as funny as it sounds. It’s more than annoying. It’s frustrating! Of course, it’s a given that having a baby significantly affects a couple’s sex life.

Couples know and have accepted that but the few times when you want to compensate yourself for accepting this fact, some babies will protest by crying.

I guess they sense that the process that brought them into the world is about to take place and they’re not ready to give up their place as the reigning prince/princess of the family.

My baby has been quite considerate in this regard but that doesn’t mean there’s a lot of action going on.

She takes most of my time and the little free time I have, I try to be human and do some other things like writing this post.

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9.  I’d initially stopped at number 8 but this happened and I just had to add it- waking up when you’re about to get a few minutes of sweet sleep. 

I had been awake for hours writing this post and attending to my little one before she eventually fell asleep.

Then I dropped my writing devices to have about one hour sleep before joining a webinar that was to hold in two hours.

Less than thirty minutes into slumberland, she woke up to feed and was later rocked to sleep.

But I’m here concluding this post and waiting for my webinar to start in nine minutes.

So each time your ovaries vibrate when you see a baby’s picture, read this post again and be prepared for things to come.

Still, I’m grateful for the gift of motherhood.

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Sunday 25th of November 2018

Lol! The Lord is ur muscle. I refuse to be scared sha

Fapohunda Ayobami

Friday 23rd of November 2018

Aunty Mabel, I must say this is quite a funny, interesting and educative post especially for singles who look forward into motherhood. Motherhood is such a great joy all the same!

Fadoju Catherine

Wednesday 21st of November 2018

Hmmmm, everything was well said. EVERYTHING!!! Still, I'm grateful to God for the experience.


Wednesday 21st of November 2018

I can so relate. In read no 1 and I laughed cause LO did same to me last Thursday when I'm suppose to be in church to handle the praise n worship session. Was just talking to him. Even reported to hubby. Lol

Constance Ose Oko-oboh

Wednesday 21st of November 2018

With these motherhood experiences, I beg, I'm not even ready ? I traveled over the weekend and I had to change my nephews soiled diaper. He ran away and I was about to eat so I let him be. By the time I was done eating, he had slept off on the floor. His brothers didn't even notice. Meanwhile, I was traveling that day. So I had to struggle to change a diaper with a sleeping 10month old baby. It was successful ? but the poop stained his cloth a little. Those ones that are like overalls. It was a struggle Mehn. Mothers are really trying. Dara is so adorable.