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Wish app and Reviews : Real Customers Reviews

Wish app and Reviews : Real Customers Reviews

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Think aggressive advertisement, think Wish.

As in, the wish app/website ( is everywhere- Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube. They’re all up in our faces and we, or I, am usually tempted to click on the ad and see what they have for me. Not to talk of the promise of ridiculously cheap prices of products. They sure know that people love cheap things.

So I’ve been on the Wish app/Wish website( so many times and I’ve added some items in my cart but I’ve not paid for them because I wasn’t quite sure about the Wish app/Wish website (

Apart from the outrageously cheap prices of products, I’m also quite sceptical of paying import tax in my country of residence. Two other major concerns are the duration of delivery and the quality of the products.

I took to Facebook and asked my friends if they’ve ever ordered anything off the Wish app or Wish website ( Interestingly, some people shared their online shopping experience on the Wish app/Wish website (

Read their Wish Website Reviews below:
“Order at your own risk, every damn thing there is crap.”- Mmayen.


“My cart is filled but my mind keeps saying cheap will tear your pocket, babe.”- Morenike.


“I’ve ordered so many things there. And if you feel unsatisfied, return and get your money back.”- Fehin.


“I have ordered from Wish. One of the things I ordered, the quality was so high that I was dazed. Some might be of good quality, some might be of minimum quality. I do order a lot from Wish. I just pick my size, that’s all.

Another thing is, if you get your orders and want to return for one reason or the other, they will refund your money and tell you not to bother returning it (maybe they consider the stress of returning). Talking from experience. The same thing happened to a sis I introduced to Wish as well. Some of the kids’ clothes didn’t fit one of them, her money was refunded and she was told not to bother returning the clothes (actually the stress of returning using the guidelines on their page is much for me, so probably they understand).

No tax. Only the total you already paid, that’s all. Also, my own goods do arrive even before the estimated date.
I usually order different things. Clothes, bags, shoes, etc. For the size, it’s simple. I have my tape rule to be sure of the size before choosing. Better still, choose a bigger size. Slim fitting is better than getting a smaller size.”- Blessing.


“I actually have a good experience shopping on Wish……. I am satisfied with the product.  Though some of the items I ordered came before the delivery date and some passed, but one thing I love is that, you don’t stress to get your money back once it passed your delivery date and your order isn’t yet delivered.
If you ask for your money a day after delivery date it will be refunded and your item will still delivered eventually and you will be told to keep it.”- Taiwo.


“I do order from Wish. Good experience. I want to order Xmas gifts now. If you pay for express shipping, within one week you will get your things.”- Omobukola.


“I have and I didn’t pay any tax, only that it took ages before the stuff arrived. Had even forgotten about it before postman popped it via my door. And again, their stuff is more or less fake. So, I won’t dare ordering anything from Wish again although the stuff looks good in picture but not that real.”- Beloved.


“I’ve got people who do. It only takes too long a time. I don’t have that patience.”- Fife.


“It came before the delivery date and in good shape, plus no tax.”- Olawunmi.


“I have – only once though. It took forever to get to me. Put me off ordering again.”- Adenike.


“I have ordered from Wish. It takes a while to deliver but they will deliver. I haven’t had any problems with them, but then again, I don’t use them very often.”- Maureen.


“I have. I got a winter boot from them. Quality not too bad.”- Jennifer.


“I shop on Wish a lot. Very good experience. Good refund policy too.”- Georgina.


“I have but be prepared to be wait up to 21 days. Out of everything I bought which includes clothing, it’s only 2 that I found useful. I would rather buy from eBay.”- Temitope.

“I have ordered on Wish before. They have inferior goods for cheaper prices and they also charge tax e.g $10 wristwatch may come with $4 tax.”- Samson.


“Things might not look exactly as the picture and the quality may not be great….but I mean it’s affordable. You can try with few items and the shipping takes like 2 weeks or more…lol…so don’t order for things you need urgently.”- OluwaFavour.


“Don’t dare! I have heard good reviews but  I have a bad experience with Wish.”- Semilore.


“I have many times because I wanted cheap stuff but it ended up in a waste of money! They sell inferior goods. Why spend money on something that will end up being useless?”- Dolapo.


“In Europe, yes. But they take forever to deliver.”- Rosemary.


“Well, it was mostly Christmas decorations and some gadgets. I received some, some are still on the way.  Had no problem with them.  They were of good quality for the price.”- Abosede.


“I got very good stuff from Wish.”- Alani.


“Wish is good, all my friends buy from Wish. I just don’t like their shipping prices so I buy every time from Ali express which is cheaper and no shipping fees for me.”- Uche.


“I won’t even dare it. Those cheap craps are only as beautiful as they look online. I bought from popreal earlier this year ‘cos I wanted a mom & me outfits for me and my daughter. The dresses were like masquerade clothes, I returned and it took them like 4 months to refund me.”- Wande.


“I have. I do all the time. They are good products. I love those guys.”- Boavintura.


“The delivery was timely. But the things eh… Let’s just say nothing good comes cheap, especially as cheap as on Wish.”- Vera.


“I’ve got very good things from there. And not so good. My problem is that delivery takes forever.”- Toyin.


Mixed feelings? I know, right? Well, the choice is yours. Maybe when I eventually pay for the items in my cart, I’ll give my personal review of the Wish app/Wish website ( But until then, I guess these reviews will guide you in your online shopping on Wish. After all, the taste of the pudding is in the eating.

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Sunday 7th of June 2020

The worst app ever created on earth is wish not only they keep changing delivery date they transfere u to atyping machine where there is no question u can ask or anything and it's cheap shit from China I won't order from this trash even if it was the I my website it's been more than one month and I still have to wait for another month to get some items .I'm stupid it's scam web or app any app with good reputation always let u ask call change but to try hard to cancel or check date of delivery but no way .fuck wish my ass


Thursday 11th of June 2020

So sorry for your experience, Mike. It could be really frustrating. I guess I'm lucky because I'm yet to order anything off the website.


Tuesday 28th of April 2020

Please can someone explain how where to pickup goods ordered from wish app ....I have been getting hard time to figure out how to go about it...I'm even thinking may be my money as gone because I have ordered series of item since February up till this moment ...I see nothing ..can someone please help me out.. God bless