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10 Things Men Do In Bed That Women Hate

10 Things Men Do In Bed That Women Hate

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For some reason, some men think that they are great in bed; it is probably a thing of ego for them to assume that they have got it all figured out during s*x.

But surely, women will agree that some of the things men assume women enjoy or things they do unconsciously are actually things women hate.

If you are a man who wants to make sure his woman is comfortable in the bedroom, read on to see if there is something you need to adjust.

10 Things Men Do In Bed That Women Hate

1. Skipping Or Rushing Foreplay

Honestly, where are the men who do this rushing to?

There are two reasons why men skip foreplay; it is either selfishness or they don’t know better. When a man is selfish, he is only concerned about his own pleasure. He just wants to thrust, reach orgasm and get it over with.

For those who don’t know better, they believe a little touch here and there is enough to get a woman there.

But it is actually not that easy to get a woman aroused, at least, it’s not as easy as that of men. You have to take your time with foreplay.

In fact, many women don’t reach orgasm easily and the foreplay is either what will get them there or that’s the highest pleasure they will get during physical intimacy.

So please, men, do better.

2. Insisting On Orgasm

Like I mentioned earlier, women don’t orgasm easily. In fact, research agrees that many women have never climaxed, especially through penetration.

So, insisting on orgasm or saying things like, “Cum for me, baby” is a huge turn-off.

Yeah, it might sound sexy to you or maybe it’s about your ego but imagine her frustration when she is trying to climax, not reaching it and here you are pressuring her to.

On the other hand, if a woman tells you how to make her climax, listen to her. Don’t insist on doing it your own way and expecting her to reach orgasm when you want.

3. Unhygienic

For some reason, many men think personal hygiene is feminine. They don’t say it in so many words but they act like they believe it.

Please, men, shaving the armpit and down below (at least trimming it) is not a “woman” thing. It is a “human” thing. No woman wants to give you head and be battling with hair and getting hair in her mouth.

Brush your teeth and take a shower before bed. Don’t expect her to get turned on when you are packing all the day’s sweat; it’s just not attractive.

4. Gagging During Oral S*x

Men, giving you a BJ is not that easy when you are trying to push the head of your woman down to take you in and expect her not to gag.

We all gag even from brushing our teeth and sticking the brush far down our throat. So imagine expecting women not to gag when you are insisting on thrusting deep down her throat.

5. Refusing to use protection

Women get the short end of the stick when s*x is unprotected. Studies show that women are more prone to STIs, and we all know women are the ones who carry pregnancy.

If she insists that you wear protection, she doesn’t want to know whether you are clean or that she is on the pill. She simply wants you to wear protection. If she doesn’t want to take the risk, her fears are valid.

6. Insisting on lasting for hours

Some men believe that the longer they last in bed, the better they are at s*x. While not lasting at all is not a good idea, there is also something to be said for it being too much.

If you can get her to climax, she is okay with you not going on and on. And if you can’t – because most women do not reach orgasm through penetration anyway – let it go, reach yours and do a good clitoral stimulation to get her there.

7. Staying Silent

Imagine having s*x with someone who makes no sound. You don’t have to make too much noise because that’s also a huge turn-off, but let her know she is doing it with a breathing human.

A periodic moan or groan is not a bad idea. She wants to know you are enjoying it as much as she is.

8. Thrusting too deep

Some women like it when men thrust deep and most of them voice it out. However, for many women, it is actually painful when you insist on hitting their cervix. And you really need to read the room during s*x.

Is she moaning in pain or pleasure? That could tell you whether she likes it or not. But to be safe, it might be better not to and do it only when she explicitly requests you do.

9. Manhandling Her

Some men don’t know the difference between a caress and manhandling. You shouldn’t think about sticking your fingers in her when she is not yet wet or latch on her nipples like you are breastfeeding.

You are supposed to be making love, not war.

Stick to gentle caresses, sucking and licking.

10. Trying new things without permission

We all know there are certain things you can try with your partner for the first time without announcement and there are just certain things you need to ask for permission.

Don’t go anywhere near her anus or try to get it on with her in public, for instance, without her permission.

Just because your friend said his girl loves it doesn’t mean she will. It is simply cautious to discuss it beforehand and ask for her opinion on it before trying it.

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