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6 Things That Make You Great in Bed

6 Things That Make You Great in Bed

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There are so many self-proclaimed s*x gods around. In some cases, they might be right but in most cases, they are just delusional. This is because being great in bed is more about your partner than about you. 

Your supposed greatness in bed makes no sense if your partner cannot feel it. It is your ability to make your partner experience great pleasure while getting yours that determines whether you deserve to be called a s*x god or not. 

But this is it; anybody can be a s*x god; anybody can be a great s*x partner.

S*x is an act; it is not a talent. So it is not something that certain people can be good at because of their natural ability. 

If you know the things that make you great in bed, you will be great in bed. And that is what we will be discussing in this article; the things that can make you great in bed.

1. You Are Not Selfish

Selfish people are terrible in bed; it is that straightforward. This is because like I said, being great in bed is about your partner; it is not about you. If your partner doesn’t enjoy what’s happening, then your greatness is nothing. 

And that’s why selfish people cannot be great at s*x because they are only concentrated on their own pleasure. So, when you concentrate on making sure your partner is enjoying the act as much as you are, then you can say that you are great at s*x.

2. You Are Willing To Learn

As I mentioned earlier, being great at s*x is not a talent, it has not been given to some people. It is something anybody can be great at. The only difference is our individual willingness to learn. 

People who are great at s*x never feel like they know it all; they are always seeking avenues to get better at it. 

If you don’t think that you are the best and there is nothing more to learn; even if you are not there yet, it is only a matter of time before you start hearing your partner commend you for what happens in the bedroom.

3. You Listen To Your Partner

When it comes to s*x, there are two ways to listen; listening to what they say and listening to their body. 

For the former, it entails hearing your partner when they tell you what they like. Some people will sit you down to explain what they like and don’t like when it comes to s*x.

Some will throw it out there in the middle of a conversation, and it doesn’t matter whether the conversation was about s*x or not. Your role is to pay attention and put what they say to heart. 

In the case of the latter, you need to listen when the deed is happening. Listen for gasps, sighs, and moans.

If you suddenly touch them somewhere and they moan louder, that means that’s something they love.

You should also listen for signs of pain or displeasure. 

Although we advocate that people communicate and be honest about their feelings, some people are too scared to voice it out for fear of hurting their partner’s feelings.

So, if you can go the extra mile to listen to your partner’s body, you will be one of the people who are said to know what to do even without your partner saying anything. 

4. You Are Open-Minded 

Some people are so close-minded when it comes to s*x. It is either their way or nothing.

To them, certain things are normal and that’s that.

But people who are good in bed are open-minded, they keep their mind open to learning new things and what could be the next best thing as regards s*x.

5. You are adventurous

That means you are ready to spice things up and you are ready to go the extra mile to make sure you and your partner enjoy great s*x.

You are not the kind of person who is bound by “normal”.

Your partner is sure that you are ready to try new things even when you have never tried it before.

6. You Don’t Let Your Partner Do All The Work 

One of the complaints many men have about women who they claim are bad in bed is that they say these women are stiff and let them do all the work.

The women don’t get involved and this frustrates them. 

Nobody wants to be in bed with someone who acts like they were forced to be there.

Participate; it shows your partner that you are interested in what’s happening and in giving them pleasure as much as they are working to give you pleasure. 

That’s why if you know your mind is preoccupied; you should probably talk about them or let it go before s*x, so you can actively participate during the act.

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