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20 Cute, Funny, and Harmless Pranks for Couples

20 Cute, Funny, and Harmless Pranks for Couples

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There is a little child on the inside of every one of us begging to be let out. I believe we will live fuller lives if we let it out once in a while.  

Of course, we are adults and there are so many adult businesses to take care of but as the old saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

There is a need to regularly take a step back from all the hustle and bustle of life to play like children.

It is even more important in relationships. There is a time for seriousness and there is a time to play.

One of the habits of happy couples is playing together. Playful couples are happy couples. 

What better way to play than to pull funny but harmless pranks on your partner?

In case you are finding it difficult to come up with ideas, I have got you covered with twenty funny pranks to pull on your partner.

Funny Pranks for Couples 

1. Rearrange Their Drawers

This is especially fun if your partner is a sucker for organization.

Rearrange their drawer by putting their underwear in the drawer where they put something else and take those to the drawer for the underwear.

You can also rearrange the file cabinet; don’t mess it up too bad that they wouldn’t be able to find anything.

2. Put Colouring In The Hand Wash Bottle

Make sure it is colouring that can wash off easily or last, at least, a day if your partner is someone that can handle that.

But if you want it to last a day, make it on the weekends when they don’t have to go to work.

3. Swap Their Favourite shirt With A Similar One

Get a similar but smaller or a lot bigger size of their favourite shirt and replace it. Then, sit back and watch them wonder why the shirt has suddenly gotten smaller or bigger.

4. Change The Language Setting On Their Phone

This will always be funny, watching them wonder if they changed it themselves or their phone is simply malfunctioning.

Make sure that you can change the language back; don’t do this if you won’t be able to change the language setting back to their default language.

5. Coat The Bar Soap With Nail Polish

Coat the soap with nail polish so it doesn’t lather when they need it. Ensure there’s an extra bar they can use later.

6. Buy A Second Remote To Change The Channel Secretly

Funny pranks for Couples

Buy a second remote control and when your partner is watching a particular channel, you can change the channel secretly.

Imagine the fun when your partner thinks something is wrong with the television set. 

7. Mix Up The Sugar And Salt

Funny pranks for Couples

You can do this before they leave for work and have a laugh watching them drink salted tea or coffee or cereal.

8. Put Some Honey/Jam on Their Lips When They’re Asleep

It’d be fun to see them wake up with a sweet taste in their mouth. 

9. Set Their Phone Alarm To Go Off After Every Minute/Hour

I will not recommend doing this during the night if you have a partner who finds it difficult to sleep or get cranky when they are woken up.

The idea is to set the alarm on their phone to ring every minute or hour; it can be so frustrating and it will be a good laugh for you.

10. Do The Song Lyrics Prank

This is another prank that I love. What you need to do is find the lyrics of a song about heartbreak or breakup or even something completely unrelated to relationships and send to them as text.

Start a thread with the first line of the lyrics and continue the conversation with the lyrics no matter what they say in response.

Remember not to use a love song because the idea is to confuse them and not make them feel lovey-dovey.

11. Text Them That You Have A Confession To Make And Refuse To Pick Your Call

Text your partner and let them know you have something to tell them or that you have a confession to make or even something dramatic like, “I’m sorry I kept this from you all this while but I’m ready to talk about it now.”

Then switch off your phone or refuse to pick the call. Don’t let it drag on for too long though, and when you eventually pick their call, tell them something nice.

12. Paint The Tips Of Their Pen

This works especially if your partner is someone that uses their pen a lot. Paint the tips with nail polish to prevent it from working.

But make sure it’s not an expensive pen or the pen they love so much. You can also provide a better replacement for them so the fun would be worth it. 

13. Send Them A Gift Box With A Note Inside

Send them an empty gift box with a note inside that reads, “Better luck next time” or “maybe you will be lucky next time” or any other variation. I would use this if I want to pay back for a prank they pulled on me.

14. Put a Leaf or Sticky Note in Between their Lips While Sleeping 

It’d be fun when they wake up to find a leaf or sticky note in their mouth especially if they’re a deep sleeper. 

To make it romantic, you can write something nice on the sticky paper. 

Hopefully, they don’t chew it. Lol. 

15. Add Soda Into The Bottle Of Water In The Fridge

Add soda or any non-alcoholic drink into the bottle of water in the fridge and have a good laugh watching them wonder why the water is tasty.

16. Set Their Clock An Hour Earlier

Funny pranks for Couples

Set the clock an hour early, so they can go into work an hour early and discover they missed out on one hour of sleep.

17. Dig A Hole With A Towel Over It

This is so fun during an outdoor picnic or when you go to the beach. If your partner is not there, dig a hole big enough for them to fall in and then set their towel or blanket on the hole. They will fall into the hole when they are trying to sit down.

18. Change Your Name On Their Phone

Change your name on their phone. This will give them a hard time finding you on their contact list.

When they eventually dial your number, they’ll be surprised at the new name. 

This will also be a test to know if they know your number by heart.

19. Place Confetti Inside Their Umbrella

Put confetti or flowers inside their umbrella so when they open it to use, the confetti will fall all over them.

20. Replace The Cream In The Oreos With Butter or Mayonnaise

Funny pranks for Couples

Replacing the cream in the Oreos with butter or mayonnaise and watch their expression. 

I will like to emphasise, however, that pranks are only acceptable if they are harmless. Don’t go overboard with it. For instance, adding ingredients that they are allergic to, to their meal is not harmless and should be avoided.

Also, be sensitive to the feelings of your partner; if you see that they are not finding it funny, put a stop to it immediately. The goal is to make your partner laugh and not end up in the ICU or give them a bad day.

Funny pranks for Couples

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