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12 Fun Things to Do in Bed with Your Spouse

12 Fun Things to Do in Bed with Your Spouse

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What is it about beds/bedrooms anyway?

A bed/bedroom is a place of relaxation, comfort, and rest.

For married couples, it could be much more; much more than a place to sleep and copulate.

It could be a place to establish intimacy and have fun.

There are other fun/intimate activities you can do together as a couple in bed/bedroom apart from sleeping and copulating.

Here are 12 fun activities to do together in bed/bedroom:

Fun Things to Do in Bed with your Spouse 

1. Pillow talks

This is one of the ways you can establish intimacy with your partner in your matrimonial bed.

Talk about silly or serious things while you look at each other in the eyes. It could happen with or without physical intimacy.

Communication is a way to bond, and doing that in bed could be magical.

Shut yourselves out of the world’s chaos and revel in your little world together.

2. Pillow fights

Don’t let your marriage get too serious that you can’t play silly with your spouse.

Marriage is fun when you know when to behave as an adult and as a child.

I know life could be serious with responsibilities to fulfill and bills to pay.

But in the midst of all the seriousness, taking time to play with your spouse like a child who has no care in the world can do your marriage a world of good.

3. Cuddling

Enjoying the warmth of each other’s body in bed is a way to connect with your loved one.

Enjoy early morning cuddles before you start the day and late in the night before you sleep.

4. Eat

Sometimes, ditch the dining table and eat in bed with your partner.

It could be breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even snacks.

If your beddings get stained, you’ll change them.

Having fun with your spouse is more important than pieces of clothes.

5. Play games

Playing games in bed is a way to have fun in the bedroom.

Play your favorite game(s) in bed – scrabble, chess, monopoly, etc.

6. Watch movies

If you have a TV in your bedroom, chill with your spouse in bed while you watch Netflix or any TV show of your choice.

You can also watch movies on your PC.

Have some snacks or drinks as you watch.

7. Pray

There’s so much power in agreeing together in prayer as a couple.

Turn your bed into your altar and pray as a couple.

You can do this when you wake up in the morning, before going to bed at night, or at any time of your choice.

There’s no right time to pray. Anytime is the right time.

8. Read

I personally enjoy reading in bed.

You can read the same book together with your spouse or read different books while you share insights on whatever you read.

It’s a great thing for couples to seek knowledge together and add value to themselves. This also influences their marriage positively.

Knowledge is power. You can’t act beyond the level of your knowledge.

When you know better, you behave better.

9. View albums

Life is all about creating memories and pictures are ways to capture life’s beautiful memories.

You and your spouse can view the memories you’ve captured together in your photo albums to relive these pleasant memories.

10. Relax

You can just relish the comfort of a pleasant silence together.

No need for talking, moving, or doing anything extra. Just enjoy each other’s presence silently.

11. Settle a quarrel

Married couples have always been advised never to have separate bedrooms because it has the tendency to create a distance between them.

Physical distance could lead to emotional distance in this regard.

Couples who sleep in the same bed are more likely to settle disputes in bed faster than couples who sleep in separate bedrooms.

So, your bed could be your ‘court’ where you table your issues and solve them before going to sleep.

Settle your issues in bed and have makeup s*x if you desire.

12. Physical Intimacy 

While there are other places you can enjoy physical intimacy with your spouse, the bedroom is still one of the commonest places couples get it on.

Enjoy awesome romantic sessions with your spouse in your bed.

It’s your right. Enjoy it to the fullest!

Have a blissful marriage.

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