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10 Habits of Very Smart People

10 Habits of Very Smart People

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How do you know a smart person? Or what makes some people smart and some others not?

While nature could bestow on some people genes that make smartness an easy feat for them, smartness is often a product of a person’s regular actions which eventually become second nature to them.

A man becomes what he does on a regular basis. Thus, some things you do frequently can either make you smart or not.

Below are 10 habits of smart people

1.They think before they talk

Thinking before talking enables you to process your thoughts and your answer before opening your mouth.

And when you eventually talk, you say something sensible and helpful.

Smart people don’t just talk because they love the sound of their voice. They are not afraid to take their time to process their thoughts even if hundreds of eyes are on them.

If you want to be perceived as smart, practise the art of thinking before you talk. Let your mind lead the way before your mouth.

2. They practise the art of listening

Habits of Smart People

Listening is an art, not everyone can do it. That’s why some people get paid just to listen to others talk.

Smart people train themselves to listen to others’ spoken and unspoken words.

In listening, they understand more and come up with accurate deductions/conclusions.

3. They are observant

Smart people show intentional interest in their environment, including the people, in order to understand it more.

They are able to learn so much by being attentive to the world, people, and events around them.

4. They are addicted to learning

Woman in Black Crew Neck T-shirt Sitting on Books

Smart people love to learn either by themselves and from others.

A lot of smart people can boast of an enviable library. They spare no amount in acquiring materials to expand their knowledge base.

You can’t be smart if you’re close-minded, thinking you know it all.

As a matter of fact, close-mindedness is a precursor to foolishness.

How will you learn if you think the world revolves around you and what you know?

5. They are self-aware

Smart people are in tune with themselves. They understand their strengths, interests, motivations and limitations.

They are not tossed to and fro by every wind of opinion. They know they cannot be everything, know everything or be interested in everything.

Their understanding of themselves enables them to also understand others.

6. They have values and standards

Smart people have standards and values they live by.

They don’t believe in ‘anything or everything goes’.

They understand that a man’s character is defined by his values and standards.

Some of the common values of smart people are integrity, honesty, dependability, hard work, consistency and accountability.

7. They take responsibility for their life

Smart people do not believe in ‘whatever will be will be’.

They know whatever will be will be only if they make them be.

Great events don’t always happen by chance.

Smart people understand the principle of cause and effect; actions and consequences.

8. They are goal-setters and go-getters

Smart people know what they want and go for it.

They don’t expect to meet their goals by being a couch potato.

9. They welcome challenges

Habits of Smart People

Smart people see challenges as a means to learn new things, develop their capacity and maximize their potential.

They don’t back out of a task or an endeavor because it’s challenging. As a matter of fact, they’re motivated by challenges because their smartness is put to test.

Smart people know that growth cannot happen in a comfort zone.

You cannot be smart if you are only interested in easy things.

10. They practise humor

Habits of Smart People

One thing about smart people is that they have a good sense of humor.

While a good sense of humor may not come naturally to them, they make an effort to develop it.

This is why being smart is a quality anyone can work at having.

Because just as with any skill, a good sense of humor can be achieved through learning and practice.

Possessing a good sense of humor makes you fun to be with.

What’s smartness if you’re boring and people can’t wait to be out of your face?

So, smart people are witty, and this makes them endearing to people and makes people want to have them around.

If you’ve been thinking that smartness is only for some privileged set of people, this article should make you perish that thought.

Because with these ten habits, you too can become smart!

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