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How to Look Rich and Classy On a Budget

How to Look Rich and Classy On a Budget

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Have you ever wondered how to look rich and classy but on a budget?

Then you need to first believe that looking rich and classy is not so much about having money but about taking care of yourself and properly positioning yourself.

It also means being elegant and graceful.

You can look like a millionaire woman or a wealthy man even on a budget if you simply know how to appear sophisticated.

If you are interested in knowing more, follow me as I give you helpful tips on how to look rich and classy on a budget.

How to Look Rich in Photos

1. Invest in Affordable but Classy Wears

Many people erroneously believe that they need to have a bunch of money in their bank account to look a certain way.

But that is false.

There are many thrift and second-hand stores selling fashionable pieces at affordable prices.

There are also online stores that sell unbelievably affordable and stylish wears and accessories.

And if it is not beyond budget, you can also buy a few designers to mix up your wardrobe a little.

Some accessories like enamel pins can also do the trick as enamel pins are gaining popularity as a fashion trend. All you have to do is to be a little creative with your choices. Make sure to choose the pins that have designs that suit your personality and style. Don’t go for the first one you see. Be choosy and have fun with it!

Invest in good shoes as well, especially in universal colours like black, white, or brown that you can wear with different things without looking tacky.

2. Be Fashionable

You can buy the most expensive wears, but if you don’t know how to wear them, you will still look tacky.

So, the secret to dressing well is buying good clothes (by good, I mean not messy) and knowing how to wear them.

Thankfully, the internet is there to help if you need help combining your colours and designs.

All you have to do is search for what works for your body type and you will have many ideas.

Also make sure your clothes are clean and well-pressed or the purpose will be defeated.

If you look put together in your pictures, you will look rich and classy.

3. Groom Well

Your clothes are not the only thing that would matter in a picture.

If you are wearing quality pieces but your hair is a mess or your teeth has visible stains when you smile, this will translate to your pictures.

If you really want to look rich in your photos, then you should focus on grooming well as well.

4. Know Your Angles

Some people don’t know their angles, so they take pictures as they see fit and wonder why it doesn’t look as good as they had hoped.

You need to know your best camera angles so, you can leverage on the best angles and come out looking great in pictures.

5. Use Good a Camera

A good camera will give you a quality picture whereas a bad camera will give you a bad quality picture, which will defeat the entire purpose of dressing well to take a picture.

Make sure the camera can give you the image you are going for; which is a rich look and not a shabby look.

How to Look Rich at School

6. Be Confident

Confidence is always attractive.

And since the goal is to look rich and classy, if you exude confidence in school, you will most likely be thought rich.

Sometimes, the difference between you and the most popular students in your school is simply confidence.

It is not always about their looks or intelligence but how they carry themselves.

You need to carry yourself the way you want to be addressed.

7. Read Wide and Be Well-Informed

how to look rich and classy on a budget

One of the ways you can be confident is if you can hold an intelligent conversation across all subjects.

If you are in a group and you can’t contribute meaningfully to the discussion, hardly can you feel confident in such a group.

But if you have one or two things to add to the conversation, it makes you feel like you are at par with the people around you.

And confidence, as I said earlier, is attractive.

What I am saying, in essence, is that you need to read wide and be well-informed. You should pay attention to your studies and also read beyond the curriculum.

And I am not saying know everything about everything because I don’t think that is possible in the first place; knowledge is constantly being updated.

Instead, according to a piece of sage advice I heard some time ago, know something about everything, no matter how little.

8. Dress Well

It doesn’t matter if you wear uniforms to school or not, you can look rich in school uniforms and you can look classy in other wears.

You just have to make sure that you buy styles that will make you look rich and polished.

Looking messy to school will make you look like the opposite of rich and that’s not something you want.

Now, don’t think I am saying you need to go beyond budget to dress well; you can get affordable wears that are fashionable and fit your body.

If you are wearing a uniform and it’s too big or too small, you should alter it to fit your body.

You can even take it a step further by going on the internet to find ideas for your body type and how to match designs and colours.

9. Invest Time in Looking Good

There is no way you can look rich if you don’t pay attention to how you look.

Are you well-groomed or just messy?

I usually say nobody is really ugly; you have just not been paying attention.

If you pay a little more attention, you will find that you are actually not that bad-looking.

Do you shower or take a bath daily?

Do you brush your teeth twice a day to deal with any foul smell?

Do you take care of your hair and make sure it looks good?

Do you invest in deodorants?

Do you wash and iron your cloth to look polish and put-together?

All these are things you need to pay attention to and you don’t have to spend so much to achieve this.

10. Know Basic Etiquette

Rich people are elegant and well-mannered.

In fact, some rich families hire tutors to teach their children etiquette; that’s how much they prioritise it.

So, if you want to look rich, you need to learn and practice basic etiquette.

If you are acting uncouth all over the school, you will most likely not be considered rich.

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