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”Is My Husband Embarrassed By Me?” 6 Signs Your Husband is Ashamed of You

”Is My Husband Embarrassed By Me?” 6 Signs Your Husband is Ashamed of You

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What can make a woman ask, “Is my husband embarrassed by me?”

Is it even possible that a husband can feel embarrassed by his wife?

Embarrassment is a feeling of self-consciousness or shame that is often accompanied by a desire to hide or retreat.

It can be triggered by a variety of circumstances, such as making a mistake, feeling inferior, or being the focus of unwanted attention.

Perhaps you’re in the league of women who share the same concern and are looking for signs to confirm whether or not your partner feels ashamed of you.

You’re in the right place.

Read on to get the appropriate answers to your questions.

“I like to be embarrassed,” says no one ever.

If your man is embarrassed by you, your self-esteem and sense of self-worth might suffer a huge blow.

The big question is, how do you know when your husband feels amused by the silly things you do and when it becomes a full-blown embarrassment to him?

I’ve put together some of the top possible signs that answer the question, ”Is my husband embarrassed by me?”


Is My Husband Embarrassed by Me? 6 Signs That He Is

1. Your Husband Avoids Showing Affection or Physical Affection Towards You in Public

Is My Husband Embarrassed Of Me


Let’s say you and your husband are at a party with a group of friends.

You lean in for a hug or a kiss, and your husband pulls away or resists the gesture.

He’s also not initiating the display of affection, yet he resists when you do.

This avoidance of physical affection could be a sign that your husband is feeling embarrassed by you in front of others.

Maybe he is self-conscious about how the gesture will be perceived by others, or he is not comfortable displaying affection towards you in public.

It is normal for couples to show affection towards each other in private, but in a healthy relationship, couples should also feel comfortable expressing affection towards each other in public.

After all, you are married.

You are not his side chick or mistress.

So, if your husband is avoiding showing affection towards you in public, he might be feeling embarrassed by you, especially if you know that he is not the shy type and he is not averse to public displays of affection.


2. He Avoids Introducing You to New People or Introducing You as His Spouse

One of the most obvious signs that your husband is embarrassed by you is if he avoids introducing you to new people or fails to introduce you as his spouse.

For instance, you and your husband are at a business function, and your husband fails to introduce you to his colleagues.

Even if he does, he simply says your name and does not mention that you are his spouse.

Or whenever you meet new friends of his, he doesn’t introduce you. 

Your husband may be embarrassed by you and is not comfortable acknowledging your relationship in front of others.

He is not proud of his relationship with you and is ashamed of being associated with you in public.

Because, tell me why would your husband not want to introduce you as his wife? 

Is it because he is ashamed of your appearance, your behavior, or something else about you?

I don’t know, but he does.


3. He Evades Your Questions About Embarrassment

Is My Husband Embarrassed Of Me

Maybe you have noticed that your husband has been avoiding introducing you to new people or showing affection towards you in public.

When you bring up these behaviors and ask him if he is feeling embarrassed by you, he becomes evasive or changes the subject.

There is a high chance he wants to scream a ‘yes’ to you, but he doesn’t want to be cruel.

Just because he feels embarrassed by you doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. 

If you have brought up the topic of embarrassment with your husband and he evades your questions or avoids the topic altogether, he is obviously not comfortable discussing the issue with you.

If he’s not embarrassed by you, he’ll be shocked by your question and immediately alleviate your fears and concerns.

However, his avoidance of the conversation could be a defense mechanism to protect his own feelings or to avoid confrontation.


4. He Steers You Away From Possibly Awkward Situations

Is My Husband Embarrassed By Me

Do you think you’re witty, but your husband thinks otherwise?

If he actively tries to take you away from scenarios where you’ll get to show how witty you are (aka disgrace yourself), then he’s embarrassed by you.

If, for instance, you and your husband are invited to a party.

You are excited to attend and meet new people, but your husband seems hesitant and suggests that the two of you stay home instead.

When you ask him why, he says that he doesn’t think the party will be very interesting and that it will be more fun to stay in.

The truth is that your husband might be concerned that you may say or do something that will embarrass him.

One of the benefits of being married is having a partner to attend social events and functions with.

If your husband is reluctant to attend these events with you, he might be ashamed of you because he feels you might cause him social humiliation.


5. He Doesn’t Want To Make Your Marriage Official On Social Media

What was life like before the advent of the internet?

Can anyone recall?

Well, the internet is here, and it is here to stay.

In today’s world, social media plays a significant role in our lives.

For many couples, making their relationship “official” on social media is a way to celebrate and share their love with others.

If your husband is hesitant or unwilling to make your marriage official on social media, he could be feeling embarrassed by you.

Otherwise, why is he not proud to make his marriage official on social media if he doesn’t have any genuine reasons not to?

Maybe you even post a picture of the two of you together.

And when you show the post to your husband, he becomes uncomfortable and asks you to delete it or untag him.

I get that some people are private and like to keep their business off social media, but it’s not like you are sharing details of your family on the internet or asking him to.

It’s understandable if he’s not on social media or if he’s not a fan of it, but if he is a regular or heavy user who has no problems with posting about other aspects of his life or relationships, then why not your marriage?

It’s possible that he doesn’t want to seem tied down or unavailable to potential admirers.

But if he truly loves and is committed to you, shouldn’t he be proud to show the world that you are his partner?


6. He is Visibly Uncomfortable or Anxious When You Express Your Thoughts or Opinions in Front of Others

As the saying goes, “Actions speak louder than words.”

If your husband looks unsettled when you express your thoughts or opinions in front of others, he is surely embarrassed by you.

Perhaps he’s afraid of being judged or criticized by others or lacks respect for your thoughts and opinions.

For example, you guys are at a dinner party with a group of friends.

The conversation turns to a topic that you are passionate about, and you begin to share your thoughts and ideas.

As you speak, you notice that your husband becomes increasingly fidgety and anxious.

He avoids making eye contact with you and keeps glancing at the other guests as if he is worried about their reactions.

And if he makes eye contact, it’s to shut you up.

When the conversation ends, your husband quickly changes the subject and avoids talking about the topic any further.

He is embarrassed by you and is not comfortable with your thoughts and opinions being shared in front of others.


If you think your husband is embarrassed by you, have a conversation with him about how his actions are making you feel.

He might not be aware of the impact of his actions, or there may be other underlying issues that need to be addressed.

Having a healthy and respectful dialogue will enable you to work towards finding solutions and strengthening your relationship.

Most importantly, be open-minded and ask him to be honest with you. 

It’s not going to be easy for him to share reasons why he’s embarrassed by you.

You might be hurt, but don’t be defensive.

Consider things from his perspective, and you might realize that you need to work on some things.

And if you realize there’s nothing about you that needs to be changed, then the problem is from him and not you.

No matter what, don’t let his actions ruin your self-esteem or make you question your self-worth.

Sometimes, our partner’s actions have absolutely nothing to do with us.

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Tuesday 12th of December 2023

I ran into the stranger at the supermarket, who had followed me around town many times during the past year. He didn't even live in the area he was popping up in. He acted ashamed of being seen with his wife at the store, as I passed the couple in the aisle. He stopped and hung around the area where I needed an item. While his wife walked off with the cart, none the wiser of his intentions, he stood in the aisle, appearing to be focused on the food items for a couple of minutes. I quickly excused myself, grabbed my food item, and walked briskly to the checkout. Obsessive behavior or stalking could be another reason for the embarrassment of a partner.


Saturday 11th of November 2023

My husband was embarrassed or was too stupid to introduce me as his wife when I was skinny.What makes me think he is not worse as a Fatty??? 🤦🤦🤦