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10 Reasons A Married Man Falls In Love With A Married Woman

10 Reasons A Married Man Falls In Love With A Married Woman

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Why would a married man fall in love with a married woman who isn’t his wife?

This is a very valid question because often when a married man has an affair, it is assumed that it is with a single lady.

I mean, that makes more “sense” than it being with another married person, right?

But the truth is that, in reality, when it comes to cheating, nothing really makes sense because the act in itself is an abnormal one.

So anything can happen.

A married man can have an affair with a married woman who’s not his wife and even fall in love with her.


I’ll tell you why.

10 Reasons A Married Man Falls In Love With A Married Woman

1. Companionshipreasons a married man falls in love with a married woman

Companionship can make a married man fall in love with a married woman.

Humans are social beings, and loneliness is not one of our favorite things.

If a married man lacks companionship, especially from his wife, it can create a void.

And feelings will be built if this companionship void is somehow filled by another woman, even if she’s married.

This can happen when their spouses are away, e.g. due to relocation or work transfers.

A long-distance relationship can take its toll on one or both parties and if they happen to meet another married person who ticks their fancy in this period of loneliness, the result may be an affair.

When married people seek or unintentionally find companionship in other people, many things can happen.

As a married person, even if you didn’t plan to fall in love with someone else, your emotions can betray you because of what that person brings.

When it comes to seeking companionship outside of your marriage, it’s better not to start at all than to start and see how far it takes you.

These things can get complicated pretty fast, and you may not like where it ends.

2. Common interests

Common interests are another primary reason people fall in love.

Regardless of their marital status, a bond can be created if they share many common interests.

Especially if they engage in or talk about these interests together.

Affections always flow where attention goes.

Feelings can come into the picture, albeit unintentionally.

If a married man who loves traveling happens to meet someone else’s wife on one of his trips, and she happens to be a travel lover too,

They may click particularly if their respective spouses are not interested in traveling.

Traveling (or whatever interest they share) can create a spark between them, causing the man to fall in love with a married woman.

3. Shared experiencesreasons a married man falls in love with a married woman

If common interests can create a bond, then shared experiences will solidify that bond.

When people go through experiences or seasons together, they start becoming attached.

Have you ever spent much time with someone you never thought you could be attracted to, only to start getting fond of them after some time?

That’s it there!

Time spent together engaging in shared activities or even just random activities creates an attachment between people.

A married man can fall in love with a married woman if they share experiences.

4. Emotional connection

Emotional connections built over shared experiences, support, etc, can create romantic feelings.

The man may have had a heartfelt conversation with the married woman and felt understood and seen by her in ways his wife has not.

Or she may have provided him with some form of emotional support during a difficult time.

Several things can lead to building emotional connections between two people.

But whatever the reason, if the connection is built, and they find understanding in each other, either party can fall in love.

5. He’s not happy in his marriagereasons a married man falls in love with a married woman

This is one of the most prevalent lies married men who cheat use to justify their actions.

While sometimes, it can be a lie, other times, it is true.

Problems in people’s marriages can lead them to find love and companionship in other people.

In the case of two married people, one or both may be experiencing challenging times in their marriage.

This can make them seek emotional support and understanding outside of their relationships.

6. He’s a flirt

A reason worth considering is that the married man is a perpetual cheat.

Who is more likely to fall in love with someone outside of their marriage than someone who constantly cheats on their partner?

If a married man is fond of having affairs with women, even if they’re just one-time affairs, someday, he may meet someone with whom he shares a strong bond, and that person may be married.

So the reason for a married man falling in love with a married woman can be that after meeting and dating different people, he found in this married woman special qualities that he has not found in other women.

7. His wife is not availablereasons a married man falls in love with a married woman

If another man’s wife is meeting a man’s needs, he may fall in love with her.

Some married men are unfulfilled in their marriages because their wives cannot meet their emotional or physical needs for some reason.

While some men may stick it up with their wives and find solutions to their issues, others may choose to seek fulfillment elsewhere.

In their search for fulfillment, they may meet someone else’s wife who satisfies their needs.

8. He’s attracted to her

As bizarre as it sounds, a man can be attracted to another man’s wife.

Attraction is a complex feeling that involves a lot of factors.

Being married does not stop you from being attractive or from feeling attracted to other people.

What keeps people faithful to their partners is commitment and the decision to stick with them.

Some people may not exercise this discipline and choose to let the wind of their emotions toss them around.

Thus, a married man may meet someone he’s attracted to because of her appearance, personality, or behavior.

This can create romantic feelings in him for her, even if she’s a married woman.

9. Compatibility

reasons a married man falls in love with a married womanCompatibility is a major factor in relationships.

Romantic relationships thrive more when the parties in it are compatible.

If a married person happens to find a strong sense of compatibility with another man’s wife, he may become attracted to her.

A person may feel like they connect with someone else in a way that they do not connect with their spouse.

This connection that they feel can further be fueled by spending quality time together and communicating.

And slowly, like a snake, deep romantic feelings creep into the hearts of the people involved.

10. Adventurereasons a married man falls in love with a married woman

Sometimes, people step out on their partners because they seek adventures.

Maybe he just wants some fun in his life, or perhaps he’s trying to escape his life’s challenges.

He could also be trying to experience something different from the monotony of his marriage.

All these can make a married man fall in love with a married woman.

There are a plethora of reasons why people form romantic attachments, and these reasons differ considerably depending on the persons involved and other factors.

If a married man feels attracted to another man’s wife, it is a feeling worth looking closely into and addressing because it can lead to difficulties and hurt in the two marriages involved.

It is also worthy of note that just because someone feels strongly about another person doesn’t necessarily mean they’re in love with them.

Lust, fondness, affection, and a crush can have a semblance of love.

Carefully analyze the feelings, the situation, and its social, moral, and ethical implications.

Then make a decision.

Open communication and seeking professional counseling are two great ways to resolve this issue.

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