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5 Reasons Why Relationships That Move Fast Fail

5 Reasons Why Relationships That Move Fast Fail

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It’s normal for new relationships to come with the usual whirlwind experience.

You’re neck-deep in love, nothing else in the world matters to you, and all you want to do is spend each passing second of every day with your new partner.

Everything feels so right, and you can’t seem to get enough of the new relationship.

With all the adrenaline pumping in a new relationship, it’s important to remind yourself to take things slowly.

Nothing rushed has ever ended well; the same applies to romantic relationships.

If you’re wondering why relationships that move fast fail, you’re in the right place to get answers.

Although it’s not a definite statement binding on all relationships because not every relationship that moves fast ends up failing, relationships that move fast are more at risk of crashing than those where you take things slowly.

While it can be pretty difficult to slow yourself down from rushing into a relationship with someone who you think is “the one”, it’ll be beneficial to you in the long run if you slow down now.

Outlined below are some of the reasons why relationships that move fast fail:

Reasons Why Relationships That Move Fast Fail

1. You barely know each other

Why Relationships That Move Fast Fail

It takes a fairly long time to get to know someone for real.

You might say that you know their favorite meal and their favorite song, but is that enough to say that you know them?

Do you know their character and personality?

Getting to know someone means seeing them at their best and worst moments and accepting them for who they are.

You need to learn how they deal with hard situations and how they plan to be your support system whenever you’re down and need them.

The truth is that you can only see someone for who they are after you’ve spent a good amount of time together.

Unfortunately, rushing into a relationship will not help you skip the other “getting to know” stages and reach the end more quickly.

You won’t get to know them quicker by jumping into a relationship with them.

The worst part is that you might end up being stuck in a relationship where you barely know your partner.


2. You’ve not built trust with them

Trust cannot be earned overnight; it takes a significant amount of time to build the feeling of trust with someone.

While you may feel that you’ll normally trust your partner after you’ve been together for some time, the deep connection that comes with trust only surfaces when you’ve been together for a long time.

You can’t rush this one.

Naturally, understanding and respect in relationships develop with time and are important bedrocks of every relationship, without which the relationship will fail.


3. Your views are different

Why Relationships That Move Fast Fail

When you move too fast in a relationship and rush through stages that should be taken one step at a time, you might not fully understand the effects of having different morals and views from your partner in a relationship.

The initial infatuation and thrill of a new romantic journey will make you ignore the fact that you have opposing views, morals, and opinions.

But the truth remains that having conflicting morals and views might be too much for your relationship to handle.

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m not saying that people with different morals and views won’t last long in their relationship.

All I’m saying is that you wonder know till you’ve had enough time to work on these differences and see if they’re things you can tolerate from each other.

Sometimes, differences such as these, which include opinions or religion, can be too much for you to handle or accept, and when there are bigger decisions to make or bigger problems come up, you both might have seriously conflicting views.


4. You may not be compatible

Compatibility is important in every relationship and can be worked on.

You need to be compatible with your partner.

It’s easy to feel that you and your partner match like gloves and are completely compatible at the beginning of the relationship during the honeymoon phase.

Because you’re seeing everything with eyes blinded by love, you’ll easily overlook little problems and personality issues.

If you move too fast in a relationship, you will overlook most things you ordinarily won’t agree with.

And as time passes, these issues you overlooked will become bigger compatibility issues that can potentially cause bigger problems in the future.

There’s no way you can tell if you’re compatible or not when you jump into a relationship too fast or move too fast in a relationship.

You’ll only be able to tell if you take things slowly, get to know your partner well, and see if their personality matches yours.


5. Reality hits eventually

Why Relationships That Move Fast Fail

Just like every relationship, the honeymoon phase of yours will come to an end eventually, even if you moved too fast or jumped in too quickly.

Reality will hit, and if your relationship doesn’t have a solid base, it’ll be damaged greatly.

With time, you’ll become irritated at their flaws, and you won’t be happy to overlook some differences between you.

Eventually, this will become too much and change how you see them, and the same thing can happen to them.

By then, the qualities you thought you liked in them won’t be the qualities that you need to make your relationship work.

That’s when you’ll realize that both of you are not compatible.

You might wake up one day and realize you put in the effort alone, and your partner just goes with the flow.

This is something you might have ignored earlier because you were so in love and you were happy doing it.

Now, it has become much, and then you realize it’s not what you want from your relationship.


Can You Fix A Relationship That Moves Too Fast?

Perhaps you were reading this, and judging from the points here; you noticed that your relationship moved too fast, or you just woke up one day to realize that your relationship moved too fast.

If you’re willing to give your best to save your relationship before it hits the rocks, there are some things you and your partner should do to stop the relationship from failing.

Here they are:

1. Slow down

You need to take things slowly.

What’s the rush for, anyway?

Step back and think things through thoroughly before you make a big commitment or take the next step.

Spend time together and remove every pressure of moving forward with the relationship.

You can advocate spending more time alone by seeing less of each other.

It’ll give you the chance to see each other’s true selves and know if you can handle it.

2. Be open and honest

You must be honest and open about what you want from the relationship.

There’s no need to rush if you both want the same things.

Appreciate the fact that you are going through milestones together.

You’ll enjoy your relationship more if you take things slowly while being your real self.


The best way to make a relationship last is by taking it slowly and not rushing into or through it.

Also, make sure you have a deep connection with and trust for the person you want to be in a relationship with.

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